Cassa & Silver Moon

A challenge.

Cassa, Ciggie, Mistoffelees and Zelia all screeched in laughter as their father threw a pillow at them. "Come on Mistoffelees we've got to go." Cassa turned around to see Mistoffelees and Jadadaye arguing about something. Hmmm I wonder what it is about, Cassa wondered, aloud she said, "Don't worry Misto I'm sure you can chase those darn butterflies with me later." Cassa said softly, she herself needed to leave. Magic was throbbing strongly threw her veins and if it wasn't released she feared the slight nauseating feeling she felt would grow and she'd faint. "Bye dad." She yelled as she ran out of the warehouse. She didn't bother to keep running just disappeared in a bolt of lightning. The practice arena was scorched. But when Cassa arrived butterflies started to form in the arena. "My worst nightmare." Cassa shook her head as the butterflies started to dive at her. Her lightning killed half of them but it didn't help as soon as she killed them more would come. "Stop this at once!" Cassa yelled at the butterflies they didn't stop but began to form something. "Oh eek." Cassa murmured. "This is what you're scared of." Some one sneered. "Why shouldn't I." Cassa yelled. "You are one of the most saddest felines I have ever seen." A queen Cassa knew that much. "Sad as I may be Queen I can bet I am much more powerful then you are." The form rippled Cassa saw the illusion but she couldn't see past it. "I doubt you are stronger." The cat sneered. "Well then kit I challenge you to a match. And I hope you don't mind if I bring some friends." "Where would you like to meet?" "Jellicle Junkyard, sunset." With that Cassa was alone. Cassa sighed now this would be fun. Concentrating her energy into a mirror she looked at herself. A black and white tux with a brown line that streaked from the tip of her tail to her chin she smiled as she looked away from the mirror. This was going to be one night she would never forget. Or at least she hoped so. Cassa sighed turning into lightning she flew into the Jellicle Junkyard.

Silver-Moon Vs Cassa

Silver-Moon started to walk into the Jellicle Junkyard. Her black and white coat sparkled in the sunset. She had said she would be here for the fight and she was not going to miss it. As she stepped into Jellicle Junkyard she looked around. And there she was the cat she had seen that afternoon. She was just sitting there. Waiting. "Glad you came. Thought you wouldn't come though." The cat said with a smile. "Wouldn't miss it." Silver-Moon said. "First I'll like to know your name." The other cat said with a hiss. "It's Silver-Moon. You?" Silver-Moon said as she started to walk up to her. "Cassa. Nice to meet you. Now let us begin." Cassa said as her brown line began to glow. Silver-Moon smiled. As she started to bring her own magic into play.

Mistoffelees bolted into the Junkyard as Cassa was summoning deadly energy. "Silver-Moon I gave you no permission to use your powers you are untrained." Mistoffelees yelled. He had been planing on introducing his family but not in a death match. "Since when have you told me when to use my powers father." Mistoffelees stopped as his daughter growled. "Don't growl at me young queen." Suddenly Mistoffelees looked at Cassa who was sending a powerful bolt of white lightning into the air. "Let the ma…" Misto looked at his twin before realizing why she had stopped. She was staring at a monster butterfly. He felt the scream in his mind before he heard it. His twin went bolting into a nearby tunnel. Her mate, The Rum Tum Tugger, was after her in an instant. "Stop this at once she is a relative Silver." Mistoffelees stalked up to his daughter and shoved her away. "Cassa?" Mistoffelees shoved Tugger away from the tunnel and went in. "Cassa? Come on it's alright." "It was a monster." Mistoffelees put a paw on Cassa. "Don't worry it's gone now." His sister was shaking and when she opened her eyes he could see that the fierce gold had become a dull gold. "Shhhh don't cry." The other cat looked at him before a bolt of lightning hit her.

Cassa landed on the ground gracefully. "A niece shouldn't hurt her aunt." Cassa said softly.

Afraid Of Butterflies

Mistoffelees Looked at Silver-Moon and sighed. "I've told you never to use your powers until I've taught you how to use it." He said as he began to pace. "My dad's pacing. Oh this is not good." Silver-Moon said. "This must mean your going to give a lecture right." She added with a frown. Mistoffelees looked at Silver-Moon again. "You can count on it." He said as he walked up to her. "If you use your power with out training…" "You might hurt or kill someone. You've told me this a thousand times dad." Silver-Moon said as she finished the sentence for him. "And I'll keep on telling you until you get it in your head. Now if you want to know why I stopped the fight here's the answer. Cassa is your Aunt." Mistoffelees said as he started to pace again. Silver-Moon looked at him. "You have got to be joking. She's afraid of butterflies For goodness sake. And how can a bitch like her be my Aunt!" Silver-Moon said with a shout at the end. "What did you just call your Aunt?" Mistoffelees said as he walked up to her again. Silver-Moon sank to the ground. "Oops." She said as she looked away from her father's eyes. "That's right 'Oops' now if you ever use your power against her you may find two broken legs. Now off with you. And go and find someone your own age to play with." Silver-Moon got up and said her farewells then bolted off.

"This is the life." Ciggie purred. "Hey that one looks like that kitten that tried to hurt Cassa." Ciggie purred again, he was about to start singing 'Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats' when someone ran into his side. The other cat toppled over Ciggies lithe form and hissed at him. "Watch it." Ciggie stood up after finding out that nothing was broken. "Why if I may ask should I watch it I've been lying here all night so I don't think I should be the stray chucked in the trash can." The cat looked at him with ice blue eyes then growled. "A stray in the Jellicle Junkyard. Get out before I hurt you." The cat hissed. "Hurt meow? I don't think so Silver-Moon. I mean you wouldn't hurt your own uncle. I mean I am so much stronger then you physically and power wise Kit" Ciggie added tipping the last word with power. "You've got to be joking?" "Nah I don't think you would I mean you wouldn't want to be fried now would you." A pair of glowing green eyes appeared beside Ciggie and he smiled at Silver-Moon. "I really doubt you would hurt my daughter, Zelia Ciggie" Ciggie looked at his twin and they both broke into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Ciggie glanced at his twin mind and saw himself threw her eyes laughing like the kitten he was. He was gray-black and white with a couple of gray smudges around his mouth. Zelia though didn't look at all like him. She was all black with a pinkish diamond birthmark above her eyes. "Oh yeah the reason I popped in Cigs is because dad wants ya home." Ciggie nodded and took Zelia's paws. Black lightning streaked down and they disappeared.

Silver-Moon looked at the empty air where the cats named Ciggie and Zelia had been. She sighed and got up and started to walk away. She didn't know where to go though. Just then two kittens ran into the Junkyard. One was fully white and the other was tortoiseshell she had mixes of three different colours. One was purple one was black and the other was gray. She also had an orange, black and white striped head. The fully white kitten ran into her by accident. "Sorry. I didn't see you there." She said. Considering that Silver-Moon was smaller then the kitten she wasn't surprised that she didn't see her. The other kitten stopped just in time before she hit her. She was about the same size as Silver-Moon. "Hi I'm Sillubub." She said. "And I'm Victoria." The white kitten said with a smile. "What is your name?" Victoria added. "I'm Silver-Moon. Did you just see those two cats disappear?" Silver-Moon asked the two cats. "Yes." Victoria said. "They're Macavity's kits." Sillubub said with a small smile. "WHAT!" Silver-Moon said with a screech. "What's wrong?" Victoria said as she walked up to her. "I have to go sorry. I'll see you guys soon." And with that Silver-Moon ran off. Her dad had a lot of explaining to do. Right now.


Cassa and Mistoffelees covered their ears as Silver-Moon screamed at them. "ENOUGH with your shouting it's beginning to give me a horrible headache." Cassa purred angrily. "Now don't go of at us just because we happen to be the hidden paw's kits." Cassa silenced the enraged kit. "How did they disappear?" Silver-Moon asked. Cassa shook her head. "They disappear like this." Cassa said softly. Lightning streaked across Mistoffelees house and Cassa disappeared. "It isn't much but it works when you need it." Cassa said as she appeared behind Silver-Moon.

Silver-Moon looked at Cassa. One minute she was in front of here the next minute she was beside her. Silver-Moon looked at her father then back at Cassa. "Do you mean I can do that sooner or later?" She asked with delight. "When you're trained you might be able to. But not just yet." Mistoffelees said with a smile touching his lips. "I am trained. Mum's be teaching me when you've been a bit busy dad." Silver-Moon said with a small smile on her face. Mistoffelees looked at Silver-Moon he didn't know that Jadadaye had been teaching their daughter. "So that's why you can turn into butterflies." Cassa said with a hiss. "I hate butterflies." "Yes that is why I can turn into butterflies. I can do lots of things. But I'm still not as good as my mum or dad." Silver-Moon said with a smile as she walked up to her dad. "By the way when will you be giving me a lesson?" Silver-Moon added as she gave her dad a kiss. "This afternoon." Mistoffelees said. "And that's a promise."

Ciggie ran in to the large wheely-bin that Mistoffelees and Jadadaye shared. Ciggie wouldn't have noticed Silver-Moon if she had punched him, as it was he ran smack bam into her. "Watch it, I was here first this time." "Sorry Misto, Cassa guess what." "It wasn't him it was me jerk off." "Sorry then Silver-Moon. I'm not a jerk off any way I've been training mine off to be the hidden paw." "Oh and that gives you the right to run into me." "Yup. But anyway Cassa, Mistoffelees…." "You jerk I can't believe you." "Believe me." "Why should I." " It's your fault you look like Quaxo not mine." "Oh well sorrrrrry your Royal Highness." Ciggie hissed and was ready to pounce and knock the little queen into nightmare land when a bolt of blue lightning hit the ground between them. "Now you two kiss and make up." Ciggie turned blazing green eyes on Cassa and saw her giggling. "I'd rather kiss a Pollicle." "I can arrange that what time would you like." Ciggie smiled as the queen stuck out her tongue at him. Ciggie did the same thing. "You two are acting like kittens." Ciggie and Silver-Moon both turned on Mistoffelees. Together they both said, "We are." "Alright Ciggie what did you want to tell us." Ciggies smile brightened and he began to jump up and down. "I knocked a stray out today the annoying idiot wanted to renovate my room." "Is that all you want to tell us that you punched someone." Silver-Moon sneered. "No I wanted to tell my brother that I used magic queeny." "You probably don't have a magic bone in you." "Wanna bet on it. I can influence you, knock you out, revive you, kill you and drain your power. I can hurt even the most powerfullest of black mages." "Really well then try it." "Alright the two of you stop it Ciggie do not take that as a challenge. Ciggie don't even try it she's family." Mistoffelees growled. "Stuff family concepts she's annoying the living Heavieside out of me." Ciggie lunged at the queen. He felt mage power lick at his fur and he took it in. "Why haven't you fallen yet." "Want me to fall this stuff feels good specially when it's been out of action for three hours." Ciggie laughed but eventually he grew tired and decided that fighting magic with draining power was quiet boring after awhile. "Weakling." Silver-Moon sneered. Ciggie wasn't ready for the burst of power he felt but when it collided with his body he fell backwards and smiled. That hurt. No one had been game to hurt him in a long time. "Pain I forgot how much it hurts." Someone was beside him he recognized her after awhile. "Jada what are you trying to do." "Ciggie you're hurt.' "Of course I'm hurt I just battled it with your cocky little queen of a daughter." "You bloody Jerk." Silver-Moon shouted, Ciggie laughed ending up coughing blood. "Stop it with the prodding it's only mage magic I'm already absorbing it." Ciggie yelled as he batted the hands away. "You're ganna die I hope I get to see this." Silver-Moon sneered. Oh jeez. Ciggie looked up his vision misted and Silver-Moon began to spin. "Silver-Moon you get down here and pump energy into him." "But mum." "No buts he's dying. And he isn't aloud to die."

"They Fight Like Cat and Dog."

Silver-Moon Nodded. "Ok." She said as she walked up to Ciggie and sat down. "I'm going to help you now. As much as I don't want to I have to." Silver-Moon added with a small smile. "I rather die then let you help me." Ciggie said with a hiss. "I'm going to help you weather you like it or not." And with that Silver-Moon put her paw onto Ciggie and started to give him her energy. "Get away from me." Ciggie hissed again. But Silver-Moon kept her paw on his. As he got stronger Silver-Moon got weaker. Or at least it felt like it. She really was just going back to her normal strength. In a few minutes Ciggie was back on his feet. "I've never met someone as strong as you. A part from my family." He said as he took in deep breaths. "I'm not as strong as you. I just did a really big illusion that made me look stronger. To tell you the truth I'm tried now." Silver-Moon said as she started to close her eyes. "I'm going." Ciggie said as he started to leave. As soon as he went into the sun he threw up and blacked out.

It was dark, very dark. Ciggie tried to open his eyes but the darkness kept them shut. Help, Ciggie screamed mentally. It was quiet on Zelia's end but then she would have fainted too. How the hell am I supposed to help you? Ciggie sat up. It wasn't too dark now. He looked around and screamed. The room was blank no mirrors no pillows it was bare. "Shut up would you?" Ciggie looked around and saw Silver-Moon staring at him as if he were a nutter. "Oh dear goddess save me." He whispered. "Why would she. And why weren't you aloud to die it would've been good to see you out of my life." Silver-Moon asked. "I'm Macavity's heir I'm not aloud to die I'm too important. I think." "All right you two are awake finally you're both going to see Old Deuteronomy now." Ciggie covered his ears when Jadadaye yelled at the two of them. "I don't want to see that old bag of bones." Ciggie whimpered. "Yes mum." "You are coming Ciggie." "No I'm not he always yells at me I can't drop in for a visit without being yelled at." "Join the club." Silver-Moon mumbled. Ciggie ended up being picked up by the scruff and dragged out kicking and screaming. "Big kitten." "I am a kitten. And any way last time I saw him I got flogged." "You too uh. I'm beginning to think that's all he does." Ciggie smiled as he was dropped in front of Deuteronomy. "Don't touch me." The Jellicle leader looked at Ciggie and Silver-Moon sternly. "How many time do I have to tell you two to stay away from trouble." "155 times." Ciggie mewed. Silver-Moon giggled. "Silver-Moon stop that." Ciggie heard her stop but she continued on in his mind. "And how many times have I told you Silver-Moon." "Um 3544 times." Ciggie cracked up in hysterical laughter and so did Silver-Moon. "Do you know what you to are?" Deuteronomy asked. Ciggie nodded and looked at Silver-Moon who shook her head. "Nup." Ciggie replied. "You're trouble makers the two of you. And then you start openly fighting and scare all of the other cats in the Junkyard." Ciggie frowned and started to giggle. "He started it." Silver-Moon pointed at Ciggie and he glared at her. "You started it when you tripped over me." "As if." "Look just shut up." "You started it before we even met." "How?" "You just did you jerk." "Did not and it was your fault because you were born." "What. It was you fault you were born before me." "ENOUGH." "Ooooopps." Ciggie and Silver-Moon sank to the ground quietly. Trying to look smaller then they already were. "You two fight like cats and dogs." "He's the dog." "Am not." "Are to." "Am not." "JUST STOP IT." "No you stop it." Silver-Moon said to Deuteronomy. "Yeah why don't you shut up. We were having fun." "Were not." "Were to." "Were not." Ciggie looked around suddenly and noticed that they had attracted a crowd. All the cats were shaking their heads. Some were even sighing. The kitten though they had their heads in their paws. "WHAT." Ciggie and Silver-Moon shouted together. "I said it first." Silver-Moon growled. "Did not." "Did to." In the background Deuteronomy sighed. "Are these cats going to be the end of us?" He asked no one in particular. "I think so." Ciggie fell to the ground giggling at the face Silver-Moon made. "What are laughing about jerk off." "You." Ciggies eyes widened as Silver-Moon lunged at him. "That's enough you two," Silver-Moon and Ciggie turned to look around. "It was a ghost." "No it wasn't. It was dad." "What you mean Macavity?" "Yup." Ciggie and Silver-Moon made eye contact and together screamed, "Macavity's not there." All the other cats shook their heads as Silver-Moon and Ciggie fell to the ground laughing. "Please take these two away they're giving me a headache." Deuteronomy sighed. "She's giving it to you I wouldn't dream of hurting the great Deuteronomy." "No you are and I wouldn't dream of hurting you either." Deuteronomy got up and stalked up to the two kittens. He grabbed Ciggie and brought a paw down on Ciggies face. "That hurt." "Yeah." Deuteronomy walked up to Silver-Moon and did the same thing. "Stop it." Ciggie screamed.

Silver-Moon and Ciggie walked away from Old Deuteronomy with sore faces. "Why did he have to hit us." Ciggie said as he rubbed his face. "I don't know. Maybe he got anger at us." Silver-Moon said. "At you more like it." Ciggie said with a small laugh. "I don't want to fight I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed." Silver-Moon said. "And no He was angry at you more because he's known you longer then me." She added with a yawn. Ciggie smiled. "I want to show you something." He said as he walked in front of Silver-Moon. "You have got to be joking." Silver-Moon said as she stopped walking. "Nope. I want to show you my room." Ciggie said with a smile. "Now you've got to be joking. Your room!" Silver-Moon said looking at him. Ciggie nodded and grabbed Silver-Moon and they disappeared in a ripple of light.

Shoke and Shayla

"This is my room." Ciggie said softly. "There's no place big enough in the Junkyard for this." Silver-Moon replied. "Nope this is my dads lair. I live here." Silver-Moon looked around. Ciggie noticed her eyes widened when she saw herself in a mirror. The truth was though that all the walls were mirrors and the floor was just pillows he could see why Silver-Moon was shocked. "To many mirrors and pillows what have you got wrong with you?" Silver-Moon asked. "And you know what it's good for." Silver-Moon shook her head. Ciggie back flipped and landed on a pillow. "It's a lot more safer. Although if you ever want drive a rat crazy this is the right room to do it in."

After showing Silver-Moon his room Ciggie showed her around the rest of the place. "And here is the Kitchen. And that is the end of the tour." He said with a smile. "It's big." Silver-Moon said. "How could you live in a place like this? I would go insane in a place like this. Hold on you are insane." Silver-Moon added with a giggle. "Am not." "Are too." "Am not." "Are too." "Ok I think that's enough for now. We need to save our strength." Ciggie said. "What for? Is the Jellicle ball on tonight?" Silver-Moon asked with a smile. "No. But we need all the strength for the big cat fight tonight." Ciggie said with a smile himself. Silver-Moon looked at him. "What's that?" She asked as she looked around the kitchen. "It's when the strays fight it out." Ciggie said. "Huh?" Silver-Moon said as she looked at him. "Never mind. You'll see. Come on it's about to start." Ciggie grabbed Silver-Moon and rippled away in a flash of light.

Ciggie stepped away from Silver-Moon. "Don't worry about these toms they wont touch you. You're with meow." Ciggie said. "I'm on heat." Silver-Moon whispered. Ciggie sat shocked for a little wile. That was until a tom came up and placed an arm around Silver-Moon's waist. "Ay cutie stick with me and they wont touch you." The gray tom purred. Ciggie for some reason unknown to him felt Silver-Moon give the tom a zap but the tom seemed to shrug it off. "Let her go Shoke she's with me." The tom suddenly seemed to notice Ciggie and he laughed. "You with this cutie I doubt it Ciggie and doesn't she look a bit like Mistoffelees." Ciggie began to boil. "Let her go Shoke before I hurt you." Ciggie didn't want Silver-Moon with Shoke the idiot didn't know how to treat a queen he knew that much. "Sorry runt I don't want to let her go." Just then Ciggie saw a ripple in Silver-Moon's appearance and a butterfly come out. More appeared and started to form a cat beside Ciggie. "Alright Ciggie get into the ring I'm going to pound your head in." Ciggie rolled his eyes and rippled himself into the ring. "Oh and you're not aloud to use magic in this match." Ciggie shrugged. "I do believe nothings far in queens and strays Shoke but look at you're so much stronger then meow." "You are so infuriating Brat and only a kitten." "I know and isn't it great being infuriating really makes me happy." "Enough small talk. Ref start this match." A ref hissed and the match began everyone in the arena stopped talking as they saw Macavity's Heir battle it out with no normal stray. "Stop with your ripple effect kit it can't save you here." Ciggie laughed so far it was working. "Shayla get in here you're magic." Ciggie smiled during his ripple. "Shayla's not aloud to disobey me Shoke she's second." But much to Ciggie's surprise the cat jumped into the ring. "Didn't he listen Shoke?" Shayla a gray and white cat purred. "I can hurt you Ciggie you need to be in contact with my magic to be able to drain me but you aren't so die." Ciggie was blasted onto the floor and couldn't get up for the life of him as the power rammed into him at high speed. Slowly though the magic eased. But still Ciggie couldn't move. It stopped. "Now you die and I'll have your pretty little girlfriend all to myself."

Part 2

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