Revenge Part2

Cat Fight

Silver-Moon ran into the ring. "You'll have to kill me first." She said with a hiss. Her magic was all ready to be used if she need it. "You. What makes you think I'll hurt you." Shoke said. "That's an advantage I have." Silver-Moon said as she let out her power. It slammed into Shoke and then he hit the other cat named Shayla. Ciggie looked up shocked. He didn't think she would do something like that. "Why did you do that?" Ciggie asked. "I couldn't let the heir to Macavity's throne die now could I." Silver-Moon said with a smile. Shayla got up. "How the hell did you do that?" she said with a hiss. "You touch him you die." Silver-Moon said. Shayla hissed again and walked away and left the unconscious Shoke on his own. Silver-Moon sighed. Just then a bolt of lightning hit the ground in front of her. "How about we fight it out." Shayla said with a smile. "Let the battle begin." She added. "You're on." Silver-Moon said as she started to call on her own power again. "You fear… Dogs." Silver-Moon said with a hiss as she started to turn into a large black dog. Shayla stood frozen to the spot. "Eek." She screamed and started to run out of the ring. Silver-Moon turned back into herself and smiled. "You owe me Ciggie." She said. "You're right. I now owe you my life. Again." He smiled. "Now you've seen what a cat fight is I think we should leave." Ciggie said with a sigh. "Hay Ciggie. Let's have some fun." A cat said as he punched Ciggie in the face.

"You know Ciggie ever since you found out you had family you went soft." Ciggie growled. "Honestly I don't think I've gone soft." Ciggie lunged at the moggy in front of him. "You know what that little girlfriend of yours just saved your life." Ciggie lunged at the cat and knocked him to the ground. "Tell me sweetie is meow soft." Ciggie asked Silver-Moon. "Considering we fight like and I quote cats and dogs I don't think you're soft. Oh and don't call me his girlfriend and Ciggie don't call me sweetie or I'll punch you." Ciggie shrugged and hit the cat with claws extended. "Is it a promise, Sweetie." Ciggie's breath hissed in as Silver-Moon punched him. "Thanks Sweetie." This time, though, he felt a bolt of lightning hit his tail. "Thanks Silver-Moon now I owe you nothing." "You jerk. Oh well you still owe me though you haven't saved my life." Silver-Moon giggled "But I wouldn't dream of saving your life the very though scares me." "Jerk." "Oh would you shut up." "No the goddess gave me a mouth I'm going to use it." "I forgot about you know I thought your mother did." "Don't talk ill about my mum brat." "Shut up every one talks ill about my parents so I think I'll talk ill about your mother." Ciggie suddenly realized that the arena had hushed and every strays eyes were focused on him and Silver-Moon it didn't stop him though. "It must be a sign. They're meant for each other." Ciggie turned his blazing green eyes on a conscious Shoke. "What in the Living Heavieside Layer are you talking about." Ciggie and Silver-Moon yelled. "Look at you." "Make him shut up." "Alright." Ciggie said concentrating his energy on Shoke he began influencing him. "Listen to me Shoke you are going to shut up or I'll be forced to hurt you." "Get stuffed Ciggie I've got my power on him his protected by it you can only control minds when there's no power surrounding them." Ciggie turned to see Shayla smiling with a bolt of lightning forming in her left paw. "Come on Silver-Moon we'll just disappear." He took Silver-Moon's paws but she shook his off. "I want to know what they meant." "We have to go." "I want to know." "I don't know why I bother with you." "Nor do I if some one would teach me how to disappear I wouldn't be here." "Yeah well if your tail gets fried here don't come running me." Ciggie said and started to stalk into the crowd. They tried to stop him but he knocked them out. "Ciggie." Silver-Moon screamed. Light was all around her. Ciggie ran up to her and touched the light. Cats gasped as he made the light grow smaller. He got the lightning small enough to touch Silver-Moon then they rippled. They appeared back in a different arena this one empty but with scorch marks every where.

"Where are we?" Silver-Moon asked looking around. "This is where I learnt how to use my powers. And by the way I only owe you once now." Ciggie said with a smile. "I kind of guessed that." Silver-Moon said with a bigger smile then Ciggie. "So now you've brought me here because…" "Because I want to help you learn how to use you're power how I use it." Ciggie said. "I think I should be getting home. It's almost morning." Silver-Moon said looking around a bit more. "I'll come here tomorrow if I can find my way here." She added. "I'll pick you up. But please stay a bit longer." Ciggie said walking up to her. Silver-Moon looked at Ciggie "Why?" she asked with a smile. "I… I… I mean… I." Ciggie looked away from Silver-Moon's ice blue eyes. "I just like your company. I mean I don't know what I mean." Silver-Moon walked up to Ciggie and rubbed up against him. "Maybe because we fight like cats and dogs?" Silver-Moon asked as she looked up at him. Ciggie shook his head. "What I mean is that I think I'm falling in love with you." He said tacking a deep breath. Silver-Moon looked at Ciggie. "Do you really mean it. Or are you joking?" Silver-Moon asked in shock. "I'm not joking Silver-Moon. I have fallen in love with you." Ciggie said. "But you're my Uncle.' Silver-Moon said. "So! I've known some cats who've gotten with their sister or brothers. We're not human so we don't have to worry about kittens with problems." Ciggie said. "I think I might need some time Ciggie." Silver-Moon said as she shook her head at what she had just heard. "I'll take you home then. Will you at least think about it." Ciggie said with a frown. Silver-Moon nodded. "Of course." She said as Ciggie and Silver-Moon both disappeared in to thin air.

The air rippled and Ciggie appeared in the scorched arena. Summoning his powers he made a whirlwind appear. It swept threw the arena heading strait at him and when it lifted him he wasn't afraid. "Death should come quickly enough." But it wouldn't come he was only fooling himself again. He stopped and the air rippled. He reappeared in Silver-Moon's room. "You shouldn't be here." "Yeah well sorry." "You're not sorry." "No I'm not." "Why are you here?" "Because I missed you." "You've only been around me one day and you're in love with me." "Sorry it isn't my fault I've fallen in love with you." "Ciggie don't." "Look you've heard that I love you." "Yes I know and Ciggie I've been trying to hide my feelings from myself, but I love you." "Why can't you… What?" "I love you." "Oh." Ciggie rubbed against Silver-Moon. He took Silver-Moon's head in his paws and kissed her gently. Ciggie felt Silver-Moon kiss back and smiled mentally. They didn't notice Mistoffelees and Jadadaye walk in talking.

Caught In the Act.

"Ciggie get off my daughter." Ciggie looked up gasped. "Get off of her." Ciggie let go and backed away from his enraged brother. "Don't hurt me." Ciggie whimpered backing up into a wall. "What were you doing with my daughter." "What did it look like dad?" Silver-Moon asked. "I…I…I…I love her." "I don't ever want to see you two together again do you understand me."

Silver-Moon looked at her dad. "But dad." Silver-Moon wailed. She couldn't let him do this. "No but Silver-Moon. I don't want you to Ciggie again. Do I make myself clear!" Mistoffelees said in a clam voice. "I don't see how you can be clam dad. But no, you do not make yourself clear. I…I…I." Silver-Moon said not shore if she should say this. Mistoffelees started to walk forwards. "You what Silver-Moon." Her dad said as his daughter backed up and sat in front of Ciggie. "I…I…" Silver-Moon bit her lip. "I love him." She said as she began to cry. Mistoffelees look at her. "You can't love your own Uncle." He said to Silver-Moon. "And I still don't want you to see Ciggie again." He added. "Since when have you told me who I shouldn't see. I make my owe decision." Silver-Moon hissed as she grabbed Ciggie's paw. And nodded at him. Just then a ripple of light appeared and when it was gone both Ciggie and Silver-Moon were gone. Jadadaye looked at Mistoffelees. "You used to be like that." She said. "I know. But I didn't fall in love with someone related to me." Mistoffelees said. "You did. You fell in love with Cassa. But when you found out she was your sister you didn't give her any love but brotherly love." Jadadaye said as she gave Mistoffelees a kiss. "Then Cassa fell in love with your cousin The Rum Tum Tugger." Jadadaye added with a smile. "I guess your right. I just hope I see Silver-Moon tomorrow so I can say I'm sorry." Mistoffelees said with a sigh. "I just wasn't really ready to see Ciggie and Silver-Moon together like that. They're normally fighting." Mistoffelees added with a big smile. "Right now I'm glad that they're not fighting for a change." Jadadaye said with a giggle. "Now come on. Let's go and see what Cassa is doing and tell her the news. I want to see how she would react." And with that Mistoffelees and Jadadaye walked off to find where Cassa had got too.

Cassa shot at the can happily getting rid of her extra magic. "Hey Cassa want to go kill some butterflies I saw a huge patch of them." The Rum Tum Tugger said. Cassa smiled at her mate and felt an involuntary shudder. "No thanks Tugger you know they scare me. That nightmare was just so real." Cassa shuddered again. She felt Tugger's paws on her shoulders and closed her eyes. Cassa opened her eyes suddenly as she felt a rush of magic air and saw Ciggie and Silver-Moon kissing. "Oh my…" Cassa said softly her brother broke away from her niece suddenly seeming to realize where they were. "You guys shouldn't be here." "I…" Cassa said the shock coursing threw her body at high sped. "Excuse me." Cassa turned around and let her lightning loose in a harmless burst. "Okay that feels better now…." Cassa stopped as she saw Mistoffelees and Jadadaye entering the arena. "Did I call every one here this morning or do I just have a radar that's saying 'Every magic cat that just happens to know Cassa come to the Practice Arena.' Because I know you all shouldn't be here." "Sorry Cassa we've gotta go." Ciggie said disappearing with Silver-Moon. "I mean I know I live with a strange family because look I'm deeply in love with Tugger but to see those two kissing passionately right in front of me sorta sends me into shock." "Cassa it's all right don't fret." Mistoffelees said softly walking up to her. "No Quaxo don't tell me not to fret my brother is in love with your daughter and you were once head over heals for me and now me and Tugger are in love. This has got to be a dream." "No Cassa it isn't a dream because my daughter just left with our brother and that really angers me but I know I should cope and so should you." "I can't look I need to be alone I'll be home if any one needs me. And tell dad what's going on." Cassa said as she disappeared. In her room Cassa saw that the rats had decided to clean it up. She walked over to her mirror and sighed what right did she have to yell at Mistoffelees like that although Jadadaye wasn't family so there was an exception there. Even if she had just seen her niece Kissing Ciggie. "Hey Zelda come here." Zelda was a rat her father thought needed to be killed maybe killing it would release some tension. The rat walked up and smiled. Cassa smiled back and let loose a bolt of lightning the rat disintegrated.

Silver-Moon and Ciggie appeared in Ciggie's room. Ciggie quickly closed his door and locked it. "Well that has been a bad day." Ciggie said with a sigh. "Tell me about. First my mum and dad catch us. Then Rum Tum Tugger and aunt Cassa catch's us. This has got to be a nightmare. I mean with every one caching us in the act." Silver-Moon said as she walked up to Ciggie and gave him a kiss. "Let's just hope your dad, which is my Grandfather, Doesn't catch us." Silver-Moon added with a smile. Ciggie smiled back at her and gave her a kiss. "He won't. I locked the door." He said. "I hope your right Ciggie. What if he does? Or what if he hears about it from Cassa or my mum and dad." Silver-Moon said with wide eyes. "And if he does we have to tell him the truth." Ciggie said his green eyes blazing as he looked at Silver-Moon. "To tell you the truth I loved the look on aunt Cassa's face." Silver-Moon said with a giggle Ciggie laughed. "It was the best look I've seen in ages." He said as he gave Silver-Moon another kiss. "Ciggie!" Macavity yelled though the door. Silver-Moon looked at the door. "Your dad wants you." Silver-Moon said. "Where can I hide?" she added. "Over here." Ciggie said as he showed her to his little box at the back of the room. "Coming dad." Ciggie shouted as he started to run to the door. "Open this door at once." Macavity shouted louder. Ciggie slowly unlocked the door to let his father in. "Yes father?" Ciggie said looking at his father. "Tell me. Who have you been with all day?" Macavity said looking at his son. "I don't know what you mean dad." Ciggie said looking as if he didn't know what his dad was talking about. "You know what I'm talking about. You and Silver-Moon I want to know what's going on." Macavity said. Ciggie looked around his room. "There's no one here but me dad." He said. "That's not what your sister told me she saw you when she was hitting tin cans." Macavity said. "Now tell me the truth. Are you seeing nice Silver-Moon or not?" he said Looking at Ciggie with the look that made Ciggie fell small. Slowly Silver-Moon started to walk out of the box. But she made her self smaller so Macavity couldn't see her. Or at lest she hoped he wouldn't see her yet. "Um…Err…Um," Ciggie said nervously. Silver-Moon couldn't let this go on. She never saw Ciggie like this. She slowly stood up and stretched. "He has been seeing me." She said. Macavity looked to where the voice had come from. And there in front of him was a female image of Mistoffelees. "So you must be Silver-Moon. You look like your father." He said as he started to walk around her. Ciggie walked up to Silver-Moon and his dad and looked at them. "You have some explaining to do young man." Macavity said to Ciggie. "And so do you Silver-Moon. You both have a lot of explaining to do."


Ciggie flattened his ears scared of his father's fury. "I'm sorry dad I fell in love with her." "I know that every one's said 'You know your heir boss his been out with a female Mistoffelees all day' I'm sick of it now I want you tell me everything before I put you in a cell for the night wouldn't the be nice one that magic can't get out of." Ciggie closed his eyes and tried not to sob. "You fell in love with mum when you weren't supposed too. Nana Grizabella and pop Vicity told you two off and then Nana went to the Heavieside Layer and pop died so no one was in you way. Why can't Silver-Moon and me be in love? Cassa's in love with Rum Tum Tugger and they're cousins and then Quaxo fell head over heals for Cassa and then discovered she was his sister why can't meow and Silver-Moon be deeply in love it isn't fair." Ciggie yelled. His father laughed cruelly. "Meow has no say in the matter nor does pretty little Silver-Moon here. You are the hidden paws heir you are not aloud to fall in love with a family member." "And what if it was Quaxo in my place would the same rules apply to him as they do to me." "That's different." "No father it isn't I remember when you told me that you cared that you wouldn't let me disobey my heart. Well now for once I'm listening to something you said and I'm following what my heart song says. And it says I must follow what it says my mind says that I shouldn't. Even if my soul mate just so happens to fight with me like a cat to a dog so what I love her." "YOY ARE ONLY A MERE KITTEN." Macavity yelled. "So what I love her and you can't stop me." Ciggie took Silver-Moon in his arms and kissed her. "Do not ever do that in my presence again son." "Just shut up. I do what I want when I want and how I want even if I have to obey you when I'm training it doesn't mean you have the power to control my life. I want mummy." Ciggie screamed as he sat on the ground the part of him that still wanted to chase butterflies winning his age-old battle to act like an adult instead of a kitten. "Macavity what have you done." A black, brown, red-brown and blonde cat said as she rushed in. "It's alright Ciggie hush now mummy's here don't cry." His mother said bending down to stroke her tiny kitten. "Macavity you must remember that even if he acts like an adult he's still only a kitten." Then as she looked around she spotted Silver-Moon. "Even if he does fall in love with his own niece." She added. Ciggie stood up winning the battle of emotions. "I don't want to be here." He said simply but he didn't use his magic to ripple away. "I'll be in the kitchen, eating." Ciggie added as if on an after thought. The rats didn't seem to like his present state of mind when he walked into the kitchen they knew he would most likely kill the lot of them if they said something wrong. "Master Ciggie, and what would you like today…" "What I want is for you to die." The rat fell to the ground and his friends all turned on Ciggie. "Boss doesn't say you're aloud to kill us." One snickered. "Yeah I know but I like killing filthy vermin like yourself so I think maybe you should die too." The other rat fell to the ground and rats started to rush at Ciggie they were no match for him though he just killed them in a burst of hatred. Returning to his room Ciggie saw his father licking a complaining Silver-Moon. Ciggie's mother had disappeared as usual but now his father had decided to try and act nice to his first grandchild. "This sucks I hate it when cats lick me don't they now that only family can do that." Silver-Moon complained. "You have a problem there Silver he is family and a big mean part of it." Ciggie mumbled as he entered the room. He wasn't expecting some one to pounce on him when she did. "And away we go." A feminine voice yelled. Ciggie rolled over and pinned his twin to the ground. "Haven't heard from you in a long time wha's up." He asked playfully licking at his sister fur. "Yuck! Why do you have to do that to me." "Because I always get a reaction." "Sometimes. How abou's I do it to yous." "That'd be worse." "Yeah I guess and any way you don't clean yourself very much." "Do to." Ciggie laughed as his black twin pinned him to the pillowed floor. "You're nuts. Oh well I've got magic training with our teacher. I don't want to see Deuteronomy dad last time I had a lesson with him I blew up four cans in a row and he still yelled at me." Zelia whimpered. Silver-Moon from her spot, lying down on the ground and giggling while Macavity tickled her stopped suddenly. "You too huh I'm beginning to think he gets a kick out of hurting kittens. He doesn't do it to any one else though." Ciggie and Zelia nodded understanding what exactly what Silver-Moon meant.

As Silver-Moon watched Ciggie disappear when he had taken her home she started to walk inside. "Please don't let dad give me another lecture." She said to herself. But when she walked inside her mum and dad were waiting for her. "Oh no." Silver-Moon whispered. "Ah Silver-Moon your home." Her dad said as he got up and started to pace. "Oh no not again. I'm going to leave now I'll be outside." Silver-Moon said as she turned and started to leave. "Not so fast young queen." Mistoffelees and Jadadaye said at the same time. Silver-Moon slowly turned back around. "Yes." She said not making eye contact with their eyes. "We want to talk to you." Jadadaye said making beckoning motions with one claw. Silver-Moon bit her lip. "Is it about Ciggie? If it is please don't hurt me." She said, as she made herself smaller. "It is about Ciggie." Her dad said as he began to pace again. "Please stop pacing. It makes me nervous." Silver-Moon said looking away from her dad. "I'll stop pacing when I've finished talking with you." Mistoffelees said. "Then I won't look at you. Until you stop pacing." Silver-Moon said. "This could go on forever. Mistoffelees stop pacing now." Jadadaye said. "Yes darling." Mistoffelees murmured as he stopped his pacing. When he did there was a big hole in the floor. "Now about you and Ciggie." Mistoffelees said so Silver-Moon and Jadadaye could hear him. "You don't want me to see him again!" Silver-Moon said calmly. "No. I don't want you to…" Mistoffelees started to say but Jadadaye kicked him in the leg. "… Leave him." He finished. Silver-Moon looked at her dad. This wasn't like him. "Are you really telling the truth dad?" She said with a smile on her face. "Actually…" Jadadaye once again kicked Mistoffelees in the leg. "…I am telling the truth." Silver-Moon got up and walked over to her dad. "Thank you." She said as she gave him a kiss and ran off. "I can't believe you made me say that." Mistoffelees said. "She's in love. We can't let her not see the one she loves for the rest of her life." Jadadaye said as she got up and gave Mistoffelees a kiss. "And now we'll leave it like that. She can be with Ciggie for as long as she wants." And then Jadadaye too left. "This is going to be the end of me. Now I think I might go kill some butterflies with Cassa." And with that Mistoffelees left.


Cassa was dreaming she knew that much…. Hundreds of Butterflies swarmed around her and she shrieked. "Oh goddess let this be a dream." She covered her face and waited trying to will the butterflies off. "You know what Cassalandra I have never seen a mage as strong as you afraid of butterflies." Cassa shrieked as a butterfly landed on her nose. "Get it off of me get it off." She screamed. Evil laughter filled the stadium. "Don't tell me you're weak." The cat laughed again. "Never was weak never will be I've beaten a black mage before and whatever you are I can beat you fair and square." "You really think so?" Cassa shook as a brown and black cat appeared out of no where. "Who are you, what do you want." "I want your body and your soul to keep." Cassa shivered again. "Well I won't give it to you. You have no control over me what-so-ever." "Fine, but I will get you." Cassa sat up in her room breathing heavily. "Daddy."

Zelia put her head in her paws before lying down on her bed that was made of blankets. As soon as her head hit she started to dream… Zelia was wondering around her father's lair. "Ciggie, Cassa, Mistoffelees, Dad, Mum, Jadadaye, Tugger where are you." Suddenly to Zelia's extreme amazement her family walked out of a room. Something was horribly wrong with them though. "Skimble where are you." She yelled her mate walked out of a different room and smiled at her. "Hello there lover." Now that made everything out of whack. Skimble never called her lover always princess or maiden of Junkyard. "What's happ…." Zelia stopped short as her mate began to turn into a giant cockroach. Then the rest of her family started to change into giant cockroaches. "Eeeep." Zelia screamed. "You're sadder then your sister but I guess you are more beautiful then your sister. I may just have to make an exception." "Oh jeez what it is it this time. I know you're a black mage but what do you plane on doing to me. Try to break me? Take my power, steal me I've heard it all before and when you maybe able to break my sister into a sniveling heap I don't give in." Zelia knew that was a lie and so did the black mage most likely too. "You are a horrible liar." "Get it away from me." Zelia screamed. Suddenly a black and brown cat appeared in front of Zelia. "Do you really want my help?" Zelia nodded as a cockroach began to walk up to her. To Zelia's amazement she leaped into the black mages arms. "Now that was a change of heart from the tough cat I thought you were." Zelia shook when he touched her. He began to stroke her head fur and she shivered. "I'll see you later." He whispered. Zelia sat up in her bed and screamed she could still feel his paws running along her back. "Mummy."

Silver-Moon was curled up next to Ciggie and falling asleep she never knew how fast she feel asleep but she began to dream… Silver-Moon ran threw the meadow arm in arm with Ciggie. But suddenly to her amazement Ciggie disappeared. "Ciggie we'd you go." She yelled. The meadow began to get dark and cold. It was very quiet. "Ciggie come back." She yelled into the empty air. She heard a hissing sound and turned around slowly, no one was there. Then she saw the ground start to wiggle and she felt a very vague familiarity with what was happening like day-jar-vu. Then she saw the snakes start to head towards her. "Please no Ciggie help me."

Ciggie sat up feeling something squeeze the breath out of him. He began to thrash wildly but nothing stopped the suffocating feeling. Slowly he sank back down onto the pillows and closed his eyes.

The snakes were every where. One even squeezing at Silver-Moon's stomach. "Stop this at once. I am not afraid of you. This is just a nightmare." "You want it to stop." Some one asked. Silver-Moon nodded eager to make it all stop. "Be off with you." The meadow disappeared and all that was left was a dark void. "Who are you?" Silver-Moon asked. A cat appeared and he seemed to laugh. "Let us just say I'm your worst nightmare." Silver-Moon was awake but she couldn't open her eyes. "Ciggie." She whispered.

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