Revenge Part3

Chapter10 Disappearing Act

Ciggie ran into his father's door. "Father open the door." A rat snickered behind him. "Your father went off to lady Cassa's room and your mother went of to lady Zelia's." The rat said softly. "Thanks." Ciggie said as he ran to Cassa's room. In his rush to get to his father he forgot about opening the door and hit it full force. "Stupid door." Ciggie muttered and used his power to ripple past it. "Dad I can't wake Silver up." His father looked at him and shook his head. "What do you mean Ciggie?" "She won't wake up I've shaken her and all but she won't wake up. In other words HELP." His father looked at him a moment before standing up. Back in his room Silver-Moon was shaking but still wasn't awake. "See?" Ciggie said desperately. "Yes I see shake her." Ciggie shook Silver-Moon and she woke up slowly.

"Silver-Moon what happened?" Ciggie asked with relief. Silver-Moon was still shaking. She shook her head. "I don't know. I wasn't really tired but when I closed my eyes I went strait to sleep." She said as she cuddled up to Ciggie. "Then I had this dream that I had when I was younger. It was about snakes. And a meadow with lots of snakes in it. You where in it to Ciggie. But you ended up disappearing. I don't know where you went. Then a snake rapped around me and I couldn't breath." "You couldn't breath. I ended up waking up not being able to breathe." Ciggie said. Silver-Moon looked at him. "Anyway I shouted out 'Stop this at once' and a black and brown cat appeared. And he said 'do you really want it to stop.' And when I nodded a black void appeared. And I don't remember much after that." She said still shaking. "A black and brown cat. Cassa said she saw a black and brown cat in her dream." Macavity said.

"Get out my room." Zelia shrieked that tom cat had come again the black and brown one from her dream. "Please don't hurt me." Zelia said softly as the cat walked up to her. "You really are a beautiful cat you know." The mage said. "And from what I saw you obviously gave in willingly to me." Zelia nodded. She knew the truth she had given into him willingly. "C'mon sweetie Scatter won't bite." "Who?" "Allow me to introduce myself I'm Scatter Cat. The most feared of all the black mages." "Ohhhh. Get lost. I thought Lead was the most feared Black mage." "Well since I killed him I'm strongest of them all." Scatter Cat smiled. Zelia shivered as he put his arms around her. "Don't be scared Sweetie," and with that Zelia and Scatter Cat disappeared.

Aza walked into Zelia's room with another blanket. She walked in just in time to see Zelia disappear. Aza dropped the blanket and screamed. Using her magic she appeared in Ciggie's room. "Macavity, Zelia's disappeared with a tom cat I saw him touch her and they disappeared." "What colour was he?" Silver-Moon asked. Aza and the other cats in the room looked at her strangely. "Well from what I saw he was black and brown." Aza replied. "Yeah well he's gonna be black and blue and purple when I get my magic on him." Ciggie growled. "What colour was he mum." Aza turned around and looked at her daughter. "Oh Cassa you're alright. He was black and brown." Her daughter hissed. "Him." She whimpered before crumpling to the ground. "I saw him in my dream too. He said he was my worst nightmare." Silver-Moon said as she to sank to the ground. "What do you mean." "I had a dream mama and there was this really evil cat he said he'd have my body and soul." Cassa said softly. Aza looked at her daughter, "Oh honey don't cry." "I've gotta go mum."

Cassa ran out of her brother's room and into hers. "Hello there." Cassa started to run out of her room but felt a strong paw grasp the scruff of her neck. "I don't bite." "I don't care you do that black art thingy that makes butterflies." Cassa whimpered. "But that's why I'm called a black mage Cassalandra." "Stop calling me that Cassalandra died with her nightmare she died there so don't call me a dead cat." "Oh but you do so have her spirit to live." "Leave me alone I am not Cassalandra I'm Cassa and there's nothing you can do about that." Cassa sobbed. "Don't cry Cassalandra I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." The black and brown cat put his arms around Cassa and kissed her. "You taste like chocolate did you know that." Cassa shivered. "Stop." She murmured. "Oh but I don't want to stop you taste so nice." "Oh please goddess make him stop." "But do you want to make me stop." "No." Cassa felt weak there was some one she needed to remember some one of importance, some one she loved deeply. "But Tugger." "Oh what about him." "I don't know." Cassa felt funny and then she was asleep.

Chapter11 Black Mages.

Silver-Moon looked at Ciggie. "I would like to go now." She said. Ciggie looked at her. "But he'll try and get you." He said. "I just won't let him." Silver-Moon said as she walked up to Ciggie and gave him a kiss. "And what if he dose. What if he dose manage to take you away from me." Ciggie said as his heart started to break. "Then I hope you'll come and save me." Silver-Moon said with a small smile. "But what if I can't." Ciggie said as he began to cry. "Please stop asking questions." Silver-Moon said. "I won't go with him with out a fight. And I'll send you a mind message to you, if he comes near me. Ok." Ciggie nodded. "Ok. But please be careful." He said as he gave Silver-Moon a kiss. "I will." She said as she started to walk away. "Bye." She added in a shouted. It took about two minutes to get out of Ciggie's home. Then it would take an hour to get to her home. Why hadn't she asked Ciggie to take her home? Most probably because she knew that she would meet the black and brown cat. "Hello there." Came a voice from beside her. Silver-Moon hissed as she sent out a message to Ciggie. "So you're the cat who has taken Cassa and Zelia. Well you won't get me." She said as she sent out a bolt of lightning that just missed the cat. "Is that any way to treat Scatter Cat?" Scatter Cat said with a smile. "How… How…?" Silver-Moon looked at where Scatter Cat had been. "How did I move that fast? My secret." Scatter Cat said. Then he moved as fast as he did before and was right next to Silver-Moon. Silver-Moon let out another Bolt of lightning. This time it hit Scatter Cat. "You won't be able to take me that easily." She said with a smile. "Your right. I won't be able to take you that easily. I'll be able to take you a lot easier." And then Scatter Cat let out a bolt of lightning that sent Silver-Moon flying. He then walked up to her. "Now I'll take you." He added, as he was about to touch her. "Get away from her." Ciggie shouted looking at the cat. "We'll if it isn't Macavity's little boy Ciggie." Scatter Cat said with a growl. "Let her go." Ciggie said with a hiss. Just then Silver-Moon started to stir. "Ciggie." She whispered. "No." Scatter Cat said as he put a paw on Silver-Moon. Silver-Moon opened her eyes. "Ciggie." She shouted. "Save me." She added as she slowly disappeared with Scatter Cat. "No. Silver-Moon." Ciggie shouted as he fell to the ground in tears. "I will get you back."

Silver-Moon opened her eyes a few seconds later, when she felt ground under her feet. "Where am I?" she said looking around. Then she spotted Cassa and Zelia asleep on the floor. "Cassa, Zelia are you all right." Silver-Moon shouted as she tried to go to them. "It's Cassalandra. Not Cassa." Scatter Cat said with a smile. "What have you done to them jerk." Silver-Moon said as she tried to get out of Scatter Cat's grip. "It's a little game. If you can make them remember their mates. Then they go free and you stay here. If you don't make them get their memory back. Then you'll go to sleep. And then I'll get another queen cat. You see if you're strong enough to brake the spell I've put on them. Then you'll be my mate." Scatter Cat said as he gave Silver-Moon a kiss. "Get off me." Silver-Moon shirked as she pushed him away from her. "So you got Zelia, Cass…" "Cassalandra." Scatter Cat said with a hiss. This one will be strong enough to brake the spell. But would he be able to keep her under his spell. "I don't care if you say it's Cassalandra. I say it's Cassa and I will not call her Cassalandra because she told me herself it was Cassa." Silver-Moon screamed still trying to keep Scatter Cat away from her. "So you've just brought us here so you can pick a mate. But we all have mates." Silver-Moon added as she started to calm down. "That's right. But those two don't remember that they had a mate. I'll give you one hour for each. If you don't restore their memory by then. Then you too will fall asleep. You will start with Cassalandra." And then he disappeared, and Cassa woke up.

Chapter12 Cassalandra

"My head hurt's. Where am I for a start and where's that all annoying idiotic Scatter Cat oh when I get my hands on him." Cassa growled what she needed was to kill that idiot. Release some tension. "Cassa do you know who the Rum Tum Tugger is?" Cassa looked at Silver-Moon and tried hard to remember she knew there was something important about but she just couldn't put her finger on it. "Isn't he the idle of the Jellicle kittens or something." Cassa asked puzzled. "Not anymore he's you bloody mate." "Really that's interesting but I don't remember that slime bag, big old furry bag of bones, oh I could just kill him, no I don't remember him." Cassa said softly thoughts running wildly threw her head. "Times a wasting and she seems to be getting more evil by the second." Cassa heard the voice and her lightning flew out. "Oh would you just shut up all you ever do is call Cassalandra and tell me I taste like chocolate which I know is a big lie because some one once told me I taste like strawberry." Cassa yelled at the voice. "That's what your mate Rum Tum Tugger said he were a worthless piece of scum." Silver-Moon shouted out all of a sudden. "He did, did he well then I think I'll go and kill him. If he calls me that sorta thing I think I like him." "Do you remember he has a big tuff blonde fur around his neck you like snuggling up with him on cold nights. And his all black except for his paws which are blonde with spots on 'em." "How do you know our personal secrets?" Cassa asked angrily. "Well thanks any way for helping me remember him. Now for you Mist Scatter I think I shall kill you very slowly do you know what it feels like to be killed slowly ever so slowly have every ounce of magic drained." Cassa asked. A black and brown cat appeared. "Why don't you say hello Scatter Cat thanks for not taking me from my family forever thanks for not killing me. Thanks for not let's say bringing back the sniveling little kitten Cassalandra back." "You couldn't bring her back she died a long time ago." Cassa yelled. "Oh but tell us how did she die." "You, you killed her. You came and ripped the innocence out of a kitten." Cassa said softly. "Do you want your innocence back Cassalandra. Do you want to go back." "I wouldn't dream of going back." "But you do every time you dream you want to go back to being an innocent little kitten." "Innocence dies Scatter it died in me along time ago you took it away maybe if I still had it I would have gone to you a long time ago." Cassa said softly before closing her eyes. "I'll give it back to you sweetie just say it and you'll be innocent of all the things you committed with out it." Cassa looked at him. "I…" Cassa said softly, what would happen if she was given her lost innocence would she become the sniveling little whelp she had been scared of her own magic again. He would try to make her take it but his promise could seduce any poor little sniveling whelp into taking it. "I'm not weak Scatter Cat and I'm not innocent I would have lost it a long time ago if you hadn't taken it away from me." Cassa said softly and she made a butterfly appear with her power. "Did you know that this is the most deadly of magic created butterflies that if it touches you you'll fall down dead." Cassa said looking at the butterfly. "Once I would've chased it around the yard and tried to blow the wretched thing up but now, no Scatter you showed me something when you killed me when I died in your arms." Cassa earned a very surprised gasp from Silver-Moon. "Yeah I died in his arms. He thought I was really dead but I lived Cassalandra died and Cassa appeared out of her ashes. I'm not a helpless kitten anymore Scatter I'm a growing young queen and I'm powerful." Cassa hissed and she made the butterfly disappear she may have tricked Silver-Moon and Scatter Cat but she knew inside that she was still scared out of her wits of a butterfly. "I think I'll keep the two of you and put little Zelia back in her life. She dissevers her mate you two don't."

Zelia opened her eyes on her brother's silk pillows. "Man have I got a major headache." Zelia said sitting up. Then she was swamped by questions. "Jeez shut the Heavieside up." Zelia screamed. "Zelia where's Cassa and Silver-Moon." Rum Tum Tugger and Ciggie said basically at the same time. "He kept them he reckons he's going to give Cassa her innocence back make Cassalandra come back we've got to save her." "Do you know where they are." "No but Let's see I need Mum, Dad, Misto, Jada oh and Skimble and of course you two." Zelia added as if on an after thought.

Innocence Lost.

"Well why did you say you died in his arms." Silver-Moon asked softly. "I didn't she did." Cassa smiled slightly. "How though could you tell me." "Yeah if you want."

"Butterflies I love butterflies." Cassalandra shrieked as she and Scatter Cat chased after the big black butterfly. "Cassalandra watch out." Scatter Cat yelled but she heard him laugh. The butterfly had turned on he and had stung her. "Scatter Cat it hurts." "It wasn't supposed to Cassalandra. Now you'll die." "Please Scatter don't let this happen I don't to die." "I know I don't want you to die either. But don't worry Cassa it won't hurt for much longer." Cassalandra felt Scatter Cat hold her and she as Cassalandra let out her last breath. Although he didn't and wouldn't know for as long as she could prevent that Cassalandra was truly dead, no more, kaput only now Cassa was around and meaner. As she awoke Cassa swore revenge but then she lost all memory of her past because of Tugger.

"Yeah she died then. I appeared out of the ashes of a kitten my father knew my brother knew so did my mother I wasn't the little whelp I'd once been although now I'm afraid of butterflies that can't be helped now can it." Cassa said with a sigh. Silver-Moon nodded. "But then why does he want you again? And me of all cats." She asked with a hiss. "Like I said I need a mate." Scatter Cat said as he walked in. "But now I want two." He added with a smile. Cassa hissed. "You'll never have us." She said. "Oh but I already have got you." Scatter Cat said as he walked up to Silver-Moon and Cassa. "And now you'll both forget who your mates are." He added as he shook dust out of his coat. "What is it?" Silver-Moon asked Cassa as they both tried to get away. "How the hell am I meant to know." Cassa said as she backed up into a wall. "This dust should help you forget everything about your family, mate and of cause Cassa's new name."

"Stuff you I will never forget who I am." Cassa said as she started to choke on the dust. "But of course you will you'll be the sniveling whelp you once where." "Never," Cough, "Can you make me who I am." Cassa slid down to the ground as the magic dust started to work. "Stop this please can't you see what you're doing." Silver-Moon said coughing Cassa smiled. "No use fighting it Silver-Moon it's gonna take you sooner or later." "But can't you see Cassa this is what he wants he wants you to give up." "I always give in easily even if he does disserve to be drop kicked in to the Heavieside layer." Cassa winked at Silver-Moon and saw her shake her head. "Still you shouldn't just give up." "Why not it would be so much easier to let him win. And as he said take me body and soul." Cassa shook violently trying to hold onto her memory. "Rum Tum Tugger is a curios cat and I'll always love him. Tell him that Scatter please." Cassa shook one more violent time then stilled her eyes going glassy.

"What did you do to her." Silver-Moon yelled. "I'm going to turn her back into Cassalandra. Make her think I'm her father." "You can't do that I won't let you." Silver-Moon hissed. "But you can't stop me can you. Poor Rum Tum Tugger his never gonna see his true love again pity." "And what will you do to me." Silver-Moon asked with a cough. "I'll make you my mate." "But I love Ciggie." Silver-Moon shouted. "So what? He can cope." "I hate you I'll never love you." "Don't doubt me queen. I am the most feared black mage." "Most feared my tail." Some one yelled. Silver-Moon glanced around and saw Cassa rising to her feet. "You do know I never give up Scatter Cat I never gave into you when she gave up but well I never…" Cough, splutter, "…give up easily." "You brat. How could you survive this." "Let me see." Silver-Moon watched in wonder as Cassa blew at her paw. The fog that had seemed to roll into the room disappear. "Easy as catnip." "How? But then your poor little friend still has the stuff in her system Cassalandra." "Call me that one more time and this will happen to you." Silver-Moon saw the lightning fly threw the air and hit an invisible brick wall. "You're lucky I stopped that. It would have hit Scatter and do you know what that feels like?" "Get out of here." Again Silver-Moon saw another friend disappear. "Cassa!" Silver-Moon yelled as she ran to the spot where she had been. "Bring her back right now." "No." Scatter Cat said with a hiss. "No I'll leave you for a while." He added as he once again shook dust out of his coat. "Have fun." Then he started to walk out of the room. "I'll always love Ciggie no matter how much you say I don't. Deep down inside I always well." Silver-Moon shouted as she started to cough. "I'll never give in. I'll never give…" Then she fell to the floor in a deep sleep.

Is this what I have to live with?

"Cassa wake up. Where's Silver-Moon?" Ciggie said looking around. Cassa slowly opened her eyes. "He still has her." Cassa said with a cough. "He's going to die." Ciggie growled turning around. There was a ripple of light and Ciggie disappeared. Ciggie reappeared in an old warehouse unlike his own. Stalking up to a door that seemed to be covered in dust. He didn't dare touch it he bashed it down with his magic. "Silver-Moon!" Ciggie yelled. Her limp form was lying on the ground. "So you're the one she says she can never forget." "Oh no not another one. Why do you black mages always have to pop up everywhere." Ciggie growled. "What's that supposed to mean kit." "What's it supposed to mean, is why in all the fucken Heavieside Layer do you just keep popping up into my life and hurting every one I know. Oh and don't give me all that cat shit about being the most powerful black mage in the universe because you're wrong it would be me but I'm not a black mage so I'm not strongest. I was the one that drained Leads, supposed invincible, power. You just killed him." Ciggie yelled. Lead had been so power hungry that he had decided to turn the Jellicles on the magic cats. After he had been supposedly killed he had began to drain both Ciggie and Zelia's power. It hadn't been a nice experience for the two. Ciggie heard Silver-Moon groan and rushed over to her. "Are you all right Silver?" He asked. Silver-Moon looked at him with a dazed expression. "Who…who are you? Scatter Cat who is he?" Ciggie got up and walked up to the Black mage. "You insensitive bastard. What have you done to my bloody Silver." Ciggie asked drawing back his paw and punching the black mage. "I thought Lead was bad. But do you know what it's like to loose your mate." "Yes I do I lost Cassalandra to a spell I made she died in my arms." Ciggie ignored the pained expression on the mages face. "They say never drain some one stronger then you Mage but I guess I should take that risk and die." Ciggie said grabbing the black mage. Slowly he turned threw the black mages power looking for the source he found. His sister's innocence he knew Zelia had been born with out it but Cassa's. "Don't touch him jerk off." "Keep out of it Silver." Ciggie hissed. "I'll kill you if you hurt him." "Good kill me. That's better then living with knowing that the cat you're life bonded with has been brainwashed." "You make me so mad." "I'm glad." "You are not." "Are too." "Are not." "Am too." "Let go of him Jerk I love him." Ciggie let go of the Black mage suddenly and punched him again. "Id rather let her live then make her die because of me. If you kill me your so called mate will die slowly and painfully." Ciggie punched the black mage again. "I've heard of you Scatter Cat and let me tell you I am not impressed." Ciggie brought his paws up and extended his claws scratching the other cat as he brought them down. "I love him can't you see that or are you so much of a jerk that you're blind." That sent the message in and Ciggie sank slowly to the ground. "Come on lover we'll be off now." Scatter Cat said softly. Ciggie watched silently as his true mate took a hold of the enemy's paw. Ciggie looked up his green eyes blazing with a fierce light. One that only burned in his father's eyes rarely. With out know it Ciggie let out a giant shock wave that was mixed with hate and anger and lose. Ciggie stop for my sake. Ciggie looked at Silver-Moon but she didn't seem to even know she's done something. Silver-Moon is that you? Ciggie sent the question out but he hit a brick wall. SILVER-MOON!! Ciggie screamed mentally her head zipped around and she smiled. "Ciggie you came to rescue me." Silver-Moon was on top of Ciggie in an instant. Ciggie kissed her softly and slowly the kiss became a very wild and passionate one. After they finished kissing Ciggie stood up and gasped. Scatter Cat was dead. "It's over." Silver-Moon sighed next to him. "Yes but is this what I have to live with the pressure that my magic killed some one. Oh well he dissevered it."

In the shadows

In the shadows a pair of sapphire blue eyes watched a single tear dripped down her cheek. "I swear revenge on you and your kin gray one. You drain my mate, Lead, and then you kill my brother I swear revenge from this day you will feel my raff." With that the cat disappeared.

"Did you hear anything Silver-Moon." Ciggie asked. His mate shook her head. "Oh well. Let's go home. I hate it here." With that they kissed and a ripple of light and when you could see again they were gone.

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