Pulled From The Wreckage

Pulled From the Wreckage

By: Grenadine

The huge crash of the walls woke the tiny white kitten. "Angel!" She heard her mother call. "Run!"

"What's happening, mum?" Angel asked, bewildered.

"Just run!" With those last words, a shriek could be heard from her mother.

"Mommy!" Angel ran over to her mother. She wasn't breathing. "Mommy?" Knowing her mother wouldn't wake up, Angel cuddled up to her, trying to block out the noise of the walls crashing down around her.


She didn't know how long she slept there. It seemed like centuries. She was awakened by rough men's voices saying "There's a cat in there! Grab her!" Angel was lifted into female arms. She could tell they were female arms because they smelled like perfume.

"Meow!" She tried to jump out and run to her mother, but the arms closed in tighter.

"Your momma's dead, kitty. Oh! What's this?" The woman lifted up Angel's pink collar. "Your name is Angel, huh? I'll take you home. Victoria can be your mom."

She felt the wind whip her face as she drove with the woman in her warm car. She curled up on a seat and tried to nap, but the whirring of the car made her nauseous. Angel missed her mother's comforting voice, her warm fur, and her soft purr.

"Come on, Angel, let's go in." She was again lifted up and brought into a house that smelled of fresh bread. The woman set her down in a basket lined with a soft pink quilt. Another white cat sniffed at her.

"Vici, this is Angel. She has no mom. Take care of her!" With that last comment, the woman left the room.

"Who are you?" The kitten asked, her blue eyes widening.

"I'm Victoria. I heard you need a mommy."

"Will you be my mom?" She asked.

"Here Angel." The woman came in with three bowls of tuna and some milk.

"Who has the third dish?"

"That's Misto's. He's my mate."


"MISTO!" Victoria yelled.

"Yes?" A black and white cat entered the room.

"This is Angel. We need to take care of her. Tomorrow, we should take her to the Jellicles."

"Hello Angel!" The black male sniffed at the white kitten. He then rubbed against Vici. Being the motherly cat she was, Vici jumped into Angel's basket and cuddled with her. Misto followed suit. Older cats on the outside, kitten in the middle.

This is nice. Angel thought. Parents. A deep purr and a soft one surrounded her as she fell asleep.

The next day came. Victoria and Misto were conferring, trying not to wake their sleepy kitten.

"We'll say she's ours." Vici said.

"No! Munkustrap will suspect something. You never looked like you were going to have kittens."

"I'll tell them she was pulled from the wreckage of a building that collapsed."


"Morning mommy. Mornin' daddy!" Angel jumped out of her basket and went over to her new parents. She got two loving licks from them.

"Sure is adjusting fast!" Misto said to Victoria, who nodded in agreement.

"I'm hungry."

"The mistress left you some food. She had to go to work. We can go in and out as we please." Angel ate the meat that the mistress had left for her.

"Daddy, where are we going?" She asked, as her parents took her to the junkyard.

"You're going to become a Jellicle, like us! Then we can adopt you." The three cats entered the huge junkyard, where lots of cats were sunning themselves, talking, or playing.

"Vici! Misto! Who's this? Did you have a kitten?"

"No Jemmy. This is Angel. She was pulled from the wreckage of a crumbling building."

"Awwww! Isn't she sweet!" Jemima, a calico, who was about as old as Victoria was, tickled her under her chin.

"Gotta go, honey!" Misto scampered off.

"Can I hold her?" Jemmy asked.

"Sure!" Angel was lifted up into Jemima's calico arms.

"Let's go show her to some other Jellicles. Angel, you can call me Aunt Jemima."

They met Aunt Electra, Aunts Etcetera, Cassandra, Demeter, Bombalurina, Jellylorum, Jennyanydots, and Exotica, to name a few. There were uncles too. She met Uncle Tugger, Uncles Pouncival, Munkustrap, Alonzo, Tumble, Skimble, and Grandpas Gus and Deuteronomy. Angel was lifted into many different arms, but she liked all the attention. They all said things like "Oh, how cute!" and "She's really sweet!"

Angel met Andromeda and Freesiquia, Aunt Jemima's kittens, and Whistlerina, Etcetera's little girl. Uncle Munkustrap had told her what a Jellicle was and what they did. She, Whistlerina, Andromeda, and Freesiquia would become Jellicles in three months, at the Jellicle Ball.

After they had gone home, Angel slept between Vici and Misto. I like this place...


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