Angel's Past

Angel's Past

By: Grizz


It was three months since we had last seen Angel. She had blossomed from a shy baby to a beautiful, bubbly, kitten. She still lived with Victoria and Misto, who she called "Mommy" and "Daddy." She loved playing with Whistlerina, Andromeda, and Freesiquia. They were getting ready for their first Jellicle Ball, where Angel would learn the secret of her past.....

Chapter 1

Angel, Freesiquia, Andromeda, and Whistlerina were going to their first Jellicle Ball. Andi had been practicing her solo dance for weeks, and she was VERY nervous!

The night soon came, and Munkustrap was getting ready to tell the shocking secret about Angel that only he knew.

As he was getting ready to formalize the kittens Jellicle-hood, he said "Angel, this is the secret you need to know. Victoria and Misto are really your parents."

A loud gasp was heard all over the Junkyard. "What??" Victoria asked, shocked.

"It all happened when you were a teenage cat. You were going to have your first litter, only you didn't know it yet. You had become unconcious, and you had one kitten- a tiny baby girl. I took her away before you woke and gave her to a nice female who had no kittens. That was Angel's "mom." "

"How come I didn't know?" Misto and Jenny asked together.

"Even Vici didn't know." Munkustrap looked at Angel, who was sitting with her true mother. "She thought it was just sickness."

"Oh! I remember! I was in real bad pain, and then I got knocked out!" Vici said.

"Yes. Then Angel was born. Before anyone could come in and ask what I was doing, I took Angel away. Her eyes weren't even open yet."

"Why did you ever do that?" Misto asked. His big brown eyes had filled with tears.

"Victoria couldn't take care of her. She wasn't old enough. I'd observed that with another teen who killed her kittens by ignoring them. She left out of shame."

"Angel, you are my baby!" Victoria was openly crying. She scooped up Angel and hugged her tight.

"I'm so happy!" Angel said. "But then, who was my mother? I never knew her name. I just called her 'Mother.'"

"Her name was Cassandir."

The ball went on and on. After it was over, Vici, Misto, and Angel slept in the oven, a family at last!


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