Ayesha: The Jellicle of the Night

Ayesha: The Jellicle of the Night

By: Rumpldemon

Author's note: Please tell me what you think...Any honest criticism would be fine...By Rumpleteazer 1999rumpledemon@hotmail.com Disclamer…All of these charactors belong to someone else. Not me. I am only doing this for the enjoyment of other readers.
Credits: Susan Kay's "Phantom" which is heavily copywrited (Pages 347-348+ (she's mentioned a lot…)) (And her name is said I-e-sha)

Ayesha was born in a palace in Bangkok, runt of the litter. A French traveller had stolen her and her mother and litter. He had expected to breed them and make money. However, Paris was now under siege, and no one wanted another mouth to feed. Only another something for the pot for supper. I know not what became of the rest of the litter, and I'd rather not find out…A tiny Siamese kitten with a cream coat and little brown paws, wandering the streets…hungry.

As a few weeks went by, she learned to hunt, and managed to live, but she felt that something else was waiting for her.

I had eaten three tiny mice and I was still hungry. I still don'tunderstand anything. I remember something… bright white, gold, blue…all so beautiful…I remember…now it's gone again. Purrhaps I'll learn, in time what it means.

But I'm tired of that. I'm making no sense to myself anymore. I'm sohungry, I feel like I'm melting. I'm dizzy and confused…have to find something…have to…

Who is that? A human? I have to run! I must… I haven't the strength to run! Maybe if I don't run he may leave me alone. He's all in black and…I'm afraid! He won't have me! I can't let him. But he's not running after me…Not even looking at me! And I'm so hungry. Maybe he'll be kind tome. I'll try begging for food…maybe he'll have some…I…Must be brave…I…

Ayesha stuck her little claws into the man's black cloak. He turned to the tiny kitten, who flinched back at his sudden movement. He picked the little shivering kitty, and wiped away some of the grime and mud off her glossy (under the mud) cream coat. She had, before now, averted her eyes away from him, whether in fear, or lack of energy. But now she looked at him with sweet blue eyes, which completely softened his heart. He wore a black cloak and all of his clothes, even his shirt, were black. And he wore a mask.A white mask that covered most of his face. Who was he?

Who is she? This little kitten…she must be Siamese! Where did she comefrom? She must be sent from heaven! She is so sweet! I must take her home…I…

Who is he? Who is this creature; possibly a man… I still don't understand! Why isn't he going to try to drag me home like the other humans did? I think I need to get away I'm still to weak, I… NARRATOR
Ayesha collapsed in his arms. "You're just hungry, you little street urchin! Well, I might as well take you home," he said. Next day…

Ayesha awoke lying on a silk cushion on the corner of a black leather couch that was against the far wall of a room…

Where am I? It's so dim…I can hardly see…I'm in some sort of…catacombs…I'm still hungry…I can't…He's back! The human! What should I do? I'm still so weak, I…

"Come here, little one. I have some fish for you."

I must…get the strength to…get up… I'm up…almost there. It's there! I can smell it! Mmm…it's good…ahhh…I feel better. I'm not thinking so fragmented now…

"I've heard it rumored that Cats understand human speech. Perhaps you can.

My name is Erik, if it interests you, little Feline…you…you look like an Ayesha…Yes! Ayesha! How beautiful you are! Yes, you will lose your thinness and become a fine Cat."

End Part I

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