That Darn Cat

That Darn Cat!

By: BlueBell

For those of you who don't know who BlueBell(me) is, she is the daughter of Munkustrap and Demeter. She seems to get into trouble quite often. This story shows just how troublesome she can be!

* * *

It was a dark, rainy night as the Jellicles followed Bustopher Jones down a cold desolate alley. Bustopher invited all the cats over to one of his clubs for the night. He led them to a small stair case that led to an entrance covered by a red cloth. Bustopher lifted the sheet and signaled for the Jellicles to enter. It was warm inside and very spacious. There were small coffee tables which many alley cats sat in, gamboling or just talking. There was a stage with a sparkling blue curtain where a female, petite, persian cat sang her solo. The Jellicles seemed confused.

Munkustrap then whispered to Bustopher Jones, "I thought your clubs would be more... sophisticated. This looks like a bar."

Bustopher straightened his posture as he replied, "Well it is. I just thought this would be a great place for you young, strapping, felines to settle. Once I see that you all can act proper, I'll take you all to one of my more elegant clubs."

The fat cat sniffed the air, "Mmmm...anyone hungry?" and he went off to order his meal. Demeter approached Munkustrap and said in a low voice;

"I don't think this is a good place for our kittens to be in."

Munkustrap patted her paw with assurence, "I'm sure they'll do fine here. Let's just try and enjoy ourselves."

And the Jellicles found themselves a table and sat down. Munkustrap and Demeter sat at the huge, oval table in the middle of the room with their litter of five. Rum Tum Tugger and Bombalurina joined them and so did Mistoffolees and Victoria. Jennyanydots then took a seat on the other side of Tugger and saved a seat for Bustopher Jones. They all felt very awkward for they never had to sit at a table before. They looked strangly at the utensils before them wrapped in napkins. The kittens found them fascinating and began to play with them. Bustopher then arrived with plates for everyone and a bowl of Meow Mix for appetizers.

The conversation started off with a small talk about last year's Jellicle ball when a fight broke out at another table among a group of alley cats who were gamboling. When settled, Bustopher approached the other table and asked what had happened. They said how someone was cheating and that they wanted a real cardsman.

Bustopher Jones grinned as he said how he knew just the cat for the job. The alley cats told him to bring him on and with a deep voice of pride, Bustopher said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you all to meet my nephew, The Magical Mr. Mistoffolees!"

All eyes fell on the black cat who rolled his eyes and mumbled to himself, "Oh great!"

"Come on Misto, show us your stuff!" Bustopher chuckled.

Mistoffolees stood and made his way over to the table, taking a seat. The alley cats were fascinated by Misto's skillful card shuffling.

Meanwhile, BlueBell sat impatiently with her siblings and parents as she said, "I'm bored." and she slipped out of her chair. Her brother Pierce, saw her out of the corner of his eye but pretended not to. He was a good kitty who never wanted to be apart of BlueBell's mischievious ways. Once under the table she walked out as her bushy tail brushed against Jennyanydot's upper leg. Jenny jerked as she turned and gave Tugger who was sitting next to her an evil eye. With out warning, Jenny wacked Tugger's head.

"Owww!" Tugger cried as he rubbed his noggin, "What was that for?" Jennyanydots ignored the question as she stood with her nose in the air and walked away.

"What did you do?" Bombalurina asked angrily.

"I didn't do anything!" Tugger argued. BlueBell giggled at the incedent as she tied the white table cloth to Tugger's belt and scurried off. She walked over to where Mistoffolees and the alley cats were playing poker and joined the crowd as they watched. The cats slammed their cards down with moaning and grumbles as Mistoffolees laughed and grabbed an arm full of chips triumphantly.

BlueBell then noticed a frog that had hopped into the bar. She ran after it into the back kitchen and caught it as she leaped on the counter. She then noticed three dishes with tops on them. She opened one to see steaming cooked salmon inside. BlueBell sniffed the delicious meal then, after placing the frog under the pot next to her, she began eating the fish. Just then, the chef appeared and BlueBell quickly scurried under the counter.

When the chef was gone she returned to find the three dishes missing. BlueBell gasped, "Oh no, the frog!" and she instantly ran after the chef. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the chef give out the dishes to Munkustrap, Victoria and Tugger. When Tugger opened his dish, the frog leaped out, knocking over drinks and hoppinng all over everyone's food. Demeter, Victoria and Bombalurina screamed. Tugger, startled by it all, stood and stepped away from the table. Not knowing the sheet was tied to his belt, he brought the table cloth with him causing all the food, drinks and silverwear to fall all over everyone; mostly on Tugger. The entire bar was silent. Bustopher Jones was about to walk over to assist them but tripped over BlueBell and fell on the table where the cats were playing their game of poker. Because of Bustopher's weight, the table collasped from under him. BlueBell gasped when she saw the frog lodged in Bustopher's mouth with its hind legs sticking out.

Mistoffolees was shocked at what happened to his uncle and he quickly stood to help him up. However, when he attempted to do so, a flood of hidden cards flew out from his arm warmups. The alley cats hollered, "Hey, you cheated!"

Mistoffolees grinned with a shrug and said, "Every cat has his own tricks!" and he quickly grabbed the money he had won and ran off. "Time to blow this party!" Mistoffolees cried as he ran by Munkustrap with four alley cats chasing right behind him in fury.

Munkustrap instanly grabbed three of his litter and called for Demeter who grabbed Pierce. She saw BlueBell trying to recapture the frog when Bustopher Jones picked her up by the sruff of her neck.

"You!! This is all your fault!!!" he yelled. Tugger came to an abrupt stop next to Bustopher.

Covered in caviar and other slimy foods, Tugger snatched BlueBell away from Bustopher and said with a wink, "I'll take that off your hands, thankyou." and he ran off with the other Jellicles. When they were all gone, Bustopher stood there with his priceless black suit stained and ruined. His eye piece was cracked and his hair was a mess. He stood there alone with the club looking like a hurricane had hit it and the lights flickering on and off.

Munkustrap then poked his head back in and said with a smile, "Don't worry Bustopher, it could have been worse; it could have been one of your more sophisticated clubs!" and the gray tabby left.

Eh, that BlueBell's a naughty 'un!