By: Calsabon

(Cat Purrs (Authors notes): *** indicates a change of mind, time, place, or person)

The wind whipped and cruelly tore at Calsabon's fur. She was starved and weak, after weeks of wandering the streets. The only food she got was when she found a few leftover scraps in fast-food bags. Often it would just be a packet of sauce, and a few french fries, but Calsabon was thankful for whatever she got. She kept walking, staggering, really, as the rain started. It felt like hundreds of needles, being whipped across her face, with no mercy. Calsabon collapsed into a box, thankful to be out of the wind and rain. She fell into a fitful sleep, full of dreams of the past.


Calsabon had a home, a good home. She lived in a nice neighborhood, with plenty of cats and food. Her owners loved her, and called her Mary. She was happy for a long time. Then her owners had a child. Their attention was turned to it. They often forgot to feed Calsabon, and she grew thin. The baby loved to torment Calsabon, pull her tail and hit her. She tried to put up with it, but it was too much. When the child pulled her tail, Calsabon hissed and clawed at the baby. The child wailed, and Calsabon was turned out without a second look. She had nowhere to go, so she started walking. Now, she was cold, starved, and scared. Was she to die out here? Is this how her life would end? She hoped to God it wasn't.


Calsabon was awakened by voices. Actually, it was a high-pitched giggle, followed by a "Shhhhh!"

"Please," Calsabon whispered, "help me."

"'ey! Did you 'ere that, Jerrie? It sounded like a voice!" It was a queen, with a cockney accent.

"Please," Calsabon called again, "Please help me!"

"'ey! Where are you? Come out 'ere! We can't see you!" A male, with the same cockney accent.

Calsabon hobbled out of her box, to see it was morning. There sat two striped cats, one with pearls, both with a bag with them.

"Oh, you poor dear! Wot happened to you? My name's Rumpleteazer, and this is Mungojerrie."

"My name is Calsabon. Please, do you have any food? I'm terribly hungry."

"Well, you're lucky!", Mungojerrie said "We just raided a pantry! We've got salmon paste, and Straussburg pie! I think we've got some potted grouse, too. Which would you like?"

"Some of the paste, please." Rumpleteazer rooted around in her bag, and pulled out a few cans of salmon paste. Calsabon finished them in no time. She started to clean herself off after she had finished.

"Now, you must tell us, dear", Rumpleteazer said after Calsabon had finished eating,"Are you a Jellicle cat? If you are, you must come with us to the Junkyard. We'll introduce you to Munkustrap, and you'll be one of the tribe in no time!"

"I-I believe I am." Calsabon stuttered. "My-my mother said something about a tribe, and Jellicles, and someone called Old Deutomonormy."

Rumpleteazer gasped. "Old Deutoronomy? You know about 'im? Then you are a Jellicle! Come with us, dear, come back to the tribe."

They ran off, with Calsabon following behind. Feeling much better because of the food, she started thinking about the tribe. Old Deutoronomy! Her mother had praised him greatly. Along with cats named Munkustrap, Rum Tum Tugger, and Mistoffolees, he was one of the Great Jellicle Cats, too be remembered forever. She was excited. She, a stray, dirty cat, would meet Old Deutoronomy. She hurried on, eager to get to the Junk yard.


As they entered the Junkyard, Calsabon became self conscious. All these cats! A red cat, flirting with the males. A dark Siamese, talking with a black and white tom. A pair of twin cats, watching with interest a beautiful pure white cat dance. She stopped and gasped. A cat was doing a magic show for the kittens. This black cat could only be the great Mistoffelees! She hurried on, her face burning for staring.

Finally she reached the center of the Junkyard. In front of her was a black and white striped tom. She swallowed hard. Munkustrap! The Jellicle who would be leader after Old Deutoronmy. She slowly became aware Rumplteazer was talking.

"...and she said 'er mother had told 'er about Old Deutoronomy! We thought she should come to you, so she could be a official Jellicle. What do you think, Munk?"

The cat turned to her and looked at her carefully. She gulped, and held her head up high. After what seemed like hours, he spoke.

"She is a Jellicle. There is no need for an initiation, she is natural born. What is your name, child?"

"Calsabon, sir."

Munkustrap laughed. "There is no need to call me "sir". Well, Calsabon, you are still a kitten, right? All right, I will have another Jellicle come and introduce you to the other cats. Jemima! Bombalurina! Come here, please"

A dark colored kitten and the red cat she had seen before come over.

"What is it, Munku? Oh," The red cat said, on seeing Calsabon, "You want us to show a new Jellicle around? All right. I'm Bombalurina."

"And I am Jemima. Your name is Calsabon, right? I heard Munk call you that when I came. Lets go!"

Calsabon went with Bombalurina and Jemima, who headed to the twin cats and white cat.

"Coricopat! Tantomile! Victoria! This is Calsabon. She is a new Jellicle." Jemima said

"Hello, Calsabon" Coricopat and Tantomile said in unison. They walked off, mimicking each others every move.

"Hello. I am Victoria" The white cat said in a British accent. "We have needed to see a new Jellicle around here. Have a good time!" They walked off.


About an hour later, Calsabon had met many cats. She had met Mistoffolees, who had made a bouquet of flowers appear for her. They had met most of the cats, and were now looking for the Rum Tum Tugger. Suddenly, the sound of crashing glass!

"Macavity!" Demeter cried.

"Who's Macavity?!" Calsabon yelled. She was very afraid.

"Macavity's a bad cat. He kidnapped Old Deutoronomy, and hurt Munkustrap! Sillabub whispered to her.

Suddenly, a cat appeared! Calsabon looked at him, and was mezmerized by his appearance. Something...something was so familiar about him. The name was slamming around her head. Macavity..Macavity...MACAVITY!! She pushed her way to front of the crowd. "You! YOU! No! You promised! You PROMISED! YOU PROMISED ME!" Suddenly, everything was black.

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