Pt. 2--The Promise

By: Calsabon

(Cat Purrs (Authors notes): Some people may not like how I portray Macavity in this story. But I needed a bad villian for the story to work. Also, I would like to thank my sister for providing a lot of the story line for this tale. *** indicate a change in time, setting, mind, or person.)

"She's waking up!" A voice cried. Calsabon opened her eyes, and tried to make out the blurry figures around her. It was Jennyanydots who had yelled. All the cats were gathered around her. She saw some cats that she hadn't met yet. They all had worried expressions on their faces. "Are you all right, dear? Are you hurt?", Jenny questioned her.

"I'm all right, I'm all right. Why are you all so worried? What happened?"

They all gasped. "You mean you don't remember?" Jellylorum said, unbelieving. "Last night, when Macavity came, you cried out that he had promised you something".

"I'm sorry, I don't remember anything about last night, except I was being introduced to all the cats. Who's Macavity?"

"Uh....nobody. Nobody important." Jemima said. "Let's get back to showing you around, all right?". Most of the cats had left by now.

"All right. I feel much better now." They left, with Bombalurina.


They were walking around the old car, when a cat jumped in front of them. With his mane and leopard spots, he could only be the Rum Tum Tugger.

"Hey kid. Heard you yelling last night. What's up with you and Maca-" He stopped talking off Bomba's look. "Um, anyway, how would ya like for _me_ to show you around?" He said slyly, with a wink and smile.

"No, I'd rather stay with Jem and Bomba. See ya around!" With that, they walked off, leaving an astonished Tugger behind.

Next, they were walking around the washing machine when a cat crashed onto Calsabon! The cat rolled off her, and stopped and stared. Calsabon did like wise. Something about this cat just drew her to him. Pouncival had the same reaction. This brown, white, and gray cat was beautiful to him. Jemima and Bombalurina shared a smile over their heads.

"Calsabon, this is Pouncival. Pouncival, this is Calsabon."

"Uh..h-hi! Hi! I'm-I'm Pouncival." He stuttered breathlessly

"Cal, don't you think we should be going? We still have cats to meet." Bomba said with a smile.

"Uh, hey! Um, maybe, would you like to come with us, Pouncival? I-I mean, we could probably use you, you know, with introducing the cats." Calsabon said, nervously.

"Yeah! Sure! I mean, I'd love to!" All four of them started off.


Calsabon curled up in an old refrigerator box, with a few old pillows and Pouncival. She smiled, thinking of the night a couple days ago. Huddled in an old box, starved, until Teazer and Jerrie came. She couldn't remember last night, but she didn't particularly care. She smiled again as Pounce licked the top of her head. Sighing deeply, she sank into a deep sleep.


Macavity...Macavity...MACAVITY! Macavity had taken her family from her. He had promised her he wouldn't hurt them if she did one thing. She had refused at first, out of terror and hate. Macavity then left her brother in the middle of a fight between Pekes and Pollicles. After that, she agreed. He had made her do a terrible thing, something she couldn't remember even now, in her dreams. She had buried all those memories, but the memory of what she did she couldn't reach. They only surfaced in her dreams. She remembered waking up in a bag, crying like she would never stop. She still had cries, and in her dream, those cries came, all the cries she had kept with her. He had left her with the words that if he ever found her again, the promise would be gone. The cries still came. They came and came and came until-


"Cal! Cal! CALSABON!" Pouncival was yelling.

"Pounce! Pounce, help me! Where are you?" She cried desperately.

"I'm here...I'm right here. Don't worry, it's over. It's over." Calsabon cried into his chest for an hour. When she had calmed down she told him about her dream, and her past.

"Macavity captured my family. He had left me. He promised not to hurt them or me if I did something for him. I..I can't remember what it was. I refused at first. He....he put my brother in the middle of a dog fight. After I did it, he left me. But he told me if he ever found me again, the promise would not mean anything. I'm scared, Pounce. He found me again. He's going to try to hurt me. I know it."

"Cal, I won't let him hurt you. The tribe won't, either. We will protect you. Trust me. He will not hurt you, as long as I have a breath in my body. Now, let's get some sleep. Remember, I'll always be next to you. Try to dream of happy times. We'll tell the tribe tomorrow."


Munkustrap called a meeting of all the Jellicles. This was a very serious matter. Calsabon told her story, with Pounce always by her side. The story was punctuated by gasps, and worried looks. When it was over, it was decided that there would always be a cat with Cal. Most of the time it would be Pounce, but sometimes it would be Cal's close friends, Etcetera and Victoria and Jemima. Even Tugger offered to help. Calsabon felt much better after the meeting. She decided to go and see if she could get Tumble help her play a trick on Pounce. She ran off, smiling.


Macavity watched from the shadows. "So," he spat "the little kitten's been accepted into the Jellicles. Well, I warned her that if I ever found her, the promise would be gone." He smiled angrily, and sank back to his lair.


Calsabon ran giggling away from Tugger, with Victoria. They had just covered his mirror with a picture of him without his mane. They woke him up, and whispered to him that he should look at his reflection. They doubled over in laughter, as they heard his howl of suprise. Suddenly, they were both lying flat on the ground. Misto and Pouncival had jumped them. Simultaneously, they rolled over and pinned their loves to the ground. They were laughing too hard to keep it up for much, though. They explained what had happened, and Misto and Pounce started to roll with laughter. The dusk fell, and all the cats retreated to their homes, or shelters.

"Do you think Tugger's gonna find out that we covered his mirror?" asked Calsabon, who was still giggling.

"Only if someone tells him. Of course, most people don't know who did it, but," he replied, "You didn't do a great job of keeping it a secret. Something might slip."

"You wouldn't! I know you. You would never tell anyone. Neither would Mistof." They had reached their shelter.

"No more bad dreams, all right?" Pounce asked, smiling at her.

"No, only dreams about you."

"Hey, I said no _bad_ dreams!" He said, starting them both laughing again.

"Well, I'll try". She smiled at him, and gave him a lick on his nose. Snuggling up together, she sighed happily, and drifted off to sleep.


Cal yawned, and stretched. She looked at Pouncival, who was smiling and laughing in a dream. She had had no dreams that night, and was glad. She decided to go off and find an early breakfast. As she trotted out of the Junkyard, she was joined by Vic, who was an early riser by nature. Victoria veered off to her home for breakfast, and Cal went on her way. Teazer and Jerrie had taught her how to swipe a breakfast, and she headed right to Victoria Grove. Mungo and Rumpel's masters never left breakfast out for them, but their neighbors did. She squeezed through an open window, and silently stalked to the kitchen. Good, the Persian cat was still asleep. She ate the grouse that was left for him, leaving a little over. For some fun, she half-woke the Persian up, and whispered it was breakfast time. As she slipped back out the window, she collapsed into silent laughter when she heard the howl. Joining back with Vic, she went back to the Junkyard to find the other cats stirring.

"Hey Tumble, Etcetera. Have you seen Pounce?" asked Calsabon. Tumblebrutus looked suprised.

"No. He left when he saw you were gone. He said he was going to protect you."

"Protect me? But how did he think he would protect me? And from who? I mean, the only cat I could" Her eyes grew wide.

"Pounce!" She cried, and she ran off.


Calsabon ran along the back alleys. The same thoughts kept running through her head. Pounce must have gone to Macavity to fight....He was trying to protect me....But he'll be hurt!....He doesn't know Macavity and what he can do.....But I do. She stopped. Pounce's scent was in the air. Another scent, too. Blood. She heard the sound of someone limping. A figure came into view. "Pounce!" She cried. "Oh, Pounce.....Why did you go after him? Why couldn't you stay at the Junkyard?" She said, crying and licking Pouncival's wounds. He had a terrible wound near his neck. He stood perfectly still while she cleaned his wounds. When they had stopped bleeding, she looked at him and asked him again, "Why did you go after Macavity?"

"I couldn't let anyone hurt you, Cal. I told you that. I promised you he wouldn't hurt you as long as I have a breath in my body. I love you."

"Pounce, I love you too. I couldn't not love anyone who would do that for me. But you can never do anything like that again. You have no idea what Macavity can do to you. Come on. Let's go back to the Junkyard. You can rest there."

They made the long, painful walk back to the Junkyard.

Calsabon looked at the sleeping Pouncival. She thought of what had happened to him. When the other Jellicles had heard what happened, all the toms had been furious. Calsabon knew that they were planning some kind of attack against Macavity. She also knew they would get as badly hurt, if not more, as Pouncival. She couldn't let that happen. All of this was because of her. If she hadn't come, Pounce would never have gotten hurt. She knew she had to leave, to protect Pounce and all her friends. She gave him a final kiss, and silently slipped out of the Junkyard.

A few days later, all the cats were looking for Calsabon. She had been gone since Pouncival had gotten hurt, and everyone was worried. Pouncival was looking with Jemima near the back alleys, and they decided to split up.

"Calsabon! Caaaaalsabon!" Pounce yelled every few minutes. A figure ran into him from the side of the alley. "Calsabon!" He cried happily. "We've been looking all over for you! Come on, lets go back to Junkyard and-" He stopped when he saw the expression on her face. "Cal? Honey? What's wrong?"

She hissed at him. "Honey? You actually thought I loved you? God, you're gullible. Like I could love a small dishrag cat like you? Please. Get out of my way. Macavity's expecting me."

"Macavity? But, I thought-"

"I don't care what you thought. I said get out of my way!" With that she turned and ran away, so she didn't have to look at the confused pain on his face.


"Well, right on time. I saw some of your little kitten friends looking around here while you were gone. I had to do something about that." Macavity hissed, snarling at her.

"No! You promised! You promised if I worked for you, you wouldn't hurt them. You promised." Calsabon said pleadingly, with tears in her eyes.

"I did, didn't I? Well, I'll have to keep my promise then." He said, with a cruel smile. "I just sent some of my rats to chase them away. They're not hurt."

"Thank you" Calsabon whispered.

"Now get out of here! Leave me alone."

"Yes." She ran out, and threw herself onto her pillow, and looked out the window. Now and then she could catch glimpses of Pouncival's retreating back. She closed her eyes, and cried.

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