A Lesson Through Friends

A Lesson Through Friends

By: Victoria

Cassandra walked through the junkyard. She had goten the impression yet again that some of the other cats didn't like her. The queens, she had always thought were jealous. But now the toms also were not paying much attenion to her. Maybe she was to much of a flirt. Everyone's second choice. Or third.....she just coudn't figure it out. She had expected to see Mistoffelees looking up into the stars, perhaps mumbling something, but more likly just thinking. But he wasn't there today. In the place where he usally was, was the tiny kitten Jemima.. On this horribly quiet night Jemima seemed to be talking to someone....


Jemima spoke in whispers.

"Vicki......you are one of my best friends. But you just can't stay here any longer." "But...."

"She's right you know!" Added Etcetra. "You aren't a kitten."

Victoria nodded.

This little "club" where she and all the other kittens except Rumpelteazer would sit around and really talk about nothing was too childish for her she knew. But she loved it! She loved being with her friends. she loved talking about Bombalurina'a latest date, and she loved expressing her opinions and passing the word through the junkyard.....she even love causing trouble. "I....I'm still a kitten....why do I have to go?"

Electra shook her head.

"Vicki......you're practicly an adult!"

Jemima glared at Electra. "Don't exaggerate. 'teen' is much more...correct." Jemima turned to Victoria "We have been through a lot together! Remember? 'Plan Glamour Shots?' You and me...with no one to help us...convinced the whole tribe to bring Grizabella back. And it worked better then we thought! We sent her to the Heavyside Layer!" She paused. "What I'm trying to say, is just because you're a little old for this doesn't mean you aren't still our friend."

Mews of approval came from Etcetra and Electra.

The others could tell Victoria was not convinced.

"You don't even really like TUGGER anymore...." Etcetra added "You're to mature now! You would have more fun with the other teens....Demeter, Mungojerrie, Mistoffelees, Alonzo,........."

"So what if I don't like TUGGER! Tugger is.....not me....and maybe I like someone else..someone..more...ME!" She finally gave the rest of them hugs. She understood now. She left..


Victoria ran into Cassandra. "Oops....sorry...." she mewed an apology, but Cassandra stoped her. "Who is he?" Cassandra purred with a grin.

"Who-who is who?" Victoria studdered

"This guy who is 'more you'"

Victoria rolled her eyes, "Listening in agian, were we Cassandra..."

Cassandra grinned "Maybe......Now tell me! Don't you trust me?"

"Honestly..." Victoria started. "No I don't"

This made Cassandra feel awful about that. It showed just what she was thinking. Victoria saw the sad look on her face. She added quickly, "I don't even trust Jemima with it:"

Chapter 2

Cassandra sighed and nodded. She understood. She herself was a very secretive cat. Another secret in the world was OK, even if she didn't know it. What she didn't understand was why Victoria was so secretive about toms. That would be something she would want to share with the world! Not keep it locked up inside.

"Victoria...." Cassandra began "You don't have to tell me. But I want to tell you something,"

Victoria nodded. "Go on Cassandra...I'm listening."

Cassandra looked Victoria in the eyes and said "some secrets are like kites. If you keep them inside, they don't go any where. If you let them out, they can soar to the skies,"

"......or....," Victoria continued her thought "They can get cought and be ruined forever."

Cassandra was stunned that she cought on...just like that.

"And, Cassandra, I don't want this secret to be ruined. I want it to stay perfect always. Even if that means maybe it won't go as high as it might" Victoria smiled.

Cassandra understood perfectly well. As a matter a fact, Victoria had changed her point of view...but just a little.

"Come on Victoria. If you aren't going to be around kittens all your life, you can be with me. I think you and me could be good friends. Right?" Cassandra smiled back at her.

"Would you? I'm getting this feeling of abandinment, and being with a friend may just change that," Victoria was truly happy.

The word friend played in Cassandra's ears over and over. Maybe she wasn't alone after all.

So the pair walked off, talking to one another about this and that. They walked intill they passed Munkustrap. She walked like an egyptian past the large grey tabby, giving him a little wink and a pleased growl.

Munkustrap smiled and winked back.

Victoria followed her friend and walked by Munkustrap with out giving more then a nod of respect. And he did the same in return.

After they were passed him, Victoria spead up so she could talk to Cassandra with out anyone hearing.

"What was that?" She asked, clearly starteled.

"Just a little inisent flirting," Cassandra said "it's not hurting anyone!"

"Yeah...I guess it isn't," but there was a little hint of discust in her voice "But Munkustrap is the future leader of the tribe. If I would pick a cat to flirt with, it certainly wouldn't be Munkustrap,"

Cassandra turned to Victoria. She made it clear that she was interseted in what Victoria was saying.

"Go on Vicki. I'm interested in another point of view" she urged "I think we can learn a lot from each other."

And so, Victoria continued, "Munkustrap is someone repectable,"

Cassandra didn't quit understand. "So....you're saying that if someone is 'respectiable' you shouldn't flirt?"

"No," Victoria shook her head "No, I'm saying that he is a highly respected indivitual, and deserves your respect."

"Oh...." once again Victoria had changed Cassandra's point of view...just a little.

"Cassandra, I would like to explain myself more. This kind of stuff I wouldn't tell to just anyone, but I'm going to tell you this. You befriended me when I really needed it. So I'm going to let one kite loose, and I hope it flys like I want it to,"

Cassandra urged her on with a nod.

"OK," Victoria began. She took a deep breath and began. "Respect is something you have to earn. You earn it by showing it. Like I respect Munkustrap. He respects me. I have his trust. If I really needed something I could count on him, and he could count on me."

Cassandra listened carefully, giving a nod here and there.

"Munkustrap...I've noticed that he doesn't really have that much respect for you. He likes you, very much, but you aren't the kind of person I'm guessing he would trust."

Cassandra nodded one more time. She had never thought of it like that.

"I get it," she said "Some cats who don't show respect towards others don't get any respect either! Like Tugger! I know that I wouldn't trust him as a boyfriend...I would be wondering 'who is he cheating with now?' and stuff! And the same with Bombalurina! She isn't exactly he type I would want as a friend sometimes,"

Victoria nodded and smiled with a big smile on her face "Exactly! She may be liked, but not.."

"...not respected!" Cassandra finished.

Cassandra was right. She and Victoria would teach each other a lot. Together they were like a invincible force.

Cassandra had learned a lesson. And maybe she had figured out why she was everyone's second choice with the toms, and not well liked with the queens.

Victoria had learned a lesson. She had learned that if she kept her feelings bottled up, nothing would happen. Or it would ruin her mental health.

The two practicly needed each other.

Both coming to the realazation, there was a silence. Then Victoria started singing "I'm about to give you....allllllll of my money"

Cassandra grined "But guess what....I want in return honey!"

And so they both got up and sang "Respect" having the time of their lives.

Chapter 3

After that, Victoria and Cassandra remained good friends. They were different, and yet so alike.

They would turn to each other for advise. Everything they said to each other were what they would call "kites" and the person they told it to would be "a wind". They would never tell anyone else.

With help from Victoria, Cassandra made more friends. And she was asked out by Carbuckity. And she didn't even bite for it. The other toms seemed to be more comfortable around her as well.

With Cassandra's help, Victoria was regaining her self confedence. She wasn't always quit. She wasn't afraid to share her feelings with others. She stayed close to the kittens and made new friends with the older cats.

Victoria was getting a tan on the Old Ford, and was half asleep when Cassandra came franticly looked for her.

"Vicki! I'm so glad I found you! We need to talk! I have a kite....WAKE UP!"

Victoria rolled over and blinked twice.

"What? OK, I'm here. A kite? OK." she sat up. "What is it, Cassandra"

"I just wanted to thank you Victoria. Your advise has worked! I haven't been so down right flirty with everyone. But I have tried to show that was interested in a 'more respectful' way. And I tried it on my current crush. Carbuckity! And it worked! He asked ME out! Oh Vicki, thank you! Thank you!" Cassandra's eyes were watering.

She ran up and gave Victoria a big hug. Victoria's eyes started to water too.

"I'm glad for you!" she said "I really am!"

Cassandra smiled. A friend like Victoria was a hard find.

"Carbuckity, 'ey? Well I'll admit....he's cute!" Victoria giggeled. So did Cassandra.

"Yes he is. He also seems to be a really nice guy. I'll tell you how our date goes. It's the day after tommorow. He's taking me into town." Cassandra grined.

"Town? Sounds like fun!" she played with her tail. "I kind of wish....well that I had been more sucsessful. I still feel like..I don't know, I'm going no where!"

Cassandra frowened. She could tell Victoria was thinking of something, but she wasn't sure what.

"Are you busy today? Us two can go have a time, if you want," Cassandra offered hopefully.

Victoria grinned "Sure! I'm not busy at all. I was just laying here, hoping to get a tan," she looked at her white fur "but I'm thinking I'm trying to defy the laws of science!"

Both cats laughed.

Victoria jumped off the car. The two debated over where they would go. Victoria wanted to go on some sort of adventure, and have some fun. Cassandra wanted to just keep walking, and talk. They ended up with a little of both.

Cassandra nd Victoria walked on, and they walked until they reached a dangerour area. But they were to bust talking and giggling to notice.

They had reached the place where the banished cats sometimes were. They would stay on the very edge of the Jellicle Tribe's territory. Hoping to someday be re-excepted.

This place was also dangerous because many of Macavity's rat hintch men roamed the place, trying to get new ideas for an evil plot for Macavity.

Cassandra froze. Victoria bummed into her.

"What is it?" Victoria asked rubbing her nose.

"I...I...I don't know!' Cassandra exclaimed and looked around. "Where....are....we?"

Victoria looked around. She didn't remember this place. "Cassandra," she said quitly, "I don't know..."

Suddenly Cassandra jumped. "What was that?"


A large rat darted across the clearing.

This time both cats jumped. They looked around for a place to hide, but instead of the pipes and cars and large peices of trash that could be usually found in the Jellicle junk yard, they could only see paper and food scraps.

They heard some insane laughter, but they couldn't tell where it was coming from. It echoed from one part of the clearing to another. Back and forth, back and forth.

"MACAVITY!" both cats screamed. They jumped down and hid there heads.


In another part of the junk yard, some Toms were just sitting around.

Alonzo mentioned "Have you noticed latly that Cassandra hasn't been so...well....like she normaly is? I'm starting to really like her better!"

Mistoffelees nodded.

Coricopat added "I heard she a Carbuckity were going out on a date the day after tommorow. "

Mistoffelees showed intrest. "Where did you hear that?"

Coricopat grinned. "I saw it..."

Mistoffelees smiled lopsidedly. "Figures"

Alonzo laughed at the two. "I can never figure out what you two are talking about!"

"And speaking of visions," Coricopat said worried, "I'm having a feeling Victoria and Cassandra are in trouble."

Mistoffelees too said he felt like something was wrong.

The three of them got up, and went off trying to find Cassandra and Victoria.


Munkustrap was certanly starteled by the three toms running by him. "Wait! Hold up! What's all the rush?"

Alonzo turned to the grey tabby "It's Misto and Cori. They think Victoria and Cassandra are in trouble. We are going off to find them!"

Mukustraps face turned concerned. "I'm coming too."

"Good to have you abboard!" Coricopat said as he ran ahead.

"Over there!" Mistoffelees said pointing. "I think they went this way!"

Munkustrap stoped. "I certainly hope not! They really could be in grave danger."

Mistoffelees made it clear that he wasn't afraid. "I'm going! I'm not afraid! If they are in trouble, I'm bringing them..out of trouble!"

Mistoffelees usally hidden bravery surprised Alonzo and Coricopat.

Alonzo raised an eye brow. "Are you sure you don't want us to come with you?"

Mistoffelees nodded with certainty. "If you were to go, I'm afraid that you might get caught to. If I'm caught, I can at least let you know somehow...."

"I understand," Munkustrap said, "it's a very wise plan.

The other three urged Mistoffelees to hurry. Mostly for fear that something might be wrong already.

Mistoffelees spark of bravery was starting to vanish, so he went quick. He disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


A few rats surrounded the two queens each snickering with delight.

"I found them," bragged a rat by the name of Bulateious. "I should get the honor of showing them to Sire Macavity."

The other rats started to argue.

Cassandra shuddered. "You were right" she whispered, "they are some of Macavity's thugs"

A tear dropped from Victoria's eye. "Well.....I guess this is it. We're going to be turned into slaves by Macavity....and there is no one here to save us!"

Cassandra didn't cry. She wasn't about to let those rats know she was afraid.

The rats bickering suddenly stopped. And a new set or footprints was heard. They were firm and large. They belonged to Macavity; The Mystery Cat.

"Well....what have we have here..." he gave one of his famous snickers. "Two new queens fresh for the taking."

He turned to the rats. "Bug off. The rest of you! Now!" The rats scurried away. Cassandra and Victoria were left alone by the monster.

"Look up!" he instructed. Nervously, Victoria and Cassandra lifted their heads.

Macavity studied their faces. He growled in satisfaction when he saw that their were tears in one of their eyes. He growled when he saw that their weren't any tears in the other.

"I've found some pretty ones!" he said showing his teeth in a sinister fit of laughter.

He backed them into a wall. There would be no way he would let these escape.

"Come with me!" he yanked Victoria's arm and dragged her to follow. With his other free hand, he grabed Cassandra's foot.

He dragged them off to a cave that Victoria and Cassandra had never seen before. It was made for that perpus.

Macavity started questioning the two as he had one of his rats tie them up.

"Why are you here!" he asked with a growl.

"We are here because we wanted to be!" Cassandra yelled. She was trying her best to hide her fear. She knew thats what Macavity really wanted to see.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE!!" Macavity roared, "You two....you are Jellicles aren't you?" when they didn't answer he screeched "AREN'T YOU?"

"Y-y-yes...." Victoria said, barley above a whisper.

"So thats it! Munkustrap has sent you to spy on me!" Macvity roared. He had evey intention of killing them right then. His better half took over, and he decited he would keep them as slaves.

"We weren't sent to spy on you!" Cassandra said firmly. "Me and my friend were just taking a walk. We didn't even know you were here!"

Macavity pretended to be unconvenced. "I will still have to kill you. Because NOW you KNOW! And you will go tell the others....no...you may never go back!" his laughter filled the cave.


Mistoffelees appeared just in time to see Macavity drag Victoria and Cassandra off.

With out saying a word, he shadow walked, following then un-noticed.

When he got to the cave, he leaned up against the wall, and listened to what was going on.

He had to think of something, and quick! It sounded like Macavity was going to kill them!


This brought Cassandra to tears as well. She didn't want to die! She had a date the day after tommorow She wanted to go home! She needed to go home!

Seeing the somewhat braver cat cry pleased Macavity.

"Please....sir...don't kill us!" Victoria pleaded, "Please!"

"You are the only ones who know about this place! If I let you go....that will change!" his fur puffed making him look even more intimidating then he really was. "You...are going....to have to die!"

The tip of his claw drew near to Victoria's throat.

"Please!" Victoria cried "Anything....we are still young and..." she cried harder. There was no way she could finish that sentance.

Macvity's evil eyes flared. "You'll never go back! If you want to live....you'll have to be my slaves!" he laughed and laughed. He must have thought his evil joke was a real riot.

While he was doubled-pver laughing at his evil good fortune, a blue bolt of lightning surged through the air, scortching Macavity's hair.

When a surprised Macavity turned around, and Victoria looked up with tears in her eyes they saw Mistoffelees silloutte.

"So it's you!!" Macavity hissed "Why do you always have to ruin my plans! WHY DON'T YOU DISAPPEAR!"

And so he did. Reappearing behind Victoria and Cassandra.

Macavity roared louder when he saw it was indeed Mistoffelees. That same cat that seemed to always clean up his evil messes.

Still without saying a word, Mistoffelees kept an eye on Macavity as one hand un-noticed un tied Cassandra's rope.

Macavity walked slowly closer. And closer. He had murder in his eyes. "I'm going to make you disappear....for good!" he hissed.

Not letting his gaze move from Macavity, Mistoffelees silently untied Victoria too. Un-known to Macavity, his two prisoners were free.

"Look at you! Hiding behind two QUEENS! what kind of tom are you! Fight like a man!" Macavity said swinging a paw.

Not a single word had left Mistoffelees' lips. he put one hand on Victoria's shoulder. He lefted the other. He pointed at Macavity. he pretended to be surprised when nothing happened.

Macavity snickered. "Your magic isn't working, kitten" Mistoffelees flinched when he was called a kitten.

The paw on her shoulder helped Victoria's bravery. Cassandra too felt that Misto was here, and would save them.

Cassandra stood up tall. She made it clear that she was going to stand up to him, and would fight for Mistoffelees and Victoria's life.

Victoria did the same. The three cats were stareing at Macavity, when Macavity lunged at Mistoffelees.

Just at the right second, a bolt of blue lightning shot from Mistoffelees finger onto the ceiling above. Just before he was barried in rumble....Macavity's not there.

Mistoffelees pushed gently on Victoria's shoulder telling her and Cassandra to run. As soon as they were safe out of the cave, Mistoffelees himself ran after them

They all ran and ran intill they reached Munkustrap and the others waiting.

"We sure got your adventure!" Cassandra said sarcasticly.

Victoria turned to Mistoffelees. "Thank you." she gave hima big hug.

Mistoffelees wasn't expecting this, but he enjoyed it very much.

"It was really nothing," he whispered in her ear "anything for you"


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