Catheisme's Debut

Catheisme's Debut

By: Misto

The night was quiet. Victoria was asleep in her owner's window seal (Much to the delight of her suitors). They watched her sleep until they slept themselves.


Suddenly, an ear piercing screech broke the peace. The Jellicles in the junkyard heard it, and it wasn't even from the junkyard.

The scream came from an alley North East of the junkyard. From a skinny, frail, rather dirty young cat named Catheisme.

Her ears were pinned back, her needle like teeth bared. Her claws were out. Pure terror shown through her greenish blue eyes.

She suddenly broke into a run, kicking up mud and panting hard as a large dog chased her at her heels.

The chase lasted for what seemed like hours, but was probably no more then 10 minutes.

She let out another ear piercing scream when she found herself backed up against a wall. She covered her eyes with her arm.

The dog stooped running. He slowly stalked closer to the kitten.

"You've run far enough, kittie." the dog snareled.

Catheisme panted, and tried to keep from crying.

"We took you in, kitty. Fran took care of ya! And how do you repay us, you strange alley cat?!? You refuse to work for us! You run off and just LEAVE us!" he growled.

Catheisme finally choked out "I don't do no dirty work."

The dog roared "You have to. We took you in! We could use a cat like you! We WILL use a cat like you!"

With her face to the fence she whimpered; "I shouldn't even mix with the likes of you." She knew what she said had probably seeled her fate.

It would have. The dog lunged at the shivering kitten, and just before he was right on top of her, a large main coon appeared out of no where, and landed on the dog's back, scaring it so much that it ran off, almost completly forgetting Catheisme all together.

Catheisme opened her eyes. She wasn't dead. What happened?

Then she saw him. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He had a tuft of hair that resembled a lion's mane. He was still looking in the direction the dog ran off to. Catheisme remained quiet.

Finally, the tom turned around. Relief filled his eyes when he saw Catheisme staring back at him.

His first reaction was her stunning beauty. She was white with large orangy-brown sopts with yellow rings around them. She was un-like any queen Tugger had ever laid eyes on. But still, she reminded him of someone. He couldn't truthfully say who.

He approached her. "You OK, Kid?"

Catheisme nodded.

"I'm the Rum Tum Tugger." he continued "But you can call me Tugger, or any little nickname your heart desires, dollface." he smiled.

She looked up. "I'm....C-Catheisme."

She sat up straight. "How did you find me?!?" Tugger shrugged. "I was curious. I heard a scream. And I had nothing better to do then to check it out."

She suddenly gave him a big hug, and cried in his arms. "Oh Thank you! Thank you, sir! Thank you so much!"

Tugger let her sob for a bit, but he soon got bored, so he stated "It can't be that bad can it?" there came no answer. She continued to cry.

By this time day was breaking The Jellicles were awakening in the junkyard and their homes.

Tugger took Catheismes paw. "Come on. I'm taking you to my Jellicle home."


Meanwhile, Victoria was sitting on an old pillow, talking to a few toms. She was telling them about her past.

"So you and your two sisters and brother were just left there to fend for yourself? Wow!" Poucival exclaimed.

Victoria smiled. "Yes. I saw my own little sister who-I-didn't-even-know-her-name sneak off....somewhere. And my brother disappeared. I actually later found his body. My older sister and I stayed close, but then she was hit by a car..." she paused dramadicly. "But I was lucky. My owner found me, and took me in. She treated me like a queen. She gave me this." She displayed her beautiful diamond collar.

Asparagus scoffed "She's exagerating."

Victoria glared at him. "I am not! My younger sister...I never found her. She's still out there somewhere."

"Yeah." Tumblebrutus laughed. "Sure, Vickie."

"I bet her entire family went to huge mansions and palaces, just like her." Asparagus snickered.

"Hey, leave her alone." Pouncival groaned. "She could be telling the truth..."

Just then, they were interupted by a crash. All four cats turned around to see Rumpelteazer. "Hiya's!" she said "Oh Vicki! Gald ta see ya here! I just need ta tell ya, Jemima's lookin' for ya, and ta watch your back, 'cos I heard me brother talkin' to Misto, and your name came up."

Victoria grinned. "Ok. I'll remember that. Do you know where I might find Jemima?"

Rumpelteazer shrugged.

"Then I'll have to find her." Victoria got up, and wandered around the junkyard. She finally saw Jemima, half asleep in the fresh Spring flowers.

"Jemima?" Victoria said, kicking the smaller kitten softly. Jemima sat up.

"Victoria!" she squealed. "You're all right!"

Victoria looked at her funny. "Well, why wouldn't I be?"

"I thought I heard you scream last night."

Victoria shriggued. "That wasn't me.i heard the screams too. I think Tuggs went to go check it out/"

Jemima was relieved. "It sounded like the time when Alonzo pushed you in the mud."

Both kittens giggled.


In another part of the junkyard, Jellylorum and Jennyanydots were involved in their sewing, and an interesting conversation.

The peace was once again broken, this time by Tugger.

"Jelly! Jenny! I need your help."the Tom said, in almsot a panic.

They looked up from their sewing and saw the young cat sliging to Tugger's side. Normally, it would be a normal thing to see a queen cliging to Tugger's side, but they had never seen this one before. And they could see fear in her eyes.

"This is Catheisme," Tugger said. "I found her with a dog on her tail. She needs a home....and some friends."

Jellylorum held Catheisme's paw reassuringly. "Don't worry," she purred. "I'll teach you what you need to know. And Jennyanydots too." she jestured to Jen. "I'm Jellylorum."

Catheisme smiled a little.

"Let's see.." Jennyanydots began to plan allready "We'll talk to Munkustrap about a home. Friends? Victoria is about her age...and she can introduce her to the other kittens and young teens..."

She smiled warmly at Catheisme. "We'll have to get you some Jellicles to show you around, if you are to become one of us.

Jellylorum nodded. "How about Demeter and Bomb? Bomb can take her to Munkustrap, and Demeter will know where Victoria is."

Tugger interupted. "Whatabout Old Deut?"

Jenny smiled. "Ah yes. We'll have to have Mistoffelees take you to see the Jellicle leader afterwords."

"Tugger?" Jenny instucted. "Take her to Bombaulrina."

Tugger grinned. "What makes you think I know where she is?" and then walked off. Catheisme followed him.

Before long, a large red cat creaped from behind an old rocking chair.

"Well hello there, curious beast." she purred.

It shocked Catheisme how she rubbed up agianst Tugger. It seemed to her to be almost perverted.

Then she smiled. When the cat got to close to Tugger, Tugger grinned, and pushed her in the mud. And before she could make anymore advances to him, he walkd off laughing, leaving Catheisme with the red cat. She was certainly big enough to be an adult, but she acted more like a kitten who had watched one to many soap operas.

She got up, and looked back at Catheisme.

"Hi." she half snarled as she whiped the mud off herself. "my name is Bombalurina."

So this was Bombalurina. Far from what she expected.

"So, what do you need?" she said, looking down at Catheisme.

"Um...Jennyanydots said you could take me" the kitten stuttered.

A flush of pink appeared in Bomb's cheeks. "Yeah.." she sighed. "I know where he is."

Her flirty nature seemed to disappear at that tom's name. Maybe he was mean or something.

Without another word, Bomb got up. She walked towards the Old Ford.

Soon, a grey cat and a siamese came into view. Bomb stopped.

"There he is." she pointed. And then walked off before anyone could stop her.


A few minutes later, Cassandra returned with Demeter. Demeter smiled at the younger cat "What can I help you with?" This cat seemed calmer and sweeter than any queen Catheisme had met so far. She resembled Bombalurina, except she was shorter, younger, and her smile was more honest and soft. She was yellow and black, not red. But she did have then same kind of spiked collar. Catheisme wondered if it was another flirt.

Catheisme looked at her paws. "I'm supposed to meet the other kittens." She looked up at Demeter's smiling face. "Jell...Jellylorum said you might know where Victoria was."

Demeter laughed. "She's probably somewhere followed by toms. She's at that age, you know." she laughed again.

Catheisme grinned. "What age?" she said sweetly.

Demeter poked Catheisme. "In between...kitten and teen. Like you."

Catheisme nodded " she at that age? I was wondering if she was just really tall..."

Demeter almost passed out laughing. "Bomb is my best friend! She's a full bloody adult!"

Catheisme grinned a little. "She doesn't quiet act like it."

Demeter nodded. "I know. Sometimes I'm just embarrest by her. She can't stick to one guy. Not like me. My heart belongs to Mungojerrie." For the first time since she was a tiny kitten, she was talking to someone and felt comfortable about it. Not one bit nervous. She hoped she and Demeter would be good friends.

"Mungojerrie?" Catheisme remembered hearing that name. "I'm going to be living with Mungojerrie and his mate for a while..." she continued.

Demeter stopped dead in her tracks. "Living with Mungo? Mate?" Demeter looked shocked. "Who's Mungo's mate?"

Catheisme shrugged. "I think it's some queen named Rumpelteazer."

Demeter sighed in relief. Then she giggled. "Teazer is Mungo's little sister." she grinned. "I wish I could live with Mungo..." a pause " mate."

Catheisme turned red, and smothered a giggle. She knew she had said the wrong thing.

"What makes YOU the lucky one?" Demeter teased and pushed her. "I donno." Catheisme answered. Demeter smiled. Just then, the two heard a giggle. Their heads moved toward an old mattress. They heard someone whisper....


"Shhhhhh! Quiet Etcetra!" and then "This isn't funny. I bet it's just a rumor."

"Oh, yeah, sure, and I don't like Tugger..."

Demeter winked at Catheisme. Then she stomped her foot on the ground. Four heads appeared peeking over the mattress.... The heads of course belonged to Jemima, Etcetra, Electra, and Victoria. Demeter quickly introduced Catheisme to them. Demeter then waved good-bye, and went off to find Mungo, or Bombalurina.

"Great!" cried Etcetra, "Let's EAT!"

Electra grinned. "Look what Rumpelteazer snagged for us!" she dropped at their feet 5 Big Mac MealsŪ. All the kittens yelled in joy. Catheisme grabbed one bag. She finished all it's contents. Then she grabbed another....and another.....

The rest of the kittens watched with their jaws hanging down, and wide eyed. Victoria managed to mutter, "Have you ever seen someone eat like that?" This was how the world discovered Catheisme's love for food. Maybe it was because she never got enough to eat for the whole early part of her life. Or maybe she just loves food. Catheisme wiped her face, and grinned.

The rest of the kittens giggles. Jemima placed her paw on Catheisme's back. "Welcome to the club." The kittens sat around, wondering what to do. Just then, Tugger's amrs darted out from behind some junk, and grabbed Victoria. Victoria screamed, but his hands quickly covered her mouth. Tugger jumped out of the junk, still holding the almost-fainted Victoria in his arms.

"Well, well, well." He purred. "If it isn't my favorite kittens"

Etcetra squealed "Oh, Tuggs, you think we're your favorite?" she swooned.

Electra rubbed up against him, trying her best to be like Bombalurina, and she looked kind of silly trying. Jemima jumped on his back.

Tugger dropped Victoria, and she got up, brushed her self off, and stood next to Catheisme. Victoria and Catheisme grinned. Tugger turned around, trying to knock Jemima off. His jaw dropped. "Oh dear god! Their's two of them!"

Victoria and Catheisme looked at each other. Then both said at the same time "What?" The others noticed the same thing. They watched in complete surprise and shock. They were the same height. They were both about the sameage. Both white, with the exception of Catheisme's spots. They had the same shape face, hair cut, and tail length. The same grin plastered upon their faces. "What?" they both said again.

They looked at each other, and then back at the other cats. From Jemima's point of view, it was like watching Victoria looking into a mirror. And the again, in unison, "Two of who?"

Tugger now knew who Catheisme reminded him of! Victoria, of course! It was un-canny! No one said anything.

The Jemima broke the silence "So....Cathy....where ya from?"

Catheisme gazed at the sky. She quickly mumbled her story.

Victoria shook her head. "No way. Thats amazing! That's what happened to.." Catheisme was suddenly looking a lot like her little sister that ran off so long ago....

Catheisme was realizing the same thing. Victoria was like one of her older sisters. She remembered the only pure white one....

"SISTERS!!!!!" Etcetra and Electra shouted. Jemima nodded energetically.

Tugger couldn't take it any more. He ran off screaming, "Victoria's got a CLONE!" to anyone he met.

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