Catheisme's Debut

Catheisme's Debut

By: Misto

Catheisme nervously walked over to the tom. She cleared her throat. The grey cat looked up from entertaining the siamese. He smiled when he saw her.

"Hello. I'm Munkustrap. Are you new here? How may I help you?"

Catheisme blushed. This cat wasn't mean. His smile warmed her. "Bomb sent me to you, so you could help me find a home. And then you are supposed to take me to Demeter."

"Bomb...." Munkustrap's reaction was very similar to Bombalurina's. He sighed. "OK. Let's get to work."

He motioned to the siamese. "This is Cassandra. She is the of my life." Cassandra smiled. Munkustrap thought for a minute. "Are you a stray?"

Catheisme nodded.

"All your life?"

Catheisme thought about this. "As far back as I can remember, sir."

Munkustrap tilted his head to the side. "as far back as you could remember? Could you explain?"

Catheisme sighed. "When I was a new born kitten...I had two sisters, and a brother. I was the first to run off. I left my two older sisters and brother behind. I don't know where they are. Then a dog...named...Fran..." it almost brought her to tears to think of her cruel but caring mother, but she continued, "...took mein...and....then she and the other dog's in the pack would....get me to do their work..and...and..."

Munkustrap saw she was about to burst into tears. He gave her a hug, and told her that she didn't have to go on if she didn't want to.

Cassandra raised an eyebrow. She whispered in Munk's ear; "Munky. That's the same story Tumble told me Victoria told him."

Munkustrap heard her, but thought it was nonsense, so didn't respond. He turned back to Catheisme. "Well, I think you could find a temporary home with Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer at Victoria Grove."

Cassandra nodded. "I'll get Demeter," she slinked off, and gave Munkustrap a little wink.


Catheisme and Victoria felt like they had knew they were sisters all their lives, and had never been seporated. It was clear they were to be very close.

"So..." Electra said. "Where do you go to next?"

Catheisme stopped to think for a minute. "Mistoffelees is supposed to take me to Old.....Old....Old Something."

Victoria smiled. "I want to come too."

Jemima giggled, "Do you plan to walk?"

Catheisme tilted her head to the side. "Do I have a choice?"

"Sure!" Electra joined in. "You can fly, or float, or avaporate, or translate, or mutate, or transport, or.."

"WHA???" Catheisme looked like she was about to burst out laughing.

"He's a magical cat," her sister said, with a grin on her face. "....but I'm comeing too," she restated.

"So how do we find this guy?" Catheisme inquired. She pictures a tall, muscular, handsome cat. Ready to make roses appear for a queen. With a charming smile, and an impressive personality.

"You just have to call!" all the kittens said at the same time.

Catheisme shrugged. "Mistoffelees?"

Jemima shook her head. "More like this. MISTOFFELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!" ANd their was a puff of smoke.

Catheisme couldn't wait to see this boy wonder! When the smoke cleared, she saw a tom a little shorter than herself. He was extremly skinny. He had spectacular blue eyes, though. He was all black except for the patches of white on his chest, face, and three of his paws, as well as at the end of his tail.

Mistoffelees bowed before the kittens, and then a smiled. Well it WAS a VERY charming smile. When he saw the new kitten, he decided to show off a little, and so his light up jacket went mad in pretty colors and flashes. Catheisme noticed how quiet he was. He only smiled, and gestured.

"Does he talk?" Catheisme whispered to Electra

Electra nodded, "Sure does. Not that often though,"

Mistoffelees didn't notice any of the whispering. He was too busy entertaining Victoria by trying hard to produce a rose, and finally suceeding.

"Misto." Jemima said. Mistoffelees turned to face her. "this is Catheisme. She needs you to take her to Old Deuteronemy,:

"...And I'm coming too." Victoria stated yet again. Mistoffelees nodded. He grabbed Victoria's paw, and nodded his head to Catheisme.

Catheisme noticed that almost the whole way, Misto didn't say anything at all. And all most the same time, he was by Victoria's side, or clearing the path for her, or just plain being really nice to the both of them.

Catheisme whispered into Victoria's ear, "He sure is nice. Who is he?" Victoria blushed. "Potenial mate."

Potential mate? He wasn't the sort Catheisme would choose. She wanted someone tall and handsome, and muscular, and a guy who she could talk to. She smiled at her sister though. She seemed to enjoy his company.

Catheisme tapped him on the shoulder. he turned around.

" are we going to see?"

Mistoffelees stopped walking, and spoke for the first time. "Old Deuteronamy." His voice was youthful and sincere, yet serious.

"He's the Jellicle leader." Victoria explained. Mistoffelees nodded.

"Oh, Misto, I almost forgot!" Victoria jestured toward Catheisme. "This is my sister. We've finally found each other"

Mistoffelees almost stopped breathingHe turned to Catheisme, and gave her a very respectible bow. "I wish I would have known." he murmured And then smiled at Victoria. "I didn't know such magic could be duplicated! Victoria blushed.

"Ah, how sweet!" Catheisme said.

And when he turned away, she pointed to him, and mouthed to Victoria, "This one!"

They walked for a while intill they reached Old Deuteronamy. Mistoffelees greeted the Jelicle leader, and then turned back to Catheisme. "I hope to see you again soon!" n then he vanished. Victoria introduced Catheisme to Old D. 'Old Deuteronamy? This is my sister, Catheisme."

The leader smiled. "Welcome Catheisme."

Victoria looked up with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. "Can she be a Jellicle? Can she? She already has some friends...."

Old D cut her off "Your sister is of course welcome here." he smiled warmly.

"YES!" both cats shouted, and gave their sisters high fives.

Just then, they heard laughter. Victoria and Catheisme ran towards the sound, and in the clearing they saw Mistoffelees and Mungojerrie.

Mistoffelees was laughing so hard he could hardly stand. Mingojerrie was impersonating Tugger while singing "Mr. Mistoffelees" at the same time.

"HEY!" Catheisme shouted, "Who is that, Vic?"

"That," Victoria answered " Mungojerrie." He's Misto's best friend, and Demeter's mate." Catheisme nodded.

Then Mungojerrie looked up and saw them watching. He poked Mistoffelees. "Look 'o it is!" he waved to Catheisme. "Ah' ya ready to go to Victoria grove?"

Catheisme simled. "Sure!" she shouted back. It was s wonderful to be a Jellicle when all her life she had been afraid. She wasn't afraid anymore

End of Part I

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