Catheisme The Jellicle

Catheisme The Jellicle

By: Misto

Authors note- This is a sequel to "Catheisme's Debut", and this one proves to be a bit more interesting. This is part two in the three part series..

Catheisme had changed very much since The Rum Tum Tugger had saved her life. She wasn't at all shy, shy loved food, and she was as hyper as Etcetra.. or worse. She loved her life as a Jellicle Cat, even though she had never had people, or known her real family, she now had her sister,

Victoria. Also, the tribe treated her like she had been there all her life. She lived now at Victoria Grove with Mungojerrie and his sister, Rumpelteazer.

~*~Victoria Grove~*~

"Get up, Cathy!" Rumpelteazer said, shaking Catheisme to wake her.

Catheisme groaned as she woke up. She yawned. "You know I despise that nickname, Teazer."

Rumpelteazer giggled. "CATHY CATHY CATHY!!"

"Leave 'er alone, Teaza!" Mungojerrie said, as he entered the room. "We've got work to do. And so does Catheisme." he made a point to use her right name.

"Aw, whot does she have ta do?"

"'Er sis is outside." Mungojerrie answered.

"FINE!" Rumpelteazer said, "Let's go. I wanna break some vases!"

"Victoria?" Catheisme sleepily walked over to ther little cat flap, and poked her head out.

Victoria was standing there, with her paws behind her back, and biting her lip. She was obviously worried about something.

"What's wrong, Vic?" Catheisme asked her. Just then, Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer came bursting through the the cat flap, pushing Catheisme outside, and pushing Victoria into the mud.

Victoria got up, and brushed her self off. "What the problem is.." she looked at the sky for a moment. "What the problem is is that I found out why Munkustrap has been a little angry with me since The Jellicle Ball."

Catheisme walked over to her. "Oh really? Why?"

Victoria groaned. "He didn't like how I changed my mind about Plato at the last minute."

"Oh." Catheisme said simply.

"He says I'm quit old enough to have a mate, and that there are several toms who would gladly have me, but I don't want them! He tells me I need to chose a mate soon... "

Catheisme shrugged. "Well, Munk is right. You've got choices.. there's Alonzo.."

"He likes Jemima"

Catheisme rolled her eyes. "He likes you too. And what WAS wrong with Plato?"

"He's too perverted for my taste. I mean, that was our first date."

"Oh come on, you enjoyed it, don't lie. Admetus.."

Victoria shut up, and listened to her sister, but continued to make faces as she said every toms name.

"Jonathan. Now there's a hot tom! George, Tuggs, Tumbelbrutus, Pouncival, Quaxo.." she puased. "And MISTOFFELEES."

Victoria glared at her sister, and struggled to find an excuse. "He's a... a... um.."

"Ah, come on, I know he's your favorite. There. Problem solved. You chose Mistoffelees, and you'll be happy, Misto will be happy, Munkustrap will be happy, and I'LL be happy because I will get some sleep. Now, I would like to go back to sleep NOW. Oh, but better yet, you can treat me to breakfast. Let's go."

~*~ Catheisme's part of the Junkyard~*~

"... And a jumbo jack, Big Mac, Milk Shake, extra large fries.. no, make it BIGGIE fries, tuna, toast, Lucky Charms..." Catheisme chattered.

"You think that's enough for lunch?" Victoria said sarcastically.

"NO!" Catheisme answered, quit honestly, in fact.

Victoria laughed.

"Well, what are we gonna eat."


Catheisme groaned "They ought to fees us something with a little more pizzaz."

Victoria stopped. "Wait a minute.. why are we talking about lunch? We just finished Breakfast!"

Pouncival laughed. The two jumped. Pouncival flipped out of the barrel he had been hiding in.

"Oh, it's just you, Pouncy." Catheisme sighed.

"Hey Cathy!"


"Hey Vickie. Fancy meeting you here!"

Victoria shook her head.

'The word must have gotten out. Let teh flirting began..." she thought to herself.

~*~Near The Old Ford~*~

Demeter nervously sat there.

"Relax." Bombalurina said. "Just relax."

Demeter caulked an ear.

"What is your problem?" Bombalurina asked her.

"I sense something."

"Macavity?" Bombalurina said, biting her lip.

"I donno." Demeter answered.

"You're getting even better, my dear" an evil voice said out of no where. "MACAVITY!" Demeter screamed.

Just then a ginger paw took a swipe, knocking Demeter out

"Oh, leave her ALONE, Macavity!" Bombalurina whimpered.

"Don't worry. You aren't the one I'm after... THIS time."

He gave her a sharp kick in the head, and she fell to the ground next to her best friend.

~*~At The Antique Shop~*~

"DEMETER!!!" Mungojerrie yelled, hearing her shout. "DID YA 'EAR THA' TEAZA??"

Rumpelteazer nodded. "Macavity's back! Good thing Demeter can screan loud!"

"Let's go!" Mungojerrie said, and they ran out the door towards the Old Ford.

"Oh no!" Mungojerrie said when they saw Bombalurina and Demeter laying there on the ground. Mungojerrie sniffed. " 'E wasn't after them." Mungojerrie said with certainty, because he knew Macavity's style. "Someone's life is in danger, Teaza."

Rumpelteazr bit her lip, and nodded.

~*~The Tire~*~*

"All right.." Macavity hissed to his band of rats. "There are five on your hit list- the Jellicle kittens."

"One is all white. She should be easy to spot. She is the oldest. She answers to Victoria.

"The second is very small, and looks a little like the queen I once captured named Demeter. Her name is Jemima. Be sure to get her and NOT Demeter.

"One is whitish with stripes and spots.She is very loud, and very annoying, and she gives you a headache. Etcetra is her name, I believe.."

"The other looks like my former mate, Bombalurina, except smaller, and not as red. Electra.

"And the fifth!..." he grinned, "Is our friend Mungojerrie's little sister Rumpelteazer.

"Bring them to me! You have your orders, and without the tribes kittens, the tribe cannot go on!" Evil laughter was heard, and Macavity wasn't there.

Unfortunately for Macavity, he did not know of the sixth kitten - Catheisme.

"We better do them in order" one of the ugly rats said

"No" another snapped "We need to get them to The Boss as fast as we can if we want our lunch."

"I agree" a third rat screeched.

"Me too," hissed a fourth.

"They are just kittens!" an especially ugly one snarled.

"Yes, that's true!" the smallest one squeaked.

"It should take two of us tp catch one of them." coughed another.

"There are ten of us!" the largest sneered.

"...Five of them," a skinny one grinned.

"Then it's settled! Pair up, and lets get them!"

~*~Cathesmes Part of the Junkyard~*~

"I just don't understand your problem." Catheisme sighed

"Yeah, I know, it's very complicated."

"And Complex." Catheisme added, rolling her eyes.

Victoria ran her fingers through her hair to brush it out.

"Missed a spot." Catheisme said. She had always been very observant.

Suddenly two rats jumped out from behind them, and cuased a crash.

Catheisme screamed. Victoria gasped. "MACAVITY!"

The rats chased Victoria into a corner. One stayed in front of her, and another swooped along behind.

They both ran at her at the same time, causing Victoria to end up uspide down on the second rat's back, held by her feet. She screamed as they carried her off.


Catheisme ran at the rat, who quickly punched her in the stomach, causing her to keel over in pain. The first rat then picked up a stick, and knocked her out.

"What about that one?" the first rat asked the second.

"She must be a small adult, other wise, Macavity would have told us to get her too." the second rat concluded.

The first nodded, and they carried her to Macavity's lair.

~*~Behind The Mattress~*~

"Where is Victoria?" Jemima wondered out loud.

"With her sister." Etcetra answered.

"She's always with her sister." Electra laughed.

Jemima lied on her back. "Did you hear something?"

Just then, six pairs of glowing eyes appeared. Evil sniggering filled the kittens' ears.

"MACAVITY!" Electra screams, but it was no use.

With peices of fish net they had stolen from a canary, the six rats captured the three kittens.

"It's like killing three birds with one stone!" Rat number five laughed.

"Or killing three kittens with one net!" said the third.

The rats cackled with laughter, and brought the three kittens to Macavity's lair.

~*~Victoria Grove~*~

Mungojerrie dumped water on Demeter's head. Rumpelteazer shook Bombalurina violently

Demeter coughed, "M-Mungo?"

"Yeah," he said "You okay?"

"mmhmmmm." Demeter nodded.

"'Ow about you, Bomb?" Mungo said, turning around. Bombalurina still laid there.

"Teaza! You were supposed ta wake 'er!... Teaza? Teazer?! TEAZER?!?"

Rumpelteazer was gone.

"Look!" Demeter pointed to the ground. Two pairs or paw printed.

"Who made them, Mungo?"


"I feel bad too, but who...... ohhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Macavity took me sis, Demi."

~*~Macavity's Lair~*~

"Yes, yes. One.. Two... Three... Four.. and five." Macavity counted his new victims.

He grinned. "Victoria, Jemima, Etcetra, Electra, and the mischievous Rumpelteazer."

"What do you want with us?" Etcetra whined.

Macavity rubbed his head. "Well, you see, I used to kidnap queens like Demeter so they could be my slaves. But full grown queens can fight. And have full grown boyfriends. They were useful, yet problematic. So the I thought, 'why not kittens? They are weak, can be trained, and are small enough to fit almost anywhere. And they have all the advantages of queens too.' So you five are to be my burglars and robbers. If you're good, my murderers. And then when you grow up, you will be my slaves, and give me more kittens to use. Does that answer your question, my dear?"

Etcetra hissed.

"We will, however, have to break you in, so to speak. We will start with Rumpelteazer... because her brother has always been such a help to me, and she has experience!" he snarled.

Rumpelteazer sobbed.

"Don't worry!" Jemima said. "Mistoffelees will save us! He saved Demeter and Bomb once before, and he saved Old Deuteronomy! He's spoiled Macavity's plans before, and he'll do it again!" she said. She spit at Macavity's feet.

Macavity laughed. "You will make a good slave. You are.... spunky. But I'm afraid, you're wrong about.." his nose wrinkled, "... Mr. Mistoffelees." He smiled. "You see, I'm putting you in a place where only a youthful female mind can find, and only a youthful female body can get to.

Jemima looked like she was about to cry.

Victoria smiled inside. He didn't know about Catheisme! She was determined, and would save them, she knew that!

"Lock them up." Macavity said with an evil grin.

~*~Back At The Junkyard~*~

Catheisme, Mungojerrie, Demeter, and Bombalurina all gathered in front of Old Deuteronomy and Munkustrap.

"They stole my sister!" Catheisme cried

"The stole my sista, too!" Mungojerrie said.

"They stole all the kittens!" Bombalurina whined.

"Except for me." Catheisme added.

"We need to get them back!" they all said together.

"You must save them." Old Deuteronomy said sadly. "As much as I'll regret it later if something were to happen to you, these girls are our future as a tribe."

"They'll need Mistoffelees" Munkustrap added.

Old Deuteronomy nodded.


There was a puff of smoke, and Mistoffelees appeared.

"The kittens have been stolen. You will go with these four to save them."

Mistoffelees nodded. "Macavity is up to something. Lets go."

The five set out for Macavity's lair...

~*~The Entrance to Macavity's lair~*~

"Okay, look..." Mungojerrie said. "In order to save them, we need my expertise as a robber and professional sneak, and strength, Misto's magic and wits, Demeters intelligence and 'warness, Bomb as bait, and Catheisme's size and quickness. Everyone understand? Good, lez' go!"

They darted through the door

"This is the way I have it figured out.. Bomb will make a big scene.. something she's good at anyway.." Demeter told the others her plan as they were walking. When she finishd, she said, "Okay! Hit it!"

Mungojerrie, Mistoffelees, Demeter, and Catheisme jumped into an inclosed area. Mistoffelees used his magic to make their presence almost invisible.

Bombalurina made a big show of parading through the hallway.

"It's up to ME!" she said loudly " I am alone, and will find the kittens! I'm here! VICTORIA, JEMIMA, ETCETRA, ELECTRA! Can you hear me? Rumpelteazer? It's me.. BOMBALURINA!" she almost shouted.

She soon had the rats' attention.

"It's you! The Boss is very fond of the one called Bombalurina!" they all went chasing after her.

Bombalurina screamed, and ran into the corner. As soon as the rats caught her, they brought her to Macavity saying "We caught her! She was trying to steal our kittens!"

When they were out of sight... "She played her part very well." Demeter said with a nod. "Ready, 'Stoff?"

Mistoffelees nodded. "I'll start a telepathic conversation now.." he closed his eyes.

'Bomb? Can you hear me?'


Tell me when you're alone in whatever room you're in.'


"Ah ya gettin' through, Misto?" Mungojerrie asked.

"Yes." Mistoffelees replied.

"Well, now that our path is cleared, you guys know what to do. Come on Mistoffelees," Demeter said, and they both exited the lair.

Mungojerrie and Catheisme walked down the hallway quietly.

They turned a corner, and there stood two gard rats.

" 'Ello! Biggs! Benton! It's me! Mungojerrie!"

"Mungojerrie?" Biggs said, "We haven't seen you in a long time. What brings you here today?"

"Ah....'m 'ere to talk ta The Boss. I 'ave some info'mation regarding 'is five new prisoners attempted... ah.. capturah."

"You mean the red one?" Biggs asked

"Yes, tha's her!"

"Wait. How do we know you aren't here to save them?" Benton inquired.

"Why would I do that? I'm not even an official member of the tribe! 'M Nothin' but a double agent." Mungojerrie lied.


"Whe'e might I find Macavity an' The Red One?"

"Down this hall.." Benton pointed out the way. "Next to the kittens cell." Biggs added.

That was exactly what Mungojerrie wanted to here. "Thank ya, ol' chaps!" he said, and knocked their heads together. They both fell to the ground. "Lez' go, Catheisme."

Mungojerrie and Catheisme continued down the hall. They reached Bombalurina's cell. Macavity was there too.

"I see Bomb's cell.. bot whe'e a'h the kittens?" Mungojerrie whispered.

Catheisme looked down. She noticed a perfect circle in the stone. Perfect circled rarely occur naturally, she noted. She kneeled down, and traced the circle with a claw counter clockwise.. as a female intends to do. Suddenly, the stones shifted, and a tiny hole into another cell appeared.

"Good job, Catheisme. The'e is a problem.. 'm too big ta get through tha' hole." Mungojerrie whispered.

"That's okay." Catheisme whispered back. "I can get through the hole. And when I get back with the rest of the kittens, you escort us out. I would get lost without you."

Mungojerrie nodded.

Catheisme crawled through the hole. "Catheisme!" Victoria whispered when she saw her sister. "I knew you would come!"

Catheisme untied Victoria and the other kittens.

"Come on! There isn't much time!"

~*~Outside Macavity's lair~*~

'Misto! Macavity has left my cell!'

"I'm getting something from Bomb!" Mistoffelees told Demeter.

'Are Mungojerrie and Catheisme there yet?'


'You ready?'


Mistoffelees took a red sheet, and thew it over Demeter.


he pulled off the sheet, and Bombalurina was under it with Demeter.

"Mungo and Catheisme better hurry!"

~*~Back in the Lair~*~

Catheisme, Victoria, Jemima, Etcetra, Electra, and Rumpelteazer all snuck through the hole... Just about the same tome Macavity did, right next to them.

"Run! Follow me!" Mungojerrie yelled.

The six kittens ran after Mungojerrie, who lead the way to saftly.

"Mungojerrie! You! How!?.." Macavity yelled after them. Then he got up on his feet, and chased after them. They turned the corner, and ran down the hall.

"Hurry Girls!" Mungojerrie yelled.

As soon as they left his lair, all ten cats helped Mistoffelees with his sheet. They lifted it up high. When Macavity ran out, they brought it down, catching him. They all calmly walked to the junkyard, to not cause a disturbance.

~*~Later, At The Junkyard~*~

"You're back! You saved the kittens!" Munkustrap said happily. "We worried about you the whole time!"

"And captured Macavity." Mistoffelees added, Victoria by his side.

"But we didn't do it.." Bombalurina said.

"Yes! It was allll Catheisme!" Mungojerrie told him. "With out her, we never would have gotten them out."

Munkustrap smiled.

"Well, let;s take a look at Macavity."

They opened the sheet...

... And Macavity wasn't there.


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