Etcetera & Tugger At Last

Etcetera & Tugger At Last

By: Griz

Etcetera sat on the tire, paws crossed, watching Tugger from afar. The maned leopard tom was busy spraying paint on Victoria and watching her scream as her white fur turned a bright red. Etcetera loved him so much, but he didn't seem to notice her much.

"Hello, Etcetera. Didya watch me??"

"Yes, Tugger. It wasn't that nice."

"But it was funny!" Etcetera watched her sister go off to Jellylorum, their mother, and wash it off. Tugger was quickly bored and went to try some new pranks.

"Poor me," Etcetera thought. "All my friends have toms, but I don't!!" She saw Jemima go off with Pouncival, giggling loudly. Victoria joined Mistoffelees, and Electra went to play with Tumblebrutus. Etcetera decided to go talk with her mom.

"Mom," she said to Jellylorum, "I really like someone, but they don't really like me!"

"Who is this young man?" Jelly asked. "Well, Cettie," her mother replied, "your dance is coming up soon."

"Thanks, momma!" She bounded outside, where she crashed into Tugger.

"Hello, Cettie!"

"Ummm, hi Tugger!" She said shyly.

"Etcetera, I have something to tell you."

"Yes?" She asked.

"I love you! I always kinda have...I just didn't say anything."

"Tugger, I love you too! Dance with me at the next ball?"

"Sure! Anytime, honey!"

Three months later....

Etcetera and Tugger were now mates. They were always seen together. Etcetera hadn't told him yet, but she was going to have kittens!

"Tuggy," she said one day. "I'm going to have kittens!" Tugger fainted.

"Guys." She said.

Three months later...

Etcetera had just had her new litter of three kittens. Tugger came in to see her washing them up. Two were like Etcetera, females, and one looked exactly like Tugger.

"I named the girls Whistlerina and Allina, but you can name the boy."

"I'll call him Tugger, Jr. Tuggy for short." The happy couple laughed and looked at their little family...

Look for Part Two: The Kittens, Coming soon! >^.^<

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