The Magic of Christmas Day

The Magic of Christmas Day

By: BlueBell

Rumpleteazer sat on her haunches stareing up at the huge, egnormous fir tree adorned with red and green glass bulbs, twinkling lights, golden angel ornaments, silver tinsle and silk ribbon. The lights reflected off Teazers eyes in sheer colors of royal blue, purple, red, green, gold, orange, and white while at the very top stood a giant star brilliantly shining above it all. The house had an aroma of fruit cake, cinammin, and vanilla in addition with the cozy warmth from the fire that kindled beneath the perfectly hung stockings filled with candy canes. Rumpleteazer took it all in as she closed her eyes and listened to the enchanting Christmas song of "What Child is This" that played from the radio. If there's anything more glorious than the Jellicle Ball, it was Christmas, Teazer thought to herself with a smile. From the white clean carpet Teazer leaped to the window cill where it was a bit chillier. Frost outlined the glass and snow blanketed the outside cill. She could see her breath on the cold glass as she stared outside at the white world beyond. What a beautiful holiday and where was Mungojerrie? She thought. With that in mind, she leaped off the cill and ran upstairs finding him curled up in their cat basket by the immense bed in their master's giant bedroom. With a dissapointed frown, Teazer jumped on Mungojerrie causing him to wake with a groan."What are you doing?" he cried still half asleep."

"Wake up lazy butt! It's Christmas!"

But Mungojerrie just turned in his sleep and moaned, "It's too early to be Christmas. Go back to sleep."

Upset, Teazer pushed Jerrie out of the basket with a yell, "I said get up! You're not going to sleep through Christmas like you did last year!"

"Aw Teazer!!!" whined Jerrie.

With a bright smile, Teazer said with a hyper bounce, "In fact, this Christmas is going to be a whole lot different!"

Through a huge yawn, Jerrie asked, "What do you mean different?"

"Look, come with me!" and Rumpleteazer grabbed Mungojerrie's wrist and yanked him down stairs. "What's gotten into you?!" he groaned and Teazer pointed to a television that was broadcasting, "It's a Wonderful Life". Mungojerrie raised a confused eyebrow and said, "Yeah, so what? It's on every year."

Teazer rolled her eyes, "No Jerrie, look at his family! See how they're all celebrating the holiday?! Don't you think we as a Jellicle Tribe should do that too? You know! Give out presents, decorate a huge tree, sing Christmas carols, eat fruit cake!!!!!"

"I hate fruit cake!!" replied Jerrie.

"Ok fine, no fruit cake, but you get the idea! We need to celebrate Christmas!"

Jerrie was silent as he stared at Teazer with a wierd look then mumbled as he turned to leave, "I'm going back to sleep." but Teazer stopped him by grabbing his tail and shouting, "No you're not! You're coming with me to the junkyard and we're going to celebrate Christmas as a family!"

"But I dont want to!" he cried as he tried to keep up with Teazer's constant pulling. "And you're going to enjoy it too!!!!!" she hollard demandingly not wanting to hear another word about it.

Tumblebrutus turned in his sleep as he gave out a huge yawn and made himself snug in the back seat of the old car in the junkyard. Above him slept Pouncival on the rocking chair snoring away. Ectetera cuddled in the oven with Electra and Sillabub as Mistoffelees and Victoria slept in the pipe next to them. All the jellicles were asleep, some were snoring, yawning, stretching as others dreamt of cat nip and mice. All was silent when Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie came storming in like there was a fire. "Wake up! Wake up everyone!!!" Tugger, who was fast asleep in the front seat of the car with Bombalurina, leaped at their arrival along with the others, some bumpping thier heads and others falling off the tire and car. "Jeez Teazer!" cried Pouncival who nearly fell out of his rocking chair, "Thought Macavity was embarking with a pack of pollicles!"

"No I've come with a wonderful idea!!" shreeked Teazer with a huge smile.

Cassandra who was snug on the tire with many other jellicles clustered together for warmth, rolled her eyes at Teazer's statement and mumbled under breath, "Oh here we go. Aint it a little early for this Teaz?"

Ignoring Cassandra's comment, Rumpleteazer continued with her plan, "Don't you know what day it is?!"

Tugger turned his back and groaned, "It's barely morning yet!"

"It's Christmas!!" Teazer cried with glee and a jump, "And we're gonna celebrate it!"

That caught everyone's attention. "Celebrate Christmas?" Skimble asked out from the mass of jellicles on the tire. Rumpleteazer nodded, "Yes, we're gonna have a tree, and lights, a santa, presents..."

Tugger smirked and whispered to Bombalurina next to him, "I think someone hit the eggnog a little early."

"Come on guys it'll be fun!"

Munkustrap shook his head, "But we've never celebrated Christmas like that. Having a tree, meeting Santa...that's how humans celebrate aint us!"

Teazer's spirit descended as she heard Munkustrap's words and for once she was speechless. Finally out of the silence, Sillabub said, "But it can be us!"

All the jellicles turned to look at her standing on her high perch on a heap of junk. Cassandra frowned, "Oh not you too Sill!"

"No, I think Teazer's idea is beautiful! Are we are seriously just going to sleep through Christmas? It's a day for giving, singing and dancing!"

"For humans!!" cried Skimbleshanks who agreed with Munkustrap.

"And us jellicles can have just as much fun!" replied Sillabub. The jellicles went silent as they thought. "I think we should celebrate Christmas!" piped Ectetera from the oven. "Me too." added Electra next to her. "Oh this is ridiculous!" cried Tugger. Sillabub leaped off her high perch and ran to Teazer's side to show her support, "Well ba-hum-bug to you too Tugger. I think we should have fun during this special holiday!" Tugger frowned in confusion, "Ba- what?"

"Well how are we going to celebrate?" asked Jennyanydots. That's the question Rumple was waiting for and she quickly answered with a grin and confident eyes, "Just leave that up to me!!"

Later that day, Rumpleteazer returned to the junkyard with a huge black plastic bag, whistling, "It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas" as she entered. Her tune was interrupted and she haulted to a stop once seeing that the jellicles were still sleeping. Furiated, Rumple threw her bag down making a boistrous clang causing once again the jellicles to leap. "I can't believe this! I thought we were all ready to celebrate Christmas? What are we still doing sleeping?!"

Even Sillabub had dozed and rubbed her eyes as she apologized, "I'm sorry Teazer, we all stayed up really late at Bustopher's nightclub and-"

"Well get up!" replied Teazer as she opened her bag and began searching through it, "Today's Christmas and we've got alot of decorating to do!" Teazer was even glad that Bustopher Jones was there. This was going to be the best Christmas ever! The jellicles belly-ached once more about being woken as Teazer brought out heaps of cloth, lights, and decorations. Victoria frowned as she picked up a white muff. "What is this Teazer?" Rumple smiled, "That Vicki, is your caroler's muff!"

"Caroler's muff?" Vicki questioned. "Yes, lemme see, the chior is going to consist of you, Jennyanydots, Jellylorum, Electra, Bombalurina, Sillabub, Demeter and Ectetera." While Rumple's back was turned, Mistoffelees took a peek in the sack and pulled out a Santa hat with a bewildered look on his face, "And this?"

"That," Teazer replied, "is Santa's hat!" she then pulled out a large red suit and said, "And our Santa is none other than Bustopher Jones!" and she held out the suit over to the large black cat. Bustopher froze with a confused, "Excuse me?"

"Come on Bustopher, put it on!" and the jellicle toms laughed. "Oh I wouldn't be laughing guys." said Teazer and she pulled out some other things and before Plato knew it, a set of antlers were placed on his head. "What the heck is this?!' he asked. Teazer giggled, "Well Santa's going to need his raindeers!" Mungojerrie fell on his bottom laughing until a set of antlers were quickly placed on him! "Aw come on Teazer! I'd rather be Santa!" he cried. Teazer smiled, "Don't worry hun, you get to be a special raindeer!" and she plopped a giant red ball on his nose. Mungojerrie stared cross-eyed at it with a frown. "You're rudolf!" she replied with a giggle and Tugger burst out in laughter, "You look like a pollicle with a cold!" and a set of antlers were then placed on The Rum Tum Tugger himself and he quickly fell silent.

The day progressed as a tree was placed up in the snow bound junkyard in which Jennyanydots and Jellylorum were decorating it. They were forced to wear Christmas aprons and little Santa hats to show their Christmas spirit. Teazer wore one too with a big bright bow around her neck. She was conducting the Christmas chior made up of the jellicle queens who wore lavender coats, white fury hats and matching muffs around their arms. They were singing "Hark the Herald Angel" but out of tune, and those who weren't singing plugged their ears on disgust. "They sound like dieing whales." said the antlered Mungojerrie to Skimbleshanks who shook his head and replied, "Not even!"

Suddenly a shoe was thrown at the choir and they fell silent. Ectetera sighed, "They must not like shoes." Teazer shook her head in fustration, "Just add it to the pile over there." and Demeter took the boot and threw it to the side where a heap of them layed. "Ok girls, take five." and the chior scattered as Teazer took her earplugs out. Jenny saw how Rumple looked tired and worn out and decided to cheer her up, "They sound wonderful Teazer." Teazer frowned, "What?" Jenny laughed, "Never mind dear." Teazer's eyes widoned when she was how the popcorn for the tree was gone. "Where's the popcorn?! They're suppose to be placed on string and hung on the tree!" Jellylorum smirked, "Ask Old St. Nick over there. Mr. Jolly's been porkin out since he got here!" and there Bustopher sat eating the last bit of cernels and licking his fingers. Teazer stomped over to him in a pouting manner as she whined, "Look Bustopher, you're getting crumbs all over your red suit!" Suddenly Teazer remembered, "Oh my gosh! Santa's elves!" and she turned and hollared, "Where are my elves?!" and just then Pouncival, Tumblebrutus, Skimbleshanks and Munkustrap emerged from behind the car burdened with giant pointed ears, and wearing green alfits with curled pointed shoes that jingled with bells. The jellicles went silent and a few snickers were heard. "This is embarrasing." mumbled Munkustrap. "This is a bunch of nonsense!" cried Tumblebrutus as he slammed his green hat on the ground. "Oh I don't Tumble," said Pouncival as he shook his leg to hear his boots jingle, "I kinda like the getup." and with that comment Skimble slapped Pounce upside the head. After a soft giggle, Teazer then cried, "And where's Mrs. Clause?"

"IM NOT COMING OUT!!" shouted Cassandra from behind the car. "Aw come on Cassie! I'm sure you look grand! Get out here!"

"NO!!" she hollared back and Rumple rolled her eyes as she stomped behind the car and yanked the slender stubbern feline out of hiding. There Cassandra stood in an extremly short red skin tight dress with long black leather boots that complimented her lengthly legs and a small red santa hat with a holly leaf on the side. Humiliated, Cassie tried to pull down the skirt and pull up the low collar but was on the verge of tearing it. Every tom in the junkyard jaws dropped and their eyes widened. Vicki saw the way Mistoffelees was looking at Cassandra and bopped him one on the head. "Whatch your eyes Blitsen!" she warned. "You too Prancer!" Bombalurina told Tugger with a head knocker of her own. "I can barely move in this thing!" Cassie complained to Teazer. "Oh you look great!" Teazer replied and walked off. Cassie noticed how Pouncival was staring at her and gave him the look of death as she hissed, "What are you looking at elf boy?!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Merry Christmas!" cried Bustopher to Teazer who shook her head and said, "No Bustopher, it's 'Ho Ho Ho!' not 'Ha Ha Ha!' Now try it again." While Teazer worked with Santa, the chior continued their practise, Jenny and Jellylorum continued with the tree and the toms made fun of how each other looked. "Now get in your positions." ordered Teazer to the reindeers. And they all stood two by two in rows like they were going to lead Santa's sliegh. Tugger frowned and hollared, "Why do I have to be near the back? Why does Jerrie get to be up front?!"

"Because I'm Rudolf!" cried Jerrie as he pointed to his nose. "And a bad one at that." Tugger mumbled. Hearing that remark, Mungojerrie took off his nose and chucked it at Tugger who quickly ducked and Misto was pegged in the eye with it. "Hey! What did I do?!"

Tugger laughed, "You missed." and no sooner had he said that, Tugger was hit with a pair of thrown antlers from Jerrie and Misto got his revenge by throwing his deer horns up at Jerrie who ducked and pegged Demeter who was in the middle of singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful". Furious, Demeter threw her muff along with Ectetera and Electra. Pouncival who was hit with a flying muff, threw a paw full of snow that hit the tree Jenny and Jelly were decorating. Soon the junkyard went into an uproar of flying snow, muffs, antler's, tree ornaments and elf ears.

"STOP! STOP!" cried Teazer but the arguing, shouting, laughing and yelling was too loud and the riot got only louder and more involved. Tugger fell against the tree knocking it to the ground while Munkustrap and Mistoffelees were given a bath in eggnog. "PLEASE STOP THIS!" cried Teazer again only to then get hit in the face with snow and sprinkled with flying popcorn. Everyone froze when they heard the faint sound of Teazer crying. Once all was silent and settled, Teazer bursted, "Look what you have done! Do you realize how much I've planned for this?! I wanted us to have the best Christmas ever as a family!! Instead look at the place now!" The junkyard was littered with ornaments, popcorn, dirty snow, costume props and trash while the jellicle's costumes that they wore were torned and stained. Mistoffelees and Munkustrap stood there shamefully dripping with eggnog while Tugger lied there in a fallen tree covered with snow. "Well I hope you all are happy!" Teazer cried through her tears, "Go to sleep! All of you! See if I care!" and she ran off, wiping her tears and ridding her self of popcorn and snow. The jellicles stood there in silence looking at one another and the mess they had made. "What have we done?" whispered Demeter. "We ruined Teazer's Christmas spirit." replied Sillabub with a tear. "We ruined Christmas." confirmed Mistoffelees. Munkustrap sighed somberly as he picked up an elf ear, "Come on, let's clean up."

Teazer sat alone in a leafless tree with her legs tucked and her arms wrapped around them with her head buried as she cried and sniffed. "I hate Christmas!" she yelled to herself. Just then a deep voice came from below, "How could anyone hate Christmas?" Startled, Teazer glanced below her to see none other than, "Old Deuteronomy?" The huge shaggy cat smiled and held his hand up wanted her to come down in which she did. "Wipe those tears my dear and tell me what could be so horrible about this glorious holiday?" Teazer sat with Old Deut against the trees trunk as she explained through her sniffles, "All I wanted was to celebrate Christmas but the jellicles wouldn't cooperate in having a chior, being elves and reindeers, Bustopher wouldn't be Santa, Jerrie was a rude rudolf, the elves complained about their jingled shoes and-" "Whoah!" cried Old Duet., "I had compassion with you when I heard that you wanted to celebrate Christmas but making them elves and reindeers?" Teazer frowned, "What's wrong with that? It's how you celebrate Christmas. I see it in all the man made movies. Reindeers, a laughing jolly Santa, little elves-" Old Deut chuckled, "Rumple you're missing the whole meaning of Christmas." Teazer fell silent and the old feline continued, "While you were watching miniture running elves and red nosed reindeers, you were missing how there was a family together at home giving out gifts and enjoying each other's company." Teazer was confused, "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that Christmas isn't about Santa and his elves, it's about family and appriciating those around you. That's why humans have the tradition of exchanging gifts. While you were having the toms dress up as trolls, and the queens singing like dieing whales-"

"Dieing whales!?" Teazer shreeked. Old Deut nodded, "Yes I heard them, but while you were having them do all that, you were missing the fact that they existed and that they were all doing it to make you happy. While you tried to prevent them from missing Christmas you were missing it yourself when they were right before your eyes."

Suddenly it was all clear, "Oh Deuteronomy you're right! You are so right!" and she leaped to her feet, "What have I done! I've missed Christmas! I've been so busy trying to CREATE a Christmas when it was already there and know it's flown bye!" Old Deut chuckled, "No Teazer, the night is still young. You can still make it. You dont need a tree or a fat man in a red suit, you already have all you need." and with that Teazer gave Old Duet a great hug and a kiss on the nose and ran off as she shouted, "Thankyou Old Deutereonomy and Merry Christmas!!!"

Teazer ran as fast as she could through the snow, passing by her the houses framed with lights and wreaths that hung on every lamp post till finally she made it to the junkyard. She haulted to a stop and her jaw dropped at what she saw. There before her was the tribe still dressed in their costumes. The junkyard was clean and beaming with colored lights at every angle. The huge tree stood tall on the tire healthy as ever adorned with ornaments, lights and a huge brilliant star. Teazer was even more shocked to find a feast layed out. The junkyard was more beautiful than the day of the Jellicle Ball. "Surprise Rumpleteazer." said Sillabub with a smile. "And Merry Christmas." added Tugger. A tear of joy fell from Teazer's eye as she asked, "How did you all do this?" Jennyanydots patted her flour stained apron and replied, "The junkyard just needed a mother's touch." "And my decorating skills." added Jellylorum. "And your Christmas spirit." said Munkustrap as he presented a gift. Teazer took the gift and unwrapped it. She choked when she saw how it was a quilt embroided with every jellicle's name. "But this, how did you come up with this now?! This must have taken-"

"Months!" said Demeter, "We didn't need the holiday to think of you." Another tear strolled down Teazer's face as she whispered, "Thankyou! All of you!"

"Im sorry we spoiled your celebration." said Cassandra who still wore her Mrs Claus dress which made Teazer giggle, "That doesn't matter anymore, I have all of you and that's all I need to make my Christmas complete." "Actually," piped Ectetera, "I don't think this is complete." and just then a familiar laugh boomed throughout the junkyard, "HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" and in entered Old Deuteronomy wearing a Santa suit. Teazer and all the jellicles laughed in unison. Just then snow began to fall. Christmas couldn't have gotton any better and to top it all off, Jenny turned on the radio that was brought from Jerrie and Teazer's place and played the song, "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!" and the cats found a partner to dance with in the night illuminated with small lights. Tugger stood infront of the beautiful Cassandra snug in her alfit and said, "I'm sure Santa wont mind if I stole Mrs. Clause for the night." Cassandra laughed at his remark and agreed to have the dance with him until Bombalurina entered in pulled Tugger away by his tail as she said, "Maybe Santa wont mind but I would." and Tugger shrugged at Cassi who leaned over and whispered, "I got next dance."

And Cassie was taken by Alonzo, while in the center of the junkyard danced Vicki and Misto, Munku and Demeter, Tugger and Bomb, Sillabub and Pouncival, and Mungojerrie with Rumplteazer. "I'm sorry Jerrie, how can I make up for forcing you to be Rudolf?" Mungojerrie then brought out a mistle toe and placed it above them, "This could help!!!!" he said with a smile. Teazer laughed and gave him the kiss of his life that night making it the best Christmas ever!!!!! THE END

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