Confusions & Conclusions

Confusions & Conclusions

By: Gintora & Paxsar

Rum Tum Tugger, Quaxo and Bombalurina were too excited to sleep. They had secretly gathered inside the trunk of their favorite old ford and were whispering amongst themselves.

Quaxo thrashed his tail in excitement, "I would have given anything to see that fight with Macavity!" he said as he dug his claws into the lining of the trunk.

Bomb rolled to her back stretching her legs in the air, " I think my tumble-bout with Kuroi was something in it self!"

Tugger flashed her a smile, " You were amazing Bomb! You were…the BOMB!"

Quaxo groaned at his attempt at humor, then just about jumped out of his skin when Etcetra appeared behind him.

"Who did YOU fight, Tugger?" Etcetra purred.

Tugger couldn't resist a chuckle, " Etcetra, what are you doing up?"

The kitten put on her best 'poor me' face, "Oh…com'on.. PLEEEEASE!! I wanna know!"

"ME TOO!" shouted Electra suddenly appearing next to her friend.

"Ssshhhhhhh!!" Shushed Tumblebrutus and Pouncival, as they made a place for themselves next to the 2 kittens.

Etcetra shoved Tumble away, "You're making too much noise!" she shouted.

Pounce caught his friend before he hit the ground, "Hey! That's not nice!"

Quaxo slumped to the floor of the trunk, "Will you guys please keep it down?" he groaned.

"He started it!" Electra shouted as she pointed at Tumble.

"I did not!!" He protested loudly.

Tugger leaned forward and covered both their mouths with his paws; "BOTH of you need to keep it down." Electra shot Tumblebrutus a glance and growled softly. "Now be quite" the Maine Coon ordered.

Alonzo silently limped out of the shadows. The black and white tom carefully made his way to the old car trunk the others had crammed themselves into and sat on the chrome fender. Quaxo immediately stood and offered his place. Alonzo smiled his thanks and stepped up, wincing as he climbed in. "How's your shoulder 'Lonz?" he whispered.

Alonzo smiled weakly, "I'll be okay…but I'm more interested in what everyone was so excited about."

Bombalurina had moved as well, and was now sitting next to Tugger while Etcetra stood on her hind legs and stared dreamily at the object of her affection. "Tugger's gonna tell me who he fought."

Alonzo smirked, as the Maine Coon grew uncomfortable under the kittens' glare. "Well, heh, I didn't exactly fight anyone 'Cety, I was more of a distraction. Alonzo was real amazing against Neko though."

Electra stood next to her friend, "I bet he was, but I wanna know about yooooou!" she sighed dreamily.

Bombalurina giggled at the kittens' enthusiasm. "Oh don't be modest Tug! You know that our plan couldn't have gone so well if you hadn't risked your life getting Neko and Kuroi's attention."

Rum Tum Tugger shot her a glance, "It wasn't exactly a life threatening situation Bomb."

Bombalurina was having too much fun filling the kittens heads with images of their favorite tom and just couldn't resist teasing him. "You should have seen him Etcetra!" She said turning her head to capture the kittens' attention, "He was so brave, he just walked up there to the biggest toms you have ever seen and just told them who was boss."

Etcetra and Electra's eyes grew with even more admiration, "REALLY?" they said in unison.

Tugger slouched, shooting a look at Bombalurina, these two were sure to hound him for weeks now…mabey months…."Thanks Bomb…. Really."

Bomb could only giggle.

"Yea, yea sure…" Quaxo commented, getting bored. "…but what about Munks fight with Macavity?"

Alonzo's ears perked up at the question, "Now that I think about it…did anyone see that fight?"

" I know I was too busy with Kurai and Sainan at the time." Quaxo remarked

Tumblebrutus sat up with a questioning look, "What about Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer? What happened with them?"

Bombalurina looked at Alonzo who only shook his head, "Munkus didn't say anything to me about them, and I wasn't at the meeting to hear if anything was mentioned. I wonder what those two are doing now anyway."


Mungojerrie was tired, and yet he couldn't sleep. He couldn't have been happier knowing Rumpleteazer was safe, and his new found freedom from Macavity was a bonus itself, and yet something was still bothering him, and he knew what that something was. "Mistoffelees "

Rumpleteazer shifted slightly next to him, "What was that Jer?" she whispered.

"Sorry Teazer, I didn't mean to wake you."

"So'k" she smiled, "What's wrong?"

Mungojerrie got to his feet and moved to the windowsill. "I 'ave to talk to Misto, and apologize for the way I treated him."

Rumpleteazer rolled to her side so that she faced him, "When will you be back?"

Mungojerrie turned to her, "Do you think I should go now?"

"No time like the present." She grinned, " Besides, you're keeping me up with all your fidgeting"

They both looked at each other for a moment of silence, each content to know the other was safe, and sometimes they really never needed words to say how they felt.

"Go on." She urged. "I'll be right 'ere when you get back."

Mungojerrie smiled and pushed the corner of the window carefully with his nose. The window silently swung open and he stepped out to the roof. "I'll be back soon." He said glancing once more at her, then he turned and walked to the branches of a tree that had grown over the roof. He carefully found his footing and made his way down, thinking of just what it was he was going to say.

Rumpleteazer stared at the window, "That's all I 'ad to do to get out of 'ere?!?"


The cats had recapped their stories for the benefit of the younger ones that hadn't been there. As it grew later into the midnight hours they slowly started to disperse to their own hiding places in the junkyard and rested. Alonzo had remained in the trunk of the car since his shoulder was stiff and it protested greatly when he attempted to move. The large black and white tom was exhausted and even angry with himself for getting injured. "Though Neko isn’t an easy opponent." He said to himself out loud.

"No he isn't" came a reply.

Alonzo's ears perked up and his tail twitched. "Who's there?"

Munkustrap hopped onto the chrome fender of the old car. "It's just me. I see you can't get any sleep either?"

Alonzo nodded in agreement. "It's my shoulder. I just can't get comfortable." He gently tried to rotate it again but hissed slightly as he was only rewarded with a sharp pain.

The silver tiger joined the black and white in the trunk. "You did clean this out after it happened?" Munkustrap asked, as he looked the wound over.

Alonzo shuddered, "Ugh.. Yes I did, and it isn't something I want to repeat." He closed his eyes giving a tired sigh "Remind me next time I go up against a cat that wants to kill me, not to get hurt."

Munkustrap smirked at his remark. "Sure thing, just remember to do me the same favor."

Alonzo opened one of his eyes slightly, "Where is Mistoffelees? I thought he was staying here in the yard tonight."

Munkustrap made himself comfortable in one of the corners of the trunk across from Alonzo. "Oh he's here alright, but he's a terrible velvet cushion hog."


Mungojerrie crept into the junkyard carefully. He needed to find Mistoffelees and hopefully he could speak with him before the others realized he was back. He really didn't feel like answering any questions that the others were bound to ask. "Misto?" he called softly. "Misto, where are you…?"


Mistoffelees curled tighter onto himself trying to get warmer, unsuccessful, he stretched the full length of the pillow and opened his eyes, looking around for the reason it got so cold all of a sudden. "Well so much for the instant heat source." He commented noticing Munkustrap was no longer around. He stretched once more then quickly gripped the cushion as it started to slide from its resting-place. "Oh this isn't good…." The pillow started to tilt then slid off the pile of old mattresses it was on the top of.

Mungojerrie slinked closer into the area where the tower of mattresses was. Mungojerrie was just about to give another call to Mistoffelees when something square, soft, and heavy smothered him face flat on the floor. 'Who made this "squash Mungojerrie week"?' Mungojerrie was absolutely tired of making his long list of unwanted things longer.

'O why can't it all just STOP!'

Mistoffelees had fallen with the pillow and was still gripping with his claws. "Woah, what a rush. Good thing nobody was around to see that clever maneuver."

"O'! So now I'm a nobody?!" Mungojerrie growled as he shrugged the pillow off his shoulders getting to his feet.

Mistoffelees froze as he heard the angry words coming from underneath him.

Mungojerrie spun around to face Mistoffelees. "I come 'ere to speak to you and you flatten me!" he whispered angrily.

Mistoffelees remained still. It seemed to him that for some reason things just kept going from bad to worse. "Mungo, I… I didn't mean to land on you… I didn't even want to fall!"

Mungojerrie shushed him quietly, "Look, don't worry, let's just not wake anyone else up. It was a pillow and nothing of me got broken. 'Course my side's saying that it didn't like that." Mungojerrie rubbed a paw along his injured side.

The tuxedo noticed the claw marks and felt bad for causing him more pain, "What did you want to talk to me about?" he questioned carefully. He was still uncertain of his standings with Mungojerrie and really didn’t want to get into any kind of disagreement at all with the older tom.

Mungojerrie looked around the yard to see if anyone was lurking about. "I needed to talk to you about, you know, the last couple of days." He turned to look at the young tux, "And to tell you that…well… I…"

"Mungojerrie…. Mistoffelees …what's going on?" Munkustrap whispered as he came from out of the trunk as Alonzo watched from where he was.

Mungojerrie gave Mistoffelees a quick look, "I was leaving." He said quickly and darted away.

Mistoffelees watched his form disappear from sight then turned to look at Munkustrap. "I guess I was too." Giving Munkustrap a reassuring look, he scampered away to follow in the direction that Mungojerrie had gone.

Munkustrap watched as Mistoffelees' tail vanished over the fence. "If things hadn't been so strange these past few days I would think that that whole event was odd."

Alonzo chuckled, "Don't worry Munk, they will work it out between them. Mungojerrie must be feeling bad about his behavior if he came here looking for Misto. You know how proud he is."

Munkustrap had to agree, "I'm just protective I guess."

Alonzo pushed himself back into a corner of the car trunk and curled his tail around himself, "Of course you are," he said as he closed his eyes once more, then with a smile he added "You're the leader."

Munkustrap climbed into the trunk and made a comfortable place for himself, "I hope I can live up to meet Old Deuteronomy's expectations, as well as all the Jellicles."

Alonzo lifted his head and met Munkustrap's eyes, "Munk, you are a natural leader. You show over and over again how much you care about all of us. Everyone thinks very highly of you, and we all respect you. As a leader and our friend."

Munkustrap grinned sheepishly at the praise, "Thank you Alonzo, but I couldn't be a good leader or a friend without all of you either."

"Guess we're all pretty lucky then." The black and white tom said with a yawn. Shifting slightly, careful with his shoulder he relaxed.

Munkustrap stretched his full length, then rolling to his stomach, he rested his head on his front paws and slowly welcomed a restful sleep.


Mungojerrie had spun to a halt once he was out of the junkyard, he waited to see if the young tuxedo would follow him. Then with out warning he was flattened once more as the feline in question cleared the fence and landed on his back.

Mistoffelees was so intent on trying to catch up with Mungojerrie that he hadn’t even considered the other might be waiting on the other side of the fence. " Some how I don't think that I am helping." He said as he jumped to his feet and away from the flattened feline.

Mungojerrie remained on his stomach, counting to himself. "One pearl… two rubies… three buttons… four shiny coins…" Calmer now he slowly rose to his feet, this time wincing as he touched his side. Small droplets of blood came away on his paw. "Ow…."

Mistoffelees felt horrible. "Mungojerrie! I'm sorry! I hadn't known you were there…I didn't even look before I jumped down, I really am very sorry!"

Mungojerrie silenced him with a small wave of his paw. "Look, let me say this now before you end up killing me or I die from exhaustion."

Mistoffelees nodded then sat down and waited quietly.

Mungojerrie tried to clear his head. He was very tired and he hurt and he didn't like it one bit. "Mistof, I need to say…well I want to say…" Mungojerrie was never good at saying he was sorry. He never apologized for anything really. He and Rumpleteazer always planned what ever they did and there for apologies weren't necessary. However he knew that he owed the magical cat an explanation, and more importantly he knew the young tux was scared of him. And that bothered Mungojerrie very much.

Mistoffelees was looking at Mungojerrie's side when the other started talking again.

"Um, so I was going to say that, you know.. about the last couple of days …" Mungojerrie stopped to catch Mistoffelees' attention. "Um…Mistof?" he questioned.

Mistoffelees snapped his head up to meet his eyes, "Yes! I mean go on… "

Mungojerrie nodded, "Right, so I was saying that I thought I should say that…" The tabby trailed off again as he noticed the tuxedo's attention drift away once more to the wound on his side. "It's not going to get any better no matter 'ow long you stare at it."

Mistoffelees once more brought his gaze up to Mungojerrie's. "I know…it's just that you didn't seem to be bothered by it when you first came into the junkyard and now that I have flattened you twice, you look like you're in a lot of discomfort."

The multi colored tabby shook his head, "Don't worry about it, look what I wanted to say was…"

Mistoffelees cut him off as an idea popped into his head, "Wait! You can come to my place and my friend will get you all fixed up!" he said enthusiastically.

Mungojerrie shook his head, "Um…no. I don’t think I want to make the walk to your place and I really just want to say what I need to say and then go 'ome."

The tuxedo's head drooped, ". You could tell me whatever you wanted to tell me and my friend can help you. I just thought it might be a good idea." He whispered.

Mungojerrie gave a small sigh, "O' alright, alright, I'll follow you to your 'ome and tell you on the way. Then I can go back with Teazer and get some rest."

Mistoffelees' ears perked up, "Really?"

Mungojerrie nodded, "Ta, so which way?"

Mistoffelees started walking in the direction of his home. He was happy that something was actually going right, flicking his tail every now and then he walked at a steady pace, mindful of Mungojerrie's injury, and waited for the tabby to start talking.


Macavity laughed until his sides hurt. His thoughts locked on revenge, he could hear the voices of Neko and his other henchcats talking.

Neko had stopped the others from entering the warehouse, "I don’t think he will be able to do anything for a long time. Did you see that tear on his neck?"

Sainan shuddered, "I know, how do you think he was making that awful sound."

Kuroi and Kurai both looked at each other at the same time, "You know.." Kuroi began. "Who says we got to come back?" Kurai finished his thought.

Neko turned to glare at the two of them, "What are you two planning?"

Kuroi was counting on Neko to be challenging. "Oh… you know, like you said. Macavity isn't going to be doing anything any time soon…so it just leaves a door open for…lets say room for promotion."

The large Maine Coon growled as he cornered the other tom, "No one takes Macavity's place but me." He warned.

Kuroi backed away from Neko's menacing form. "Hey, I was only stating the facts."

Kurai agreed, "Right, besides we all know that you are next in line, and it would be so easy to prove who's the better cat if you could take out one of those Jellicles. Macavity would have to give up his so called crown."

Sainan could see the two cats were playing Neko for a fool, "You're being set up Neko, don't even think about trying to take over for Macavity."

Neko wouldn't listen to reason "You don't know what you are talking about. They are making a good point and I am the next in line. I would be taking what was mine any way."

Sainan only shook her head. "Then you deserve what ever you get."

Macavity couldn't believe his ears, "I should have known that they would waste no time to plot against me." Anticipating the four plotting felines next move, painfully he crawled his way to one of his many escape routes and made the long painful trek to the Jellicle junkyard, "I didn't get to where I am now by chance. Neko, you are going to learn a lesson you will never forget."

Neko was pacing, "This is perfect. We will go to the Jellicles yard now. They won't be expecting us, then we can take out the one that scarred my face. That will prove to both the Jellicles and Macavity who is the cat to be feared."

Kuroi and Kurai nodded in unison, "Count us in Neko!" They were eager to get their own revenge, however this way, Neko was the one challenging the authority of Macavity and they were just the little minions that were following orders. No matter what the out come they were in the clear.

Sainan only shook her head in frustration. "I know nothing good is going to come out of this."

Falling into step behind the newly determined Neko, the group headed to the Jellicle yard.


Mungojerrie couldn’t think of the right way to say what he had to, so he started talking about his gift finding trouble. "I 'ad the perfect thing for 'er, but she some'ow found it before I could give it to 'er. So now I gotta find something else."

It wasn't what Mistoffelees had thought the tabby was going to say, but it was something. "Mabey we can find something for her at my place. There are all kinds of things my friend is always getting in the mail." He smirked at the memory of those wonderful little red balls.

Mungojerrie gave the tux a thankful grin, "Mabey so!"

As they rounded the corner to Mistoffelees home, the tux took the time to politely warn his friend. "My friend is really nice. you can be too, it wouldn’t be nice if anything were to happen to him. You know?"

Mungojerrie nodded with a smile. Obviously the magical cat had no idea what mishandling he and Rumpleteazer went through at the hands of the girls. "Best behavior Mistof, promise."

Mistoffelees jumped onto the windowsill and mewed, "He'll open the window soon enough." He explained.

Mungojerrie joined him on the sill, "What, don't know 'ow to open it yourself?" he teased.

A moment later the magician came into view and let his feline in. He was about to close the window once more when Mungojerrie quickly darted inside. "What the?!" The magician took a few steps back and stared back at the multi colored tabby that seemed to make him self at home on one of his counters.

Mungojerrie smiled at the look of surprise on the human's face. "Mew." He stated simply and stretched on his uninjured side.

The magician took one look at Mungojerrie then turned to pick up Mistoffelees. "Misto, let me guess. Another one of your friends?"

Mistoffelees could only flash his electric grin.

The magician placed Mistoffelees on the counter then turned his attention to Mungojerrie, who was now on his stomach watching the magicians every move. "So what have we here?" He slowly reached out to touch the top of Mungojerrie's head. The multi colored tabby rolled to his side once more and pawed at his hand. "What did you get into?" The magician asked as he noted the slash marks on the felines' side.

Mungojerrie continued to swipe at his hands playfully. "What's he gonna do if I let 'im touch me?" he asked turning his head to Mistoffelees.

"He'll probably give you a bath." The tux informed his friend. "He seems to like to do that."

Mungojerrie got to his feet quickly, "A bath?" he looked around nervously, "You said nothing about 'aving a bath."

Mistoffelees grinned, "You didn't exactly ask…"

The magician reached out and scratched Mungojerrie's back, gently he examined the claw marks. "You're not to bad, just in a sensitive spot, hey?"

Mungojerrie was getting a bit nervous, he certainly did not like the prospect of having a bath. "Um…mabey now would be a good time for me to go…" He stopped his comment as he was picked up gently in the magician's arms.

"Well, I must say that you are quite a large cat," the magician commented to Mistoffelees, "not unlike your other friend Gin." He carried Mungojerrie into the small living room and placed him onto the table. "You stay put and I will take care of that for you. You seem pretty well kept, and you have a collar" Mungojerrie was still looking nervously for an escape route as the magician left the room.

"I can't help but wonder what kind of trouble you and your friends get into Misto." He commented as he came back into the room with a warm wash cloth and a bowl. "Ok, lets see how good you are going to be at this."

Mungojerrie stayed perfectly still as the magician gently scratched his scruff and gradually began to clean his side. "Well you were right Mistof, 'e's real nice." The tabby commented.

Once done, the magician looked Mungojerrie over, finding no other injuries he went back into the kitchen. "Well that was easy."

Mistoffelees moved closer to Mungojerrie, who was now licking his side. "He just cleaned it for you, why are you cleaning it again?"

Mungojerrie shrugged, "Tis a 'abit I guess"

The magician came back into the room and sat tiredly into one of his chairs. "Misto, I have had a long day and really need to get to sleep. Please, let's not have any trouble okay?"

The tuxedo jumped down from the counter and into the lap of his owner, he purred affectionately as the magician scratched his chin. Not to be left out, Mungojerrie followed suits and jumped onto his lap as well pushing Mistoffelees to the floor. "Well! You're quite the sociable cat!" The magician exclaimed as he scratched the top of Mungojerrie's head. Mungojerrie gave Mistoffelees a smug look.

Mistoffelees' eyes flashed from their friendly rich green to a deep emerald. He was a caring type of feline, and always considered others before himself. However, this was a bit too far. The tuxedo got to his feet and shook his coat. "Fine then, if you want to play that way." Walking into the small laundry room in the back of the store Mistoffelees looked about until his eyes landed on exactly what he was looking for. He circled the basket of warm towels fresh from the dryer, "Purrrrrfect" with the grace that only a cat could possess, the tux pounced and landed in the bundle. He rolled around and snuggled as much as he could, building up that special trick he had perfected. After a short time the mystical feline stepped out of the basket and grinned "Ok Mungojerrie, my turn…"

Mungojerrie was on his back in the magicians' lap. He had one of the man's sleeves clamped tightly in his jaws and his claws were gripping his arm. The magician was laughing at the antics of the multicolored tabby. "You think you got me now, do you?"

Mistoffelees slowly crept his way back into the room. His own mystical aura adding to the static charge dancing around his whiskers. As he inched closer he simply sat beside the chair the two were occupying. He mewed softly to call attention to himself. His owner smiled as he looked down at him. "Misto, you aren't jealous are you?" He reached down to stroke his head, however the tux nimbly danced out of reach. The magician looked quizzically at his feline friend. "What are you up to, Misto?"

Mungojerrie rolled to his stomach, releasing the magicians arm from his grasp, ""ey now, what are ya doing?"

Mistoffelees smiled innocently rolling to his side, and began cleaning his face with one paw.

The magician shook his head at his quizzical feline. "I don’t think I shall ever understand you my friend."

Mungojerrie was trying to figure out what the magical feline was plotting when his eyes caught a sparkle of color on one of the shelves. Pulling a "I gotta be somewhere fast, even if I don’t know where I'm going" move that a cat is most famous for, the multi-colored tabby darted to the floor, he snapped his around left to right then bolted under the front counter.

The magician sat with his fingers pressed to his temples, "No, I shall never understand cats."

Mistoffelees had jumped to his feet, his gaze tracking Mungojerrie as he darted about. "What are you doing back there?" he called.

Mungojerrie didn't answer, as he was mesmerized by the collection of sparkling ribbons and glitter he had found. "This is perfect…Teazer will love them!"

Mistoffelees sneaked around the counter to see what his mischievous friend might be up to. The tabby sat with his eyes locked on the colorful display, he was carefully gathering a bundle of the ribbons together. "What are you doing?" He asked.

Mungojerrie didn't even glance in his direction, "Nothing really, just collecting."

Mistoffelees ears twitched, "What are you collecting?" he asked looking over Mungojerrie's shoulder.

"Shiny stuff." Mungojerrie said, still gathering the odd bits of ribbons and glitter.

Mistoffelees grinned at his friend, "Old habits die hard I guess, but you can't take all of those. My friend is sure to notice if that many are missing."

Mungojerrie ignored his comments and continued to increase the size of his bundle.

"Mungo, really…you can't take all of them." Mistoffelees said with a little more seriousness.

Mungojerrie remained entranced.

"Mungo, I mean it… you can't take them." The tux insisted, his static charge increased only slightly at his agitation.

Mungojerrie turned finally to face him, his arms full of the many metallic ribbons, his jaws clamped tightly on even more.

Mistoffelees stood blocking Mungojerrie's way, "You can't take them." He repeated, his tail flicked from side to side.

Mungojerrie took a few steps forward. "I 'ave to take them. They're for my Teazer."

Mistoffelees took a quick step towards him and grabbed a mouth full of the ribbons. "She can't have all of these!" he growled through his clenched teeth.

Mungojerrie clamped his jaws tighter and growled slightly.

Unknown to the two quarreling felines, Mistoffelees was charging yet again. The static danced at the tip of his ears sparking slightly at his whiskers, the emerald in his eyes melted away to deep amber.

"What are you two doing to my ribbons!" the magician exclaimed as he caught the site of the two shredding the new items recently ordered.

Mungojerrie's head snapped up to face him, the ribbon still firmly clenched in-between his teeth. Mistoffelees on the other hand was completely caught off guard at the outburst, in one instant he lost his unconscious control on his electric buildup. His surprise added to the intensity of his charge, sending the jolt flashing through his coat directly to the metallic ribbons in his mouth. Mungojerrie had time to blink once before the flash hit. Ribbons flew from their mouths, the bundle that Mungojerrie had collected sprung into the air. Both cats bolted, while the magician rolled with laughter at the entire scene.

Mistoffelees found himself under the display case. How he got there he had no recollection. His fur was on end, his whiskers sparked slightly as they touched one another, his eyes were wide and now flashed deep blue with hints of an electrical storm dancing behind them. Mungojerrie found himself on the highest display case, not unlike Mistoffelees, his fur was frazzled, his whiskers twitched in a rhythm of their own. His tail trashing, and a huge grin on his face.

"Never a dull moment!" the magician laughed as he peered under the counter at his remarkable feline. Mistoffelees sat unblinking. "You look like you went one on one with the dryer Misto!" He couldn't hide the laughter in his voice. Reaching he pulled the tux out and placed him on the counter top. "Now that was a show.. I don't suppose you could do that again? It would be quite the attention magnet at one of my shows." He was still chuckling as he tried to smooth the felines fur. "Oh! But that does remind me of something I had wanted you to see." Mistoffelees only sat in silence.

Mungojerrie was gathering his bearings, "I think I've enough excitement to last me at least one of my lives." Carefully he climbed down from his perch, jumping onto the counter he blinked a few times, a slight charge danced around his whiskers causing him to sneeze. "Um.. I think Teazer can do without the shocky thingys." He jumped down from the counter and went to the window, "I think I am ready to go."

Mistoffelees shook his head to clear it then joined him on the windowsill, "Wait…don't go just yet. What did you want to tell me?"

Mungojerrie took a deep breath, "Well you see I wanted to say that…."

"Here it is Misto. Let's see what you and your friend think." He approached the two cats and brought the tux to his arms. He was just about to reach out for Mungojerrie when the tabby jumped out the window. "Mistof…It's fascinating really, but…well I'll talk to you later." With that he trotted off, a slight static ping jumped from the tips of his ears now and then.

Mistoffelees twisted in the magician's arms watching his friend depart. "Well, that went well." He was placed on the tabletop and watched intently as his friend held out both hands in front of him.

"Which one Misto?" His friend challenged.

The magical cat took another look in the direction of the window, "I really should follow Mungo and see what he wanted to tell me. I should at least apologize for shocking us!" He quickly chose the hand that he knew his owner was hiding what ever it was in and waited till the game was finished. "As soon as this is done, I'll follow him."

The magician was taken back at the prompt decision of his cat. "You usually take longer to pick a hand, well I guess you know better." He slowly turned his hand over and opened his fingers. In the center of his palm was a small bundle of silk. Colors of red, purple, pink and yellow swirled on the soft fabric. Mistoffelees twitched his whiskers, his ears perked. "This is new.."

The magician carefully placed the small bundle the size of a plum on the table in front of Mistoffelees. "Go on, what do you think it is?"

The magical feline sniffed the small item with growing interest. He pawed at it a few times, when nothing happened he touched the top of the bundle where the silk seemed to come together. Suddenly the bundle began unfolding like a delicate flower. The inside was wonderfully decorated with ribbons of all assortments of size and colors. They bounced lightly as the silk folded away, the silk "petals" seemed to float as if on water. Mistoffelees couldn't resist a smile. He flashed his approval at his owner who now reached over and tugged on a small string that was attached to the underside of the silk, as gently as it had "bloomed" the small bundle came together once more. "It's called a "Floral Wonder", it's a wonder because you're supposed to wonder how it works, and a floral one for obvious reasons." Mistoffelees couldn't agree more. Stretching his owner ran a hand down his back and went to his bedroom. "I'm going to bed, and I'll just leave the window open for you, if you wish to leave fine, and if you wish to invite anymore of your friends fine, but I am going to sleep." With that he turn the last of the lights off and retired to his room.

Mistoffelees sat contemplating the small floral wonder at his paws. "This would be the perfect thing for Mungojerrie to give Rumpleteazer. And I'm sure it won't be missed…and if it is"… He grinned mischievously, "well I know how to get at least five-thousand more." Careful not to make any noise he gently picked the fascinating gift up in his mouth, jumped to the windowsill, and followed Mungojerrie's scent through the night.


Macavity's battered body screamed with every movement. This made no difference to the wild cat, his reign and territory was on the line and he would not let that go without a fight. Even of it meant it would cost him his life. He clawed his way to a stone wall only a few blocks away from his destination. With his superior eyes he could make out the Jellicle junkyard even without the aid of the flickering street lamp. He caught sight of foolish rodent that dared to come out and scamper across the road. Macavity grinned devilishly at the thought. He was no fool and knew exactly what he was doing; Neko would never challenge his authority again. Springing into a flash quick pounce that made his muscles shriek he masterfully pinned the rat to the ground, pausing only to catch the terror of his victim's eyes. Macavity smiled…"Soon Neko…you will wish like this small insignificant animal, that you were dead." The unfortunate rat's last squeak was the last and only sound that echoed into the night.

To be continued...

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