Confusions & Conclusions

Confusions & Conclusions

By: Gintora and Paxsar

As he crept closer, Mungojerrie picked up the scent of Macavity's henchcats, Neko and Kuroi, "They must be patrolling, they knew I would show up to rescue 'er" He crept down wind and made his way behind the warehouse. As he moved through the debris that was scattered, he froze at the approaching voices.

"She went wild on us, good think Neko was there with me, she didn't have a chance once we teamed up, we made fast work of her." Sainan laughed wickedly.

"What did Macavity say?" Kurai asked. She had no idea of the false report Sainan was weaving to save face or the fact they hadn't dared make a report to Macavity at all.

"Oh he was so pleased." Sainan said.

Sainan and Kurai walked right past where Mungojerrie was hiding and went to join the males. "Made fast work of 'er?" Mungojerrie was seething, "Then that must mean they 'ave….." He shook himself out of shock. "NO! I would know if she was 'urt…or d…." He glanced at their retreating forms "I'll take care of you Sainan, and Neko. If Teazer's 'urt or…worse…I'll kill you myself." He jumped up onto the loading deck, carefully making his way to the small window just above him.


Munkustrap and Mistoffelees were having trouble keeping up with Rumpleteazer; she was running full force and had no intention of slowing. "Teazer!" Mistoffelees called out almost out of breath. "Slow DOWN!" She didn’t even look back.

"Rumpleteazer, he's right! If you keep up at this pace you'll be to tired to do anything at all to help Mungojerrie!" Munkustrap shouted.

She slowed at that. "You’re right Munks, but I can't stop worrying that something 'orrible is 'appening to 'im."

Munkustrap and Mistoffelees were now beside her trying to catch their breath. "Don’t worry Rumpleteazer, we're all here to help you." The three of them looked at the others that joined them.

"Bomb, Quaxo, all of you," Rumpleteazer smiled thankfully at her friends, "Thank you."

"Wouldn’t miss if for anything," Tugger said.

"What are friends for?" Quaxo smiled

"My idea of a good time, right Bomb?" joked Alonzo

"Let's kick some Mac butt!" Bomb shouted. At a steady pace they continued to the hated cats' lair.


Mungojerrie looked up to the window leading into the back of the warehouse. All the windows in the building were boarded up, however this one was unique. This particular window was Macavity's escape route and Mungojerrie knew exactly where it led. Right behind the crates where the evil cat had made his throne. He dug at the earth making a shallow hole, depositing the small marble pawing it once. "Rumpleteazer, I don’t know what I would do without you." He covered the marble and took a deep breath. "Please be safe, my love." With one last glance at the covered reminder of his life, Mungojerrie jumped up on a few stacked crates right below the small window. Leaping quietly into the small ledge he pushed one of the boards to the side and carefully entered the dark lair.


As they approached closer to the hideout, Mistoffelees felt a cold shiver run up his spine. "Someone's around here.." He whispered "And Mungojerrie passed this way." They all walked slow, creeping closer to the hideout. Mistoffelees' ears twitched "Over there" he whispered. They could make out the forms of Neko and Kuroi sitting just off to the side, talking to each other.

"We should attack them while they are distracted" suggested Alonzo.

Tugger and Quaxo agreed and were about to start advancing when Mistoffelees darted in front of them. "No, wait…here come the others." Sainan and Kurai walked into view; Sainan had a wicked smile on her face. She had told a good story and Kurai had believed every word.

Munkustrap called for a huddle, "We know we have to get into the warehouse and these guys aren’t going to make it easy for us. The best thing to do is cause a distraction, Tugger, that will be up to you, Alonzo, Bomb, you take Kurai and Neko. Teazer and Quaxo, you take Sainan and Kuroi. Mistoffelees and myself will go through the entrance when you have them occupied. All agreed?"

Rumpleteazer shook her head, "No way, Munks. Jerrie's in there, I 'ave to 'elp him!"

Munkustrap knew that she was devoted to helping her mate at all costs, but there was no way he was going to let her go head to head with Macavity. Not that she couldn’t handle herself, however if anything happened to her he knew Mungojerrie would never forgive him. "That's if Mungojerrie is still around to hate me at all" Another thought entered his mind "If Mungojerrie is injured or worse, he wouldn’t want her to see him in that state." He looked directly into her eyes with all seriousness. "Rumpleteazer, if we are going to be of any help to Mungojerrie we have to get in there first. And the only way we are going to be able to do that is if we take care of the four of them" He indicated the forms of Macavity's henchcats.

Rumpleteazer reluctantly accepted her task, "Natch, Munks. But as soon as we're done I'm coming in." Munkustrap nodded.

"Okay!! Lets get this show started!" Tugger's enthusiastic growl set the mood.

The four black Maine Coons sat near the entrance of the warehouse. Neko was adding falsehoods to the story he and Sainan had fabricated to keep both Kurai and Kuroi from discovering the truth. "You should've been there… it was just too much fun to finally get our claws into that housecat. She didn’t stand a chance…." The twins both gave and evil grin. "Did she scream much?" Kuroi asked. "Or did ya get her and not give her a chance to scream?" Kurai sneered.

Alonzo and Bombalurina moved slowly to position themselves to the right of the hated henchcats. There were plenty of weeds and tall grass around to hide their movements. Quaxo and Rumpleteazer moved to flank them on the left, both were equally hidden. Rum Tum Tugger shook his mane and flicked his tail. "Ok, handsome, you're on" Rum Tum Tugger, being a Maine Coon himself "And a down right handsome one at that!" was of equal size to Neko, who was the largest of the group. He casually walked into view. "Hello!" He shouted, catching their attention. " I was wondering if you….OH!..Well well.. Hi there ladies" he gave his most dashing smile. Kurai couldn't resist a small grin "I am very pleased to meet you beauties." He moved closer to the group.

"Are you crazy or something?" Kuroi growled. Kurai's smile had not escaped his notice. Tugger ignored him and brushed past him to sit in-between Kurai and Sainan. He wrapped an arm around each female's shoulder.

"Where have you two lovelies been hiding all my life?" He purred loudly tickling Kurai with his tail, while still looking at Sainan.

Neko glared at him with hatred. "What do you think you are doing?!" He shouted as he stomped towards Tugger.

Tugger ignored his advancement and turned to Kurai; "Did you hear something beautiful?" She blushed and giggled.

Kuroi sprung, his claws unsheathed, his fur standing on end. " THAT'S IT!! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR!!!" He slashed wildly at Tugger catching his mane and spinning him away from the females. They rolled on the ground finally coming to halt just inches away from the crouched forms of Bomb and Alonzo.

"Wait…. wait…." Alonzo whispered.

Neko shoved Sainan and Kurai. "That was real stupid Kurai! Get out of the way!" He charged forward to increase the odds against Tugger. "Slice him 'Roi! Grip his throat!"

He was only a foot away and was about to launch himself at the back of Tugger when a flash of white and black threw him off balance. Alonzo landed on Neko's chest his claws digging into his shoulders. Bombalurina sprung out at the same time knocking Kuroi from his grip on Tugger's mane.

"And I thought you had forgotten all about me." Tugger teased Bomb.

She gave a feral grin, "Not a chance Tug…"

Kuroi regained his footing and charged her. Bomb dropped into a low crouch and gave a wicked laugh "Com'on! I dare you!"

Tugger raised an eyebrow…."Bomb… this is a new side of you I haven't seen.."

She gave him a wink. "I'm just getting started!" she shouted, as she charged towards Kuroi.

"It's an ambush!" Sainan screamed. "I'll go tell the Boss!" she turned to run into the entrance of the warehouse but was caught short when she almost collided with the form of Rumpleteazer.

"Going somewhere?" Rumpleteazer smirked.

Kurai looked at Sainan with disgust "Took care of her? Dug you claws into her? SHE LOOKS PRETTY GOOD FOR SOMEONE WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF!"

Quaxo stood behind the irate female. "Now ladies… is this anyway to behave among friends?"

Kurai turned sharply staring him in the eyes. "You're no friend… YOU'RE DEAD!" she screamed as she swiped at him with her claws.

Quaxo dodged and stood next to Rumpleteazer. "Quite the friendly bunch, hey Rumple?"

"Quite" She agreed.

Kurai and Sainan glared at the two of them. "MRoooOWR!!!" both charged.

Mistoffelees and Munkustrap both remained hidden in the weeds. Their ears twitched at the sounds of fighting. "Com'on Misto, while they are distracted." They started towards the entrance and were only a few feet away when Mistoffelees stopped to sniff the area.

"Hey Munku, Mungojerrie has been this way but it's an old scent." He sniffed the area and started walking in the opposite direction leading to the back of the warehouse.

"What is it, Misto?" Munkustrap questioned behind him sniffing the ground himself.

"Can you smell that? His scent over here means he walked this way recently" Mistoffelees continued to walk around the warehouse.

"You're right, he seemed to stop here for a moment." Munkustrap agreed as he sniffed the air.

Mistoffelees walked with his nose in the air; "He definitely went this way… there must be another way in." They both cautiously went behind the warehouse.

"Up there." Mistoffelees indicated with his nose.

Both felines jumped on the crates and followed Mungojerrie's scent inside.


Mungojerrie crept along the small ledge along the inside window. He was behind the crates, and could see through them, the sleeping form of Macavity caught his attention. Mungojerrie carefully edged closer, careful not to make any sounds that might give away his presence. He jumped down from the ledge and inched closer to the crates. Carefully he climbed the stack; his experience of cat burgling with Rumpleteazer made him a master at moving without a sound. His mind flashed as memories of her flooded his senses. He was almost at the top of the crates now. They were positioned in a stair like fashion. The crates themselves were at least 3ft high and equally as wide. Stacked on one another they made a horseshoe shape and in the center, 3 crates high was Macavity's self-made throne. It was in the "seat" of the throne where the hated cat slept now. Mungojerrie climbed to the highest point looking down at the sleeping feline. His eyes almost blurred by hatred. He wanted to jump on him now, to tear into his neck, to end his life. He stopped himself as he realized his jaw was clenched, his teeth bared and his fur bristling. He inhaled slowly. "I 'ave to find out what 'e did with Teazer first. Then I'll kill 'im." He dug his claws into the wood of the crates and flicked his tail, his eyes locked on his target. "Where…. Is…she….?" he whispered.

Macavity's yellow-green eyes sprung open at the sound of his voice. He looked around frantically, confused that there was no one in sight. "I must have been dreaming." he muttered to himself.

"You're going to wish you 'ad been." Mungojerrie growled in response.

Macavity sprung from his throne to the floor spinning around to look at the owner of the voice that had come from behind him. "WHO DARES?!" He was caught completely off guard and that was something that just didn't happen to him. He was not happy at this intrusion.

"Where. Is. She?" Mungojerrie repeated his eyes firmly locked on the others'.

Macavity relaxed as recognition set in, his eyes narrowed and a wicked grin spread across his face. "Ah! Mungojerrie, what a…. Pleasant surprise." He stared back unblinking. "I never really wanted to waste my time killing you before, Mungojerrie, but now, after this obvious display of lack of respect, I can't think of a better punishment."

Mungojerrie resisted his urge to launch himself at him, "WHERE IS SHE?!?!" he shouted his voice echoing off the walls.

Macavity was perplexed, it was one thing for this cat to sneak up on him, and another to challenge him, but this cat obviously thinks he was responsible for…something. He gave a smug grin and shrugged his shoulders, well if it was making this housecat that angry, and was that a worried note he caught in his voice? he wished he had thought of whatever it was himself. "This is going to be fun". He relaxed into a sitting position and turned his head to examine an upraised paw, flexing his claws as he spoke. "Wouldn't you like to know."

Mungojerrie was trembling with frustration, he wanted nothing more than to rip the hated feline apart. "Tell me where she is." he growled.

Macavity couldn’t resist a smile to himself. "Ah! So this is about his precious little female…the plot thickens…" He turned his gaze back to Mungojerrie, "What makes you think you can just come in here and start demanding? Really Mungojerrie, I thought you had more smarts for that."

Mungojerrie was growing more furious by the moment, his tail was trashing, his eyes were watering from hate, and his fur was standing on end. "WHAT 'AVE YOU DONE WITH 'ER?!" He shouted with all his frustration and hatred behind his words.

Macavity's eyes flickered slightly; he lowered his paw to the ground and turned his back to the enraged feline. Glancing once over his shoulder he couldn't resist playing this mind twisting game, he could see the anger in the tabby's eyes, and he could see the struggle the feline was going through. It was wonderful to see someone in so much pain. He started walking away, "I killed her." He said simply. "That will get him riled," he thought to himself.

The words hit Mungojerrie with a force so strong it left him paralyzed. His mind was reeling, "Killed? His love was d…d… But I would 'ave known, somehow, someway, my 'eart would 'ave told me she was gone from my life. I would 'ave known!" His entire body trembled; it was too much to endure. "And it's all my fault" he whispered to himself. His thoughts filled with images of her. Her infectious giggle, her breathtaking smile. The bright twinkle in her eyes whenever she had looked at him. "And now she is …." He couldn't say it; his heart wouldn't accept it. "But what else am I supposed to think?" His mind gave him another image, her pleading eyes, wanting to help him, just to be there for him, and what did he do? He had turned and walked away from her. "'ow could I 'ave been so cruel?" As he fought to keep his emotions under control he was brought back to the present by a cold, and evil laugh.

"OH…Mungojerrie…this is too rich! You don't know what to do, do you? Poor house cat. Are you missing your little friend? Want to run away, back to your precious family?" Macavity was enjoying Mungojerrie's obvious grief. "And I didn't even have to do anything at all! He thinks I really killed her!" He couldn't resist as he broke into a laughing fit. "This couldn't have gone better if I HAD planned it!"

Mungojerrie stood motionless on the crates, his eyes wide and never blinking. Macavity stood and moved away again. As he turned his back, something in Mungojerrie snapped. Whatever small and unconscious thought held him in check disappeared at that moment. There was nothing in his mind but the over whelming sorrow for the loss of his loved one and the hate that had built from day to day for the creature that now walked away from him. A growl slowly emerged from his throat. It grew with such intensity Mungojerrie's throat burned. His eyes were empty and unfeeling and his body was numb. Instinct took over. Without warning he launched himself at Macavity's turned form. He slammed into the larger cats' frame with such a force he was stunned himself as the wind was knocked out of him. Macavity was driven down, his head making a loud CRACK as it met the floor, his teeth clicked together causing him to bite his tongue. Mungojerrie regained his footing first and only stared at the fallen form of his enemy. He stood trembling slightly his adrenaline was flowing, his heart rate racing. And he wanted more. Seeing Macavity defeated so easily was not a victory for him. He wanted the hated animal to know what true pain and suffering was. His eyes narrowed, and he took a step to the still form.


Neko thrashed and rolled, dislodging Alonzo from his back. "You think you can take me!?" He snarled, plowing into Alonzo's stomach. The wind was forced from him and he fell to his back, immediately twisting to get to his feet. Neko pounced and caught the black and white tom's shoulder. Alonzo held back a cry as his shoulder was shredded. He scrapped with his back feet and slashed with his front, finally landing a solid swipe across Neko's face. A single claw sliced a gash that ran from his eyebrow to his cheek. Neko let out a howl at the sudden burst of pain. His first reflex was to reach and cover his eye, this left his torso exposed. Alonzo saw his chance, he tackled the black Maine Coon and gripped his throat. Neko regained his footing but was at an awkward angle. His head was twisted back as Alonzo's grip tightened. Neko tried to slice at Alonzo but the black and white tom kept out of his reach by staying behind him. His jaws never lost their hold. Neko struggled wildly trying to get away from the tightening grip that was closing on his windpipe. He trashed and jerked, but to no avail. Finally exhausted and due to lack of oxygen he collapsed to the ground unconscious. Alonzo shook his head once jerking the now limp form of Neko. Getting no response he let go letting Neko's head fall with a thud to the floor. "I know I can take you Neko…anytime..anywhere.." He growled.

Rum Tum Tugger was enthralled, he had never seen Bombalurina in such a fury. She and Kuroi were twisting and rolling around at a furious pace. On more than one occasion he felt compelled to join in and help her, however each time he thought she might need help Bomb proved to be and exceptional fighter. She jumped back avoiding another attack from the larger cat. Her grin still showing.

"I'd say she's enjoying this.." Tugger thought "Hmm… note to self…don't get Bomb angry."

Bombalurina and Kuroi were circling each other; Kuroi gripped the ground with his front claw and swung his back legs around knocking Bomb to her side. Tugger took a step closer, once again however Bomb proved the better fighter. He waited until the last possible second and when Kuroi was almost on top of her she kicked out with her back legs using all her might. Kuroi felt her feet connect with his stomach and then he was soaring head over heels through the air. His landing was anything but cat-like as his body came down on the unconscious form of his partner Neko. His head knocked together with Neko's, he blinking once and crumpled to the floor.

Alonzo came around to join Tugger and Bomb. "Wow Bomb! That was some impressive fighting."

" Thanks 'Lonzo" She smiled

Tugger gave her a hug, "I never knew you were such a skilled fighter!" secretly he was checking her over for any injuries. Finding none he playfully ducked and weaved. "Mabey you and me should go a little one on one?" he gave her his mischievous smile.

She bopped him on the head "I'll wipe the floor with you."

Tugger turned to look at Alonzo to make a comment, but his eyes widened at the site of his shoulder. "Alonzo!"

Bomb turned her attention to him as well. "Oh no, Alonzo, is it deep?"

Alonzo moved his shoulder in a small rotation, wincing as he did so. "It's not as bad as it looks." He started to clean his wound, making a face at the taste of his own blood. "Yuck…"

Tugger draped an arm around Bombalurina's shoulders, "You see Alonzo, you need to take lessons from Bomb here. She doesn't have a scratch on her."

Alonzo rolled his eyes, "Come on, we better see how Rumpleteazer and Quaxo are doing."

Tugger turned his head to the direction of the others, "You're right! Let’s go!" He and Bombalurina started to dash off, but skidded to a halt remembering the injury Alonzo had suffered. Looking back at the black and white tom they could see Alonzo was having a hard time keeping up with them.

"It's okay, I'll be fine, check on the others." he said. Tugger and Bomb nodded once and dashed away.

Quaxo dodged again as Kurai swiped at him.

"Hold still!" she growled.

Quaxo raised an eyebrow, "Are you for real?" He dodged again as her claws swung at his face.

Rumpleteazer jumped back, avoiding Sainan's teeth as they clinked together. "This is taking to much time! I 'ave to get inside and check on Jerrie!"

Sainan stuck out with her claws again; Rumpleteazer barely managed to roll away. Sainan charged her again, hissing and slashing. Quaxo backed away from Kurai, he didn’t want to fight her. Not that he wasn't up to the challenge, it was just he didn’t really like to fight if he didn't have to. He swung around and kicked her back, causing her to tumble forward. As she stumbled she was upset that she had been kicked, but her features changed as she saw Rumpleteazer in her path. Instead of righting herself she went with her motion and slammed into Rumpleteazer's back. She clawed at her with fury. Rumpleteazer tried to roll away without success. Quaxo saw the error of his move and ran to assist her.

"Oh no you don't!" shouted Sainan. She jumped over the two females to land in front of him.

Quaxo gave a sigh of exasperation, "Well she asked for it" He was about to engage her when an idea formed. "OH LOOK! It’s Macavity!" he pointed to the entrance of the warehouse.

Sainan and Kurai both snapped their heads around "WHERE?!"

Rumpleteazer took the opportunity to recover and she scrambled away from Kurai. "Mabey they're as smart as they look?" she commented.

Quaxo shrugged his shoulders "You might have a point."

Both enraged females turned to face Quaxo and Rumpleteazer. "That was a cheap trick!" shouted Kurai.

"Yea and you fell for it." responded Tugger, as he and Bomb approached closer.

"You!" Kurai glanced around, "Neko? Kuroi?"

Sainan growled low, "What did you do to them?"

Bomb fixed her eyes on them both, never blinking, "The same thing we’re going to do to you if you don't behave."

Kurai glanced at Sainan seeing that they were greatly outnumbered, both admitted to defeat. " We didn’t want to waste time fighting you anyway." Kurai said as she turned her nose up at them. Sainan mimicked the gesture "Right, you're all lucky."

Tugger rolled his eyes, "Right…lucky us." Alonzo finally joined them, looking around he relieved to see that everyone was fine.

Rumpleteazer silently crept away from them, catching the scent of Munkustrap and Mistoffelees. "They didn’t go in the front?" she followed her nose around the building.


Munkustrap and Mistoffelees both jumped down from the window ledge, landing on the concrete floor of the warehouse quietly they emerged from behind the crates. They had listened to the exchange of words between Mungojerrie and Macavity.

"Macavity's making Mungojerrie believe he killed Rumpleteazer!" Mistoffelees whispered.

Munkustrap only nodded as both moved around the crates for a better view. They were both unprepared for the sudden attack Mungojerrie had launched at Macavity. It all happened so fast. They both could see Mungojerrie standing near the limp form of the wild cat.

"Wow I didn't know he was going to take him out so quickly." Mistoffelees whispered.

Munkustrap saw Macavity stir. "Hold that thought Misto, it looks like things are only going to get worse."


Macavity growled as he pushed himself up to his feet. "That … was … very … very … stupid." He spat blood and wiped his mouth with the back of his paw. Turning, he locked his eyes on the orange and black intruder.

Mungojerrie met his gaze unmoving. Macavity took a few paces closer to the tabby, his eyes never blinking. His claws scraping the concrete as he walked. "I am going to make sure you pay for that with your life" He growled.

Mungojerrie took a step closer. "You're wrong, Macavity." He took another step. " It is your life that I expect as payment for the death of my love."

The evil cat grinned, "You don't have the….."

He was cut short as Mungojerrie sprung forward. His heart was broken and filled with hate. Macavity was not quick enough to dodge the attack. Mungojerrie had him pinned to the ground, his claws digging into his chest, his jaws clamped onto his throat. Macavity slashed with his back feet against Mungojerrie's belly. Mungojerrie quickly positioned himself on the side of his enemy, his jaws never losing their hold. Macavity was a larger and stronger opponent though and he twisted to his feet. The skin on his throat tore from Mungojerrie's grip. He brought his front right claw up and slashed at Mungojerrie's side, leaving a deep gash. Mungojerrie twisted away as the pain registered, but it only added fuel to the fire that was raging within him. Macavity brought a paw to the torn skin at his neck, wincing slightly, however it was not a deep wound. His eyes narrowed and he advanced. Mungojerrie watched the others movements, he waited until he saw the muscles in Macavity's back legs shift. Mungojerrie sprung away at the last second then used his momentum to twist around facing Macavity's back. He dug his front claws into his shoulder blades his back claws scraped Macavity's long form. Mungojerrie latched onto an ear. Macavity bolted forward trying to dislodge his attacker. He thrashed his head around causing his ear to be ripped to shreds through Mungojerrie's teeth. Macavity threw himself to the floor, and onto his back forcing Mungojerrie's head to slam against the hard floor stunning him slightly. It was enough for Macavity, once Mungojerrie's grip was released he spun around pinning the tabby beneath him. Mungojerrie lay on his back, head throbbing, his side burning and his vision blurred. Macavity bared his teeth; he raised one of his front claws digging into Mungojerrie's chest, the other raised high.


Rumpleteazer sniffed the air, following the scent around the warehouse and under the small window. "So that's where you guys went." She was about to jump up when she caught another scent. "Jerrie?" She sniffed the ground and came upon the area where Mungojerrie had hidden his treasure. She dug at the earth revealing the small glass marble. She looked at it in wonder, the orange and black swirls captivating her. "This looks like my Jerrie." Picking the marble up in her mouth she turned to follow the path of the others through the small window.

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