Coricopat & Tantomile

Coricopat & Tantomile-- The Italian Twins

By: Puck

Coricopat and Tantomile are the two finest cats from Italy
Their fur it is sleek
and I hope I do not have tell you their names phoenetically
Their ancestors are known to have brunched with the Pope
And a few others whom are not meek
Their owners they carried them across to the ocean with hope
That a new life was to be found in Merry Old England
Which made the twin duo quite sick

Tantomille and Coricopat look exactly alike
Except one is a 'he' and the other a 'she'
But one can hardly tell who is who
For they mimic each other exactly
Every step of the way
Even when they flee
Is exactly the same
No one knows if this Jellicle duo are brother and sister
Or mates For this Italian twosome
They never are seperated
Never at all
Side by side they march through the streets
Making sure that the other is at their right or left side
Ka pit ker pat is all that is heard from the feets
For even that is carefully syncronized as it echoes loudly of the walls
And when the owner feeds them and tries to call them by name
(Which most of the time they are wrong, might I add)
Coricopat and Tantomille just put on a silly grin
They do not get angry for mis-matched identity
But when the owner is gone
They laugh and they laugh
And of course all very sychronized

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