The New Two

The New Two

By: Crow

Hello, my name is Crow. Im a black cat, and am a magician. The reason for this is because my master is a magician. He performs very amazing things.

He has made it snow inside a building, he has been cut in half by a huge fan, and has even flown off the ground just by wanting to. His Audiences have captured the awe of millions. I myself was not shocked at all, neither was my sister Mistra.

He'd let us read his instructions and watch him practice all of his illusions. I am about to tell you the tale of how i became a jelicle cat, and how I met my best friend Mistoffelees. Another magician.


Bombalurina and Demeter were walking along the street talking about whatever it is they talk about, which had to do with either Munkustrap or Rum Tum Tugger. It figures they'd talk about their men. As they were walking down the street they saw a white moving truck pulling up to a big house.

Three men opened the back of the truck and two black cats popped out of it.

One was a tom. He was tall, thin, and looked mysterious. Not like Macavity, but still mysterious.

The queen was a little shorter, about the size of Bombalurina, and was pretty well sleek.

Bombalurina felt a twinge of jealousy over her, for her figure was somewhat better than hers.

"Hello!" Shouted demeter, anxious to meet them.

"Hi." said the queen. her voice was one of those always seductive ones you hear in the movies.

"Hello."said the tom. His voice was soft but deep. He smiled at Bombalurina, acknowledging her prescence. Bomb knew he was flirting, but was suprised. She was suprised he would notice her, instead of the cat right next to him.

"What's your names?" asked Demeter.

"I am Dove." said the queen.

"I am Crow." said the tom.

Crow quickly flipped out a paw, and a long wooden rod came from it. He held it up, and electrcity was emmeiting from the end of it, he then shot a streak of lightning into a bush, but didnt burn it at all.

Bombalurina and Demeter were slack jawed in awe.

"What're you gawking at?" asked Crow.

"You have powers like Mistoffelees!" said Bomb.

"So she speaks!" said Crow.

"Hmm, dove. Strange name for a black cat." said Dem.

"My master is obsessed with magic.One of his tours is named 'Dreams and Nightmares'." said Dove.

"IN which case, im te dream, and shes the nightmare!" declared Crow.

Crow then ran away quickly as his sister hissed.

"You are going to pay for that,Crow!" hissed Dove.

"Whao. Hes a big guy, and he runs from you?" asked Demeter.

"I fight better than you think. You have no idea how many toms flirt with me when im in a bad mood."

"Ahh, i see." said Demeter.

"So what are your names?" asked Crow, coming back.

"Im Bombalurina and this is Demeter." said Bomb.

"Fancy names." said Dove.

Bombalurina tapped Demeter on the shoulder.

"We'll be back in just a second, don't go anywhere!"said Bombalurina.

Bomb and dem whispered to each other.

"Do you think we should introduce them to the other Jellicles?" asked Bombalurina.

"Yes!" said Dem.

"But what about Misto? WHat'll he think of the crow guy? He seems like a match for Mr.M."

"Jmm, but still, the Jellicle Ball is only two months away! I want them to be a part of it!"

"Alright! Calm down!"

The twosome then came back and told crow and dove of the jellicles. Crow and Dove both liked the sound of it. They had grown up with a man who loved performing. SO it came natural to them to sing and dance.

"I could perform my magic!" said Crow.

BOmb and Dem both thought of what Mr.M'd do when he hard of another magician, and one who had grown up WITH a magician master! He would be so ashamed if Crow ever upstaged him!

"Well lets get going." said Demeter.

WIth that, the four set off to the junkyard.


"Tugger!" shouted Misto.

"Yeah?" replied tugger.

"I have a new trick to do! Wanna watch?"


Mr.M had developed a new trick, in which he took a toy cat, and made it real.

"Gather everyone!" said Jenny.

"Oh goody! A new trick!" said Jemima.

Mr.M stepped up on the platform on which he was suposed to perform, and opened a dollhouse's doors open so everyone could see inside. He then took a plush toy kitten, and a small one at that, in side it. He shut the doors of the dollhouse, waved his hand over it, and when he opened the doors again, the doll had doubled in size. He then repeated these steps, and it tripled. Finally it got very big, it took up the whole dollhouse, and when he shut the doors again for the last time, a huge balst of smoke ignited, and the roof of the dollhouse blew off, and Victoria stepped out.

"oohhhh..." said Jemima, a big fan of Mr.M. Jemima had a crush on Misto, but didn't want to let on. She knew he loved Victoria, she didn't want to know that he did, but she knew he did.

"Very nice." said Crow, stepping into the junkyard.

"But i can do better." he added.

"Just who are you to be saying your better than I?" said Misto with a smug grin. He thought no one could top his magic at all in the world.

"I am Crow, this is my sister." he said, pulling a big red silk cloth from his paws. He put it straight out, and when he dropped it, the sexy black cat appeared next to him from seemingly noplace. Misto was not too happy.

"SO what?!Ive done that!" he said proudly.

"But you never brought such a sexy cat." said Tugger, walking over to the black cat.

"Hi, im RUm Tum Tugger, just call me tugger." he said.

"Hi Tugger." said Dove.

Bombalurina was mortified. She was more than mortified, she was totally pissed off.

"May i ask your name?" said Tugger, extra smoothly.

"I am Dove." said Dove smiling.

Crow realized Tugger was flirting and stepped between the two.

"And i am her broher, Crow." He said.

"Nice to meet you,Crow." said tugger.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too." said Crow.

Tugger had the aching suspicion that he wasnt wanted, and went over to Bombalurina, who had stormed away.

"Hey B-" Tugger was stopped short by a scratching paw to the face.

"Ow! What was that for?!" he asked.

"I don't believe you did that!" said Bomb.

"Did what?!" asked Tugger confused.

"I don't believe how dense you are!" said Bomb, walking away even more angrily than before.

"What did i say?!" asked Tugger to himself.

"Hey Crow, nice effects." said Misto.

"Yeah, your pretty good too." said Crow.

Misto was acting all friendly with this guy, but he had bad intentions. All magicians get jeaous when another magician barges into his act. Misto, for the first time, wanted to hurt someone. He felt the first twinge of true anger in his whole life, and he didn't like it at all. It actually made him a little scared. He didn't want to fighten Victoria away from him. But he couldn't let this guy Crow upstage him! He didn't know what to do. So, naturally, he started off to the vicarage wall.

Deuteronomy was drinking some cream when misto popped in.

"Oh, im sorry, I'll go." said Misto.

"Nonsense",said Old D, "WHy have you come?"

"Well, sir, theres two new cats..."

"Thats great to hear! Who are they?"

"One is a big tom named crow, the other a queen named Dove. They are both magic cats..." 'How does he do it?!' Misto thought to himself. Old Deuteronomy had a way of readiong people, not magic mind you, but it was still very amazing.

"Yes, Sir." Said Misto.

"Well, remember this..." Misto moved closer.

"As long as you believe in your self, you will always succed."

"Thank you!" said Misto running off.

Misto felt a little better now. He knew that guy could never top the bringing back of Old Deuteronomy. He really felt better.

"May i speak to you for a minute?" asked Dove to Crow.

"Coming." said Crow, trying to get past the others who wanted to ask "Hows it done?", as they did to Misto.

"Yeah wh-" he was cut short by his sister smacking him.

"WHy do you ALWAYS but in on my life?!" she asked.


"Yes! I thought that guy looked cute!"

"CUTE?! WHAT AM I HEARING?! Hes trash!"

"No, YOU are acting like trash."

"Take that back..."

"No. I don't take back anything I say about hypocrites."

Crow did NOT like being called a hypocrite. He left very angered.

"Men." said Dove, who was just as agravated. Ever scince they were younger, it seemed Crow was the only one allowed to meet others of the opposite sex and flirt with them at all. The last cat who tried to go with dove ended up with a lot of blood spilt.


Mr.M came back into the junkyard and almost as if on cue, out came Victoria. "Hey Powderpuff!" she said jokingly.

"No! Not powderpuff! I hate that name!" said Mr.M.

"Powderpuff!" said Victoria playing again.

"No!" Mr.M shouted as he ran and hid. While all of this was happening, a pair of sinister eyes was watching the two. Macavity, being an older cat, not as old as Jenny or Gus mind you, but still older, had seen the young sexy Dove.

He was always plotting revenge on Mr.M for what he had done though. He was gonna get him back one way... or another. Macavity's twisted mind thought up many things to do to him. Perhaps torture him by letting him starve, and then eating in front of him. Or maybe catnapping Victoria, and doing to her what he had done to Bombalurina and Demeter.

And we all know what he did, now don't we? They were getting close, and macavity ran off.

"COme all!" said a voice. Crow was performing a magic show. Misto came and watched the illusions. They mistfyed everyone except Misto.

Misto walked off angrily at the end.

This cat was good.

VERY good.


"I challenge you to a magicians showdown!" said Misto.

"Wha..?" asked Crow.

"Misto! Calm down!" said Victoria.

"No! We will see who is the better Magical cat!"

"Alright, i accept!" said Crow.


The next night, they had the showdown.

Misto had spme great illusions. He made Victoria appear and dissapear in many places.

Crow cut himslf in half with a fan and lived.

Misto floated off the ground and vanished and reapeared.

Crow walked right through the vicarage wall!

Misto took three chairs stacked on top of one another, and made them vanish!

Crow went up to the big vertical car, and...POOF! It vanished!

By the time it was over, Crow had won the challenge.

Victoria went over, along with all the other queens, and congratulated him.

Misto saw this. All the other Queens were flirting, he thought she was.

Misto followed Crow.

"Hey." he said tapping his shoulder, Crow just dismissed it.

Misto tunred him around and shoved him against the brick wall.

"Stay away from victoria."

"What?" said Crow, angered.

Misto slashed his face trying to get the point across. He realized he'd made a mistake.

"You're dead." was what Crow said.

After all was said and done, Misto was lying on the ground. Dying.

Crow came back to all his fans.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" asked Dove.

"Misto a..attacked me."

"WHAT! MY MISTO?!" said Victoria not believing it.

"Yeah... hes dead." said Crow, not realizing he was talking to VIc.

"What?" said Vic, tears rolling down her face.

She ran into the alley and let out the most blood curdling scream any cat ever heard.

"Misto..." she said.

"Vic... am i hurt bad?"

Vic just cried on his shoulder.

"Vic... dont cry... be happy ..."

"Happy?! How can i be happy?!" she asked through tears.

" me...vicki.. You ... have to go... on."

"I don't wan to live without you..."

"Don't ever...say that... Look Vicki... I am dying... but please... don't be depressed..."

"I can't help it..."

"Look Vicki... *gasp* please... *gasp* never" Misto's breathe slowed down... till it stopped.

When the other cats got there they were shocked.


Munkustrap was facing a tough decision. What to do about Crow. He took his place on the magical tire.

"Yes... We have to decide." he said.

"We have heard Crow's side of the story, and since we can not prove either if it was on purpose or defense, we rest this case." said Old Deuteronomy.

Not everyone agreed with him, but most agreed with the wise old cat.

Victoria wasn't there.

She was at home, crying loudly.

Jemima was with her.

"Are you okay Vicki?" she asked.

"No... my mistoffelees." she cried.

Dove then walked in.

"H-hello?" she called out.

"Come in Dove." said Victoria.

"I'd like to apologise for my brothers actions..."

"No. Misto attacked him, because he thought Crow was stealing me away... I don't blame him for attacking, but why did he attack someone so big?" she resumed crying on her little feather pillow of a bed.

"Yeah... Victoria? I'm sorry still..." said Dove.

"its okay." said Victoria, forcing a smile.

Victoria was emotionally unstable for quite some time. The next time she went out everyone felt pity on her. However Pouncival, told them not to say 'Sorry' or anything else that would show pity, it would just make her sadder, and put her into a deeper depression. The others started to wonder why Pouncy cared.

But then again not many know Pouncival's background. His mother was put into depression beause his father had died three nights after he was born. He had gotten beaten by some of Macavity's thugs. And Pouncy noticed when he said "sorry he died" his mom got even more depressed. His mom has long since been dead, but he still doesn't want to see people be depressed at any time. Especially a friends 'close' friend. Thats why he cared so much.

"Hey Pounce, why do you care so much about vicki?" asked Plato.

Pouncival looked at him with shock.

"Are you totally heartless?" he said, then pounced away.

Victoria was on the roof of her house singing 'Mr.Mistoffelees'.

He felt sorry for her. He knew she loved Mistoffelees. Misto was his friend. He felt he had to take care of Victoria. He watched her fall asleep.

He picked her up easily, for she was very light. She hadn't eaten right in a long time. Carefully, he took her in through the cat door, putting her in her catbed. He even took the liberty of taking a big cloth and covering her with it. Then he left, back to the junkyard.

Tugger's house wasn't far from Vickis, and he was out and about.

"Pouncival! What do you think your doing coming from vickis house THIS late at night?"

"Don't start Tugger, she hasn't eaten right. She was very light when i picked her up."

"For what reason did you pick her up?" Tugger said grinning.

"Tugger, i feel its my job to watch her. And look out for her. I followed her, and heard her singing to Mr.M's music. She still loves him, so don't start." said Pouncival, who was very steamed at Tugger.


As Pouncival got to his home, which was in the junkyard, he fell fast asleep.

He thought of the Jellicle Ball. And Mistoffelees. His friend. But he wasn't here anymore. Maybe sometime soon, they'll see him again.

The End.

Whoa..that's one surreal fic!