Dangerous Days

Beyond The Walls

By: Nattie

The day was colder than most and Misto' was thinking more than usual. He had decided not to go to the junkyard; Misto' didn't want to see Munkustrap again, not just yet.

In an instant Misto' was knocked to the ground. "Oof," said a familiar voice.

Misto' looked up and to his surprise he had discovered that he had ran into Mungojerrie! "'Jerrie? What are you doing around this part of town?"

' Jerrie looked at Misto' strangely. "I was banished, remember? If a cat is banished from the tribe, no Jellicle is allowed to talk to him."

"Oh," Misto' replied in a huff, "I don't care about that stupid rule. Munkustrap should never have banished you."

"Don't say that Misto'. If Jellicles and non-Jellicles were allowed to talk to each other, then we would be in a world of trouble! Why, you would have Macavity's gang over our looking over our shoulder all the time!"

"Yeah, I suppose you are right. But I am not changing my mind on the fact that Munkustrap banished you. I think that was a big mistake."

"'Jerrie?" 'Teaser called, "'Jerrie, where are you?"

"Over here!" 'Jerrie called out.

"Oh, I didn't know you were talking to Misto'," 'Teaser said, trotting up to them.

"Well, it was more of an apology for bumping into each other."

"'Jerrie," 'Teaser replied, "don't lie to me. I know what happened."

"You do?"

"Yes, it's quite obvious."

While 'Jerrie and 'Teaser were talking, Misto' listened. Little did they know that a short distance away a small kitten was watching them.

"I wonder what they are up to," Jemima asked herself, sneaking closer to the trio to listen in on their conversation.

"Why don't we take a walk in the park?" Misto' suggested.

"Nah, the Jellicles will see us," Mungojerrie informed.

"Oh, they're in that stage again," Jemima told herself. "Maybe I can find Etcetera somewhere." Jemima wandered into the Jellicle Junkyard and sure enough, she found Etcetera.

"Jemima, have you seen Misto'?" asked Munkustrap, "I've been looking all over for him."

"Yeah. Just now in fact," Jemima replied, "He was talking to Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser. They were thinking about going to the park.

Munkustrap frowned and tried to keep his emotions inside. "Thank you, Jemima," he said. "This isn't like Misto' at all. Talking to banished cats? Definitely a first," he muttered.


"What!" Mistoffelees yelled, "You told Munkustrap what!"

Jemima shrank back in fear. She had never seen Mistoffelees this angry before in her whole life. "I-I-I didn't know they were banished, Mr. Mistoffelees, honest! Besides, I can't lie, can I?"

Mistoffelees paced across the length of the old car. His eyes were filled with anger, but most of all, fear. "Will you please leave Jemima?" he asked.

"Yes, Mr. Mistoffelees."

"Thank you." As soon as Jemima was out of sight, Mistoffelees ran towards Victoria Grove.


"But that's Impossible!"

"No it's not, 'Jerrie," Misto' replied.

"How is it not impossible to sneak into Macavity's lair, find you way to the exact dungeon that Demeter is in, unlock the dungeon and get Demeter out of Macavity's place without you or Demeter getting hurt and without Macavity finding out until you are gone?"

"I'm magical, remember? I can get Demeter out of her dungeon that way. I'm small enough to slip past the guards and I can use my magic to fight any guards I do come up against. That leaves, how many problems to solve?"

"Well I can see that I'm not going to win this fight. But I still won't let you know where Macavity's place is without having some sort of reassurance that you will come out alive, or at least in one piece,"

"And how might I prove that?"

"Well," Mungojerrie thought, "I suppose you could perform some small exercises for me. I know that they would make you stronger…"

"…I can't wait forever! I have to rescue Demeter as soon as possible!"

"Well, I guess I can show you where Demeter is being hidden. Come on, follow me."

Mungojerrie made his way to the window and jumped out. Walking the opposite direction of the Jellicle Junkyard, he passed a large amount of abandoned buildings. "Wait here," he instructed as Misto' sat down in front of an old factory. 'Jerrie jumped into one of the first-story windows and disappeared. A few minutes later Rumpleteaser showed up. "So you want to rescue Demeter?" she asked.

"Yes," Misto' nodded.

"Okay. I won't argue with you. You are too smart to do anything totally stupid." Mungojerrie met up with 'Teaser and Misto'. "If we are going to do this, we are going to have go now," he commented.

"What is he doing?" Skimble' thought to himself. Misto' had entered Victoria and left with Mungojerrie, a banished Jellicle. But now he was going into Jellicle- forbidden territory and talking to 'Teaser too! And where were they going now? The trio had started to walk away, past more buildings that appeared abandoned.

After several minutes, 'Jerrie stopped and sat facing Mistoffelees. A few words were exchanged and then 'Teaser and 'Jerrie slipped into an alleyway afterwards.

'Jerrie's words kept ringing in his head. "And remember, Misto'. Come out alive. I don't want you to get hurt."

"And remember," 'Teaser had put in, "You go past the next three buildings and turn left. Then you go down a block and turn right. That's the back entrance. Only two guards are there."

Misto' awakened from his daydream by a startling "CRASH," and he scrambled to find a hiding place. After scampering into the shadows, Misto's heart rate went up like a rocket. What had he done to cause such a racket?

Two cats streamed past him and around the corner. Then a loud hiss was heard. It finally dawned upon Misto' that the two cats were those that were guarding the back entrance to Macavity's lair, if what 'Teaser had told him was true. Misto' made a mad dash for the entrance.


Macavity stepped back and turned the two queens around. There was terror in Demeter's eyes and her whole body was quivering; numerous wounds scarred her coat and blood emerged from them. Nattie was in equal a condition as Demeter. "Put them in their cell," Macavity instructed. A guard nodded and took them to the door, but didn't make it far enough to dodge out of the way a small cat who had just entered.

Macavity studied the arrival carefully, as he did whenever any cat entered the room. He was all black except for the white on his face, chest and three tiny white paws. This was a cat Macavity had not seen before.

With one swipe Mistoffelees threw the guard aside and stepped in front of Demeter.

Macavity oozed cool confidence as the small black cat walked toward him, ready to fight.

"Let Demeter go, Macavity," Mistoffelees threatened in a deep, almost horrifying voice, "or I'll turn you in to shish kebab.

A thin, tight-lipped smile crossed Macavity mouth as he stepped forward again, seeing if this small kitten even dared touch the famous napoleon of crime.

The cats circled for several minutes and finally stopped. Standing, Mistoffelees pointed a single finger at Macavity. After a few year-like moments, a giant puff of smoke shot out of Misto's paw tips and the black cat disappeared and reappeared behind Macavity. The smoke settled and Misto' pounced on Macavity, while the giant cat was still off guard.

Macavity roared in frustration. A puny wimp of a kitten had gotten the best of him! How dare he! Macavity would not let the cat leave without a fight. Macavity rolled over and over with the kitten until he landed on top of him. Macavity's evil smile said more of him than was needed.

Mistoffelees was under the cat's grip, and Macavity thought it was the end for the black cat. Mistoffelees looked directly at Macavity and with equal cunning, he grinned right back. This confused the older cat.

This kitten was on the brink of death and he was smiling? What could be so hilarious? Macavity's smile vanished.

Mistoffelees all of the sudden disappeared and reappeared in front of Demeter. Grabbing the weak queen, he high-tailed it out of the large room. Demeter was set down in front of the stairs and she quickly said,

"We've got to go back."

"Why?" Misto' asked. Now he was the confused one.

"Natura is still in there. I can't let Macavity hurt her."

"Do we have to go back?" Misto' asked, still gulping for air.


Misto' groaned and headed back. Upon returning the trio disappeared and reappeared a safe distance away from Macavity's hideout. The trio said nothing but kept their thought to themselves. Misto' had the most to think about. He was most mad at the queen Demeter called Natura. The queen had the guts to scratch him on the nose. What nerve!

Macavity stood at the entrance of his torture chamber. The black cat had more skills than expected. Macavity was amazed at the cat's talent. Suddenly it occurred to Macavity. It was true! Macavity went over a new plan of action in his head. "You will soon be at my side, Mistoffelees. My son."

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