Life and Death

Life and Death

By: Tamanoella

4. But Then Again, Why Bother Trusting Them In The First Place
Eclise snuck out of the Junkyard, cackling evilly. She made it down the street before she exploded into fits of laughter "These Jellicles are so stupid!" She laughed. She glanced around to see if anyone had heard, then ran off down the street, every so often to stop and tell a lamp post how stupid the Jellicle Tribe was. To think that they had trusted her! "Of course," she admitted to herself, "They didn't know who she really was."

Eclise walked up to the doors of an old building, as she approached a voice could be heard from the other side, "WHO IS IT?!" Eclise sighed and opened the door, and kicked the rat the had spoken in the stomach, "Me, you idiot!" She hissed at him and continued to the main room. She heard the scuffle of paws behind her as another rat dragged the injured one away, "Rats are just as good dead," she called back to them, "You're lucky I was in a good mood!"

Seated on a large sofa cushion in the middle of the room lay Macavity. Eclise slowly walked up to him and looked him over, "I do believe your "thrown" has gotten softer since those Jellicles beat you. Macavity hissed at her, normaly he told himself, he would have made sure she would never talk again, but he was still feeling weak. Best go with what you have. "Where is Lix?" Asked Macavity. "I killed him," replied Eclise.

"WHAT!?" Roared Mac, none to happy about having his best hench-cat killed, "I said for you guys to pretend to be mates, and you KILLED HIM!?" Eclise sat down and started to like her paw, "I needed some reason for the cats to start and distrust each other."

"Oh I see, really great, so now what?" Hissed Mac.

"Well ever since I killed the magic cat, Mistofelees-"

"YOU KILLED MISTOFELEES?!" Screamed Macavity.

"Yes I had to, he almost found out I killed Lix."

Macavity gave Eclise a long look, "You know what you're there for, I expect you to do it. Now GO!" Eclise took her time getting out of the room, just before she left she turned around and hissed at Macavity, "Go back to bed my dear brother, just don't be surprised if one day you wake up and find that your hench-cats are no longer on your side. Just thank me, your little sister." Macavity shuddered as she left, he knew every word she said could be true.

5. Munkustrap

Tugger lay, depressed, on his house's porch, a full food bowl in front of him. He didn't feel like eating. "Poor Misto," he thought sadly. It hadn't been that long since he had been talking to him in the Junkyard, giving him advice on how to get Victoria. Not that he had ever followed it... With nothing better to do Tugger lifted himself up and left for the Junkyard. A shadow stepped out of a bush by the porch and swore. Eclise dug in the food dish till she came up with the Tylenol she had placed in there. "Good for humans, deadly for cats," she thought . Now she had to get to the Junkyard, to see if her other victim hadn't been so lucky. Taking a side path she passed Tugger and raced ahead to the Junkyard.

Tugger walked into a scene of chaos. Bombalurina was holding a hysterical Demeter, Jennyanydots and Jellylorum kept rushing in and out of the pipe, Alonzo looked VERY nervous, and the other cats were rushing about here and there. Tugger stopped Plato as he rushed to the pipe with a bucket of water, "Hey Plato, what's going on? Where's Munk?" Plato just rushed forward leaving Tugger confused, and slightly wet. Bombalurina said something to Cassandra and she took up the place of comforting Demeter. Bombalurina ran over to Tugger and grabbed him and nestled her face in his mane. Tugger gave her an odd look but stood still. Bombalurina shook herself out and explained shakily, "Dem and Munk came to the Junkyard this morning. Munk said he didn't feel that well, but we thought he would get over it. Then just about ten minuets ago he started to convulse and...." "And....?" Asked Tugger.

"He....he's dying!" Cried Bomb.

Tugger felt frozen, "No! Not Munk!" He thought. Breaking away from Bombalurina he rushed into the pipe. Munkustrap was constantly getting soaked with buckets of water as he shook. Jenny and Jelly were holding each other and whimpering.

"Tugger, he...he..." Said Jenny and started to sob. Tugger glanced around, his eyes settled on something in the corner. It was Munk's food dish!

"What's that doing here?" He asked the two queens.

"Demeter brought it over since Munk has to be in the Junkyard before most cats, but he was still hungry," answered Jenny. Tugger stared at it for a second then rushed over and started digging through it. He got some odd look from the cats in the pipe and the ones looking in. Finally his claws found a little pill, with Tylenol written on it.

"What's that?" Asked Jenny. Tugger was for once glad his owner was a doctor.

"It's a type of pill that can kill cats," he explained, "I still don't know what to do about Munk," he said sadly.

Jenny and Jelly sat up happily, "We do..." Said Jenny and pulled Munk upright. Jelly grabbed him and swiftly performed the heimlich maneuver. Munkustrap coughed and shook violently, and lost all that he had eaten that day. But the Tylenol was gone too. He leaned back up against Jelly and moaned. "He'll be all right!" Proclaimed Jenny.

Tugger dashed outside, "HE'LL BE OKAY!" The cats cheered and whooped, all but one that is. Eclise frowned. Not only had Tugger escaped today, but now Munkustrap wouldn't die, and she still had her mission to do because of it. Oh, but she would find a way...

To be continued...

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