Through The Shadows

Through The Shadows

By: Kristi Lynne


Demeter sighed with relief as Macavity disappeared into the night. Whether he came back to stalk her again, she didn't know, for Macavity was such an unpredictable cat.

Sighing, she cursed herself again for even getting involved with that creep, and she shook her head in self-recrimination. The reason that seemed so ridiculous now was far from being absurd at the time.

As she sat in the moonlight licking away the wounds of her mate Alonzo, her conscience, already smitten with fear and regret, led her back to a kitten whose envy for her older sister nearly cost her her life.


Chapter 1

It hadn't always been this way. When she and Bombalurina were young, they were inseperable and could rival Coricopat and Tantomile in that aspect. They shared everything with one another. It wasn't until Bombalurina started taking an interest in the toms that their relationship, as intricate as a ball of yarn, began to unravel...


"Holy Beluga Caviar!" yelled Bombalurina. Demeter looked up lazily from the backseat of the old Chevy that served as their home.

"What?" asked Demeter.

"I've landed a date with the Tugger!" she exclaimed. Demeter yawned and stretched herself in the setting sun on top of the Chevy.

"Bring your pillow. That hot-head would bore you to death with all his bluster and bragging about himself." replied Demeter. Bombalurina looked at her younger littermate in shock.

"What has gotten into you lately?" asked Bombalurina. Her tone was not a pleasant one. "You think Pouncival's too horny, Admetus too stupid, Tumblebrutus too dorky, and now you think Tugger's too full of it. You've put down every tom I've dated so far. Now just what is your problem?"

Demeter looked down quietly at her older sister, guilt enveloping her. "Nothing Bomba. Enjoy your date." she said softly, and turned her head.

Bombalurina shook her head in exasperation and began to get ready. "Honestly, she can be the world's biggest basket-case sometimes." she muttered.


After Bombalurina left, Demeter slunk off the roof of the old Chevy. She hadn't meant to bitch at Bomba like that. Bomba couldn't help it that she was very attractive and loud, for it was her personality, just as she, Demeter, was a sullen and quiety kitty, with a tongue dripping sarcasm, and a dark sense of humor bubbling just beneath the surface of her demeanor.

But why did she feel anger? Bombalurina had no control over the tom's opinions of her little sis. In fact, Bombalurina would most likely put in a good word for her.

Demeter clenched her paws into tight fists. "If only I had a can of tuna for each time some tom referred to me as 'Bomba's little sis' I'd never have to dig in the trash cans for food again."

She didn't realize her expression changed into a malicious sneer, nor did she notice the lithe ginger tom approach her...

To be continued....

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