Demeter and Macavity, a Love Unrequited

Demeter and Macavity, a Love Unrequited


Authors Note: I’m not entirely sure how many people will agree with the way I tell this story. Most people I’ve spoken to feel that Demeter knows when MaCavity’s around during the Ball because she was kidnapped as a kitten. I thought that it seemed more likely for her to be kidnapped after the Ball that MaCavity was actually at. I think that her encounter with MaCavity before the Ball gave her a good sense of him so, that is my theory as to why she knew he was there all three times. But only T.S. Eliot and Andrew Lloyd Weber really know, so I guess artistic license is allowed! Hope you enjoy my story!!

As MaCavity walked closer to her, the sneer on his face softened into a calm, almost loving, smile. Demeter watched him slowly; her eyes still full of fear. He stepped in front of her, and she just barely resisted the urge to run. He reached out his paw and touched her face with the back of it.

“Ah my Demeter, you do so wish to go, don’t you?” She didn’t move at all, it was as if she was frozen in time. She blinked, not wanted to let him hypnotize her.

“MaCavity, you’ve got to let me go! I don’t belong here! I don’t fit here… and no one likes me.” She then turned away from him, her eyes tearful.

“But my dear Demeter, I like you…”


Demeter woke suddenly from the awful dream, shaking slightly. Her sister, Bombalurina woke as well and placed an arm around her. “Another nightmare, hun?”

“Yeah… it’s the same as always.” Then Munkustrap glanced over from the huge broken down car and saw the two sisters awake. He slid off the car and walked over.

“Morning ladies, you’re up early, aren’t you?” Bombalurina smiled and nudged Demeter who blushed slightly. “Demi had a nightmare…” Munkustrap nodded solemnly and turned to Demeter.

“About MaCavity?” Demeter nodded slightly and looked down at the floor. Munkustrap took one look at her and sat down next to her. “Do you want to talk about it Demi?” Demeter bit her lip and then nodded slowly.

“Who knows? Maybe it’ll help?” And so, Demeter told them both about the dream she’d been having since she’d escaped from MaCavity’s grasps. It involved him professing his love for her… something she didn’t understand at all. All the stories about MaCavity she had heard made it seem like he was cruel and heartless. How then, could he love her? When she finished telling Munkustrap and Bombalurina about her dream, she noticed that there was someone else listening. A small red cat was sitting on the ground and looking up at Demeter, and her eyes betrayed her fear when Demeter looked at her.

“I…uh… I…” Demeter smiled slightly and gestured for the cat to come and join her.

“Rumpleteazer, how long have you been there?” Munkustrap looked at her, his eyes stern and slightly angry. Demeter, upon seeing his look, nudged him slightly in the side.

“It’s alright, Munk. I don’t mind if she listens.” “I’ve been sittin’ ‘ere awhile… I just wanted to listen to your story,” Rumpleteazer replied. Demeter smiled again.

“Don’t worry about it, Teaze, I don’t mind much. After all, both Munk and Rina know my story so, I suppose others should know it as well.”

Rumpleteazer smiled and settled down in front of Demeter. “So, what’d ‘e do to you? Mungo’s warned me ‘bout ‘im but I don’ know much other than gossip. I ‘eard ‘e’s ten feet tall and ‘e can strike you down if you look in ‘is eyes!” Bombalurina grinned slightly and then she glanced at Demeter, remembering what her sister went through, and the grin left her face. Demeter nodded solemnly and closed her eyes for a moment. Munkustrap gently placed his arm around her shoulders and she looked up and smiled at him. She then began her story again.

“Well, he’s not ten feet tall but it’s true that he can hypnotize you if you look at him long enough… he did it to me… almost…” Demeter slipped into her true tale of fear, nights alone and a one-way love.


As Demeter walked along the alleyways to the Junkyard, she thought about the year before. Today was the one-year anniversary of her becoming an adult. This year, Mistofolees would be admitted into the mids (known by the adults as teenagers) group. It would certainly please him but she wasn’t too sure as to how Victoria and Jemima would react. Those two loved playing with him but, he’d probably think he was “too mature” to play with them now… but who knows? Maybe he won’t mind. Demeter was still musing about the Ball when a cat jumped out in front of her. She jumped and hissed slightly and then, looked at the tall, brown cat standing in front of her and smiled slightly.

“Hey Tugger, what’s up?” She grinned and glanced behind her, wondering where her sister was.

“Nothing yet, babes… where’s your sis?”

“I figure she’s off flirting…” Demeter grinned mischievously at the look of confusion, even slight anger on Tugger’s face. He would never admit it, but he definitely liked that sleek red cat, Bombalurina. There was something about her attitude that interested him. He glanced at Rina’s sister who was openly watching his face and smirked.

“Well, hope she’s havin’ fun… need an escort to the Ball?” Demeter grinned again as Tugger put out his arm like Bustopher Jones would have. She took his arm and they began to walk towards the Ball. They were talking about things, Rina in particular, when Demeter jumped for the second time that day. A tall, sleek, brown and red cat leapt in front of them. Tugger growled under his breath but the other cat didn’t come into the light. He stood in the deep shadows and chuckled softly.

“So, is this all that the Jellicles have to brag about? A little kitten and a lanky male?” Demeter hissed softly and the cat spoke again, “Well, aren’t we feisty? Perfect, you’ll do just fine… now come along.” Demeter peered into the shadow, her eyes filled with confusion.

“What are you talking about?” Demeter’s words were filled with contempt. “We’re not going anywhere with -- ow!” Tugger jabbed her in the side.

“Well, Mac, long time, no see…” Tugger’s words were more like growls than anything else. “Too bad it wasn’t long enough. What are you planning this time? All I’ve got is a little kitten who needs to get to the Junkyard and talk to Old Deuteronomy about her adulthood.” At those words, Demeter growled, thinking that Tugger had forgotten that she’d become an adult last year, but then as he glanced at her, she saw that his eyes were full of something she’d never seen in them before: fear. She shut up and thought to herself, Tugger’s scared? Who in the world is this?!? Who could possibly scare Tugger?

“Well, well, well, Tugger, you curious cat…” He chortled softly. “How have you been? You know, that offer for you to join me is still open… but I don’t suppose you’d want to leave your precious Jellicles.”

“Oh, get out of here MaCavity, this is Jellicles’ land and you know it…”

“Ah, but my dear Tugger, you are merely in the home stretch… you aren’t safe yet.” MaCavity stepped into the light. Demeter gasped softly. “In fact, Tugger, I’d like that ‘little kitten’ of yours to come with me… I’ve got something for her to do.” Tugger pulled Demeter against his chest, one arm around her, knowing that Bombalurina would never forgive him if he let harm come to her sister.

“Get out MaCavity, I could get all the Jellicles on you in seconds, and you know it.” MaCavity hissed slightly at Tugger and stepped closer.

“Well, Tugger, you can keep her for now, but I’ll get her… I promise you that I will.” He hissed again and then reached his paw up slowly and grabbed Demeter’s paw and kissed it. She thought that he’d finally leave, but then he swiped at Tugger’s cheek with his claws. He turned quickly and disappeared into the night, laughing evilly. Demeter spun around and looked at Tugger’s face. She reached up slowly and touched the place where MaCavity had cut him. She let out a breath that she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding.

“Um… it’ll heal alright, there won’t be any scar.” Demeter glanced up at him; her eyes still frightened but their usual mischief slightly covering that. Tugger looked down at her, his eyes nervous and then he smiled.

“Thanks hun, I was worried about that for a sec.” He glanced through the alley to where the Junkyard was and then whispered in Demeter’s ear, “Race ya!” She grinned, although her eyes were still nervous, and ran into the yard with Tugger close behind her.


“WoW!” Demeter slipped out of her memories at the new voice shouting. She looked up and saw that Mistofolees, Victoria, Jemima, Electra, Etcetera, Alonzo, and Pouncival had all come over and were listening. Demeter looked at all the cats that would soon be taken into the upper kittens group, more commonly known as the mid-cats. Her eyes rested on Misto for a moment and she shuddered slightly, remembering that the Jellicle Ball that she was telling of was when he’d grown up and had been taken into the mids group… and Victoria had too, although she hadn’t been expected to. Then, she realized that it was Misto’s shout that had pulled her off of Memory Lane.

“Misto! She’s trying to tell the story! Be quiet!” Munkustrap’s yell echoed through the sisters’ small sleeping area where they all sat. Rumpleteazer nudged Mistofolees in the side and Electra whispered for him to shut up. Demeter glanced around, and she realized her eyes had been shut the whole time she’d been talking. She tensed instinctively, sensing someone behind her. She turned slightly in Munkustrap’s arms but then, smiled slightly when she saw Tugger.

“You telling my story, hun?” He smiled back at her and then sat down next to Bombalurina. Demeter smirked.

“Yeah, your story… when was it was your story? Well, I suppose it was… kinda- up till now. Sorry Tugger, you’ve been pushed from the spotlight.” Tugger grimaced slightly at her words as if they hurt him and then he grinned.

“Well, get on with it, babe. It’s your turn to step into the limelights. Although I’m not sure how well green will go with that lovely shade of red that you and your sis up here both have. But anyway, we’ve got all afternoon to listen… at least until the rest of the Jellicles get here for the Ball. By the way, you did realize that today is the same day as when you got back 2 years ago, didn’t you?” Demeter gasped slightly and then thought about it for a moment. She then nodded. Today, exactly 2 years ago, MaCavity had set her free and she’d gone home. She snuggled closer into Munkustrap’s arms, which still held her tight, and slipped back into her story…


Tugger and Demeter made it to the Ball all right, although no one really understood why they were so out o breath when they got there. When Bombalurina saw Demeter with Tugger, she came over and started complaining about how they’d almost been late and she’d been worried etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Demeter wanted to tell her about MaCavity, but Tugger shushed her and took Bombalurina off to his own little world. Demeter turned away and began to walk towards the kittens. She stopped, remembering that she’d been officially an adult for a whole year now and she couldn’t act like a kitten anymore. She looked around the Junkyard to see who had arrived so far. She waved at Mistofolees, Etcetera, Electra, and Victoria, smiled at Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie, and then her smile broadened when she saw Munkustrap. She really did like him, a lot. He was so nice to everyone, except Tugger but that could be understood – brothers always fight. She watched him for a moment and then suddenly turned away afraid that someone might have seen her. She hoped that Tugger would tell Munkustrap or Old Deuteronomy about MaCavity, she sure didn’t want to. But I might have to, she thought, Tugger’ll be too busy prepping to show off for the other cats in his song. Bombalurina hadn’t told her that she had any songs to do so she guessed that she’d end up telling the others whether or not she liked it. Suddenly, the Junkyard was empty except for her. A car sped passed, and she hissed, for the lights flashed in her eyes and startled her. She raced off into the tunnels and then, she realized that the Ball had begun. She peeked out through the tunnel and crept out after she saw other cats coming out. When Munkustrap began the song that always starts the Ball, she suddenly knew what to do. She sang her part loud and clear and joined in the Jellicle Dance…


Demeter stopped for a moment and looked at Munkustrap, Tugger, Bombalurina and the others around her. She smiled softly; remembering her first true Jellicle Ball like it was yesterday. She looked once again and saw that some of the new kittens had gathered around her: Ishkabibble, Skiliom, Mistorie, and Polinicia. Ishkabibble blushed slightly when Demeter looked at her. That one was the leader of the newest kittens, and it was obvious. They followed her every move and loved all the games she loved. In fact, Ishkabibble looked a lot like Jemima. That would probably be because she had the same parents: Skimbleshanks and JennyAnyDots. Ishkabibble giggled softly and smiled shyly at Demeter.

“We heard you… telling a story and we wanted to listen so we came over.” Demeter smiled gently at the small kittens. She then glanced at the soon-to-be mids and smiled. They were looking at the kittens with such longing, as if they wished they could still act like that. They don’t even realize that they do act like that. She grinned slightly.

“I don’t mind you listening but it’s getting a little crowded in here. Munk, is anyone using the TSE1?” She smiled as she glanced at Tugger’s face. She grinned when she saw the surprised look on his face. He never expected her to use his nickname for the old car. Munkustrap thought for a moment and then shook his head.

“I don’t think so… and where on Earth did you get that name for the car?” Demeter just smiled mysteriously, glanced at Tugger and jumped down off her cushions.

“Let’s go out to the car. You kittens… and mids, bring the pillows along.” Munkustrap held out his paw for Demeter and she took it in hers. They all walked out to the TSE1 and opened up the trunk. Munkustrap, Demeter, Bombalurina and Tugger sat down inside the trunk and the kittens curled on the ground, ready to listen to the rest of Demeter’s story. Demeter sighed softly and prepared to go on. Munkustrap looked at her, his eyes slightly worried.

“You can stop if you want, Demi. They don’t need to know the whole story now, do they?” Demeter smiled slightly and squeezed his paw. “They might not need to know it all, but I need to tell it all.” Munkustrap nodded.

“I understand.” Demeter lapsed back into her story… “That Jellicle Ball is the one you all hear about. The Jellicle Ball I'm talking about is the one where JennyAnyDots, Tugger, Skimble, Bustopher, Gus and even Misto made their appearances. You also hear about how MaCavity impersonated Deuteronomy and I discovered his disguise. One of the worst things that happened that year was the fight.” Demeter looked at Munkustrap and smiled slightly, squeezing his paw. “After MaCavity was uncovered, he fought with Munkustrap and Munk almost died defending us. After MaCavity disappeared into the night, Misto brought Deuteronomy back and then Grizabella went to the Heavyside Layer. But, you never hear about what happened after the Ball, and that is where I’m coming in…”


After the Ball was over, Demeter walked along behind Tugger and Bombalurina. Suddenly, Munkustrap came running up behind her. Then he did something that surprised her: he rubbed against her shoulder in greeting and slowed to match her stride. She shivered slightly with happiness. She’d thought that it had only been chance that she’d been the one that he’d come to help him clean his wounds after his fight with MaCavity. She kept walking, but her steps were lighter and happier.

“Hi Demi.” He whispered when he spoke and glanced over at Tugger and Bombalurina. “So, how long has my brother been chasing your sister?” He smiled warmly and so did she.

“Oh, I don’t know… since before I became an adult I think. Who knows? Maybe someday he’ll catch her.” She grinned mischievously. “By the way, Demeter, we all owe you a lot. I don’t know how you knew that it was MaCavity all those times and then you knew that it was MaCavity who came back as Deuteronomy and not the real Deuteronomy, but if you hadn’t, we’d all be lost. And… um… thanks for caring for my wounds. I really appreciate it.” She glanced at him and she would have sworn that he was blushing and then she realized that now she could tell him about her encounter with MaCavity today.

“Munk, the reason that I sensed him was that Tugger and I…” She paused when he turned suddenly and looked behind him. “I’ll be right back, Demi, I think there’s a kitten back there. Don’t go anywhere…” He ran back to an alleyway and stepped in. Demeter stood there silently waiting. She glanced ahead, but her sister and Tugger were already gone. She began to walk towards the alleyway, worried about Munkustrap. Suddenly she saw a familiar form walk out into the by-street. She shuddered, remembering the song that she and Bombalurina had sung about MaCavity at the Ball. The figure in the by-street chuckled.

“Well, well, well my pet. I hear that you’ve been talking about me. And you’re the one who ruined my plans for your little Ball this evening…” Demeter nearly screamed but controlled herself and took a few steps towards the alley-way. MaCavity was several feet away from the alley. She inched her way towards it, keeping her eyes on MaCavity and praying that Munkustrap was all right. Finally she reached a spot on the wall opposite the alley where she could see into the alley. Her worst fears were confirmed: Munkustrap was being held tight by some of MaCavity’s rats.

“Let him go!” Demeter shouted at MaCavity over and over again. He grabbed her by her front legs and squeezed them together tight.

“Oh, I will sweetie, I will. Soon enough. We must have someone to tell dear Old Deuteronomy about what has happened to Munkustrap’s new playmate.” He chortled wickedly. Demeter hissed angrily.

“I am not your sweetie and I am not a playmate! He was just walking me home! He walks everyone home!” She growled deeply. MaCavity took one look at her face… and he laughed.

“You, my dear… if you prove bad in stealing… will be a source of infinite laughter!” He laughed again and then looked into the alley-way. “You, in there, Munkustrap, your darling mother, Grizabella, finally got out didn’t she? I did think she’d say goodbye to her other son before she left, but then, I always was considered a failure by her.” From the by-street, Demeter could hear Munkustrap hissing and growling and trying to break free. She moaned softly, horrified that she might have endangered the life of their future leader.

“Munk, don’t worry about me! Just get out of…” Her helpless shouts were brought to an end when MaCavity hit her in the side of her head. The last thing she heard was: “Let him go and take her to the Lair.” Then, everything went black.

When she awoke, several hours later, she was sitting on an old red velvet couch. Her paws were tied loosely to the legs. She struggled slightly but then a cat, who was holding a large club in his hands, walked over.

“Hey! Knock that off! You better or else Mac’ll come in here and then it’ll all be over for all of us!” The guard pushed her shoulders back onto the couch. He scowled slightly and then grinned,

“Were ya scared?” Demeter looked up at him in confusion. Her golden-green eyes flashed with defiance.

“NO. Not at all!” The guard laughed.

“Sure ya weren’t.” He snickered and walked back over to the door. Moments later, MaCavity walked in.

“Well, my dear, how did you sleep?” He chuckled. “Hope you didn’t mind those ‘bracelets’ too much. They were necessary, you do realize that, don’t you?” She looked away, her eyes angry and sad. “Leave me alone MaCavity!”

“Oh, soon enough dear, I will… you must begin your training and I don’t get to interfere until the very end.” He smiled evilly and glanced meaningfully at the guard who shuddered under his gaze.


“Yes. You are to become the Hidden Pawessa.” Demeter realized what that meant but played dumb.

“Pardon? The what?” MaCavity glanced angrily at the guard.

“Didn’t you tell her anything that she needs to know?”

“Um,” the guard stuttered. “I was instructed to tell her nothing.”

“WHAT? You are all morons,” MaCavity roared. “YOU were to explain about the Hidden Paw to her.”

“Oh. I’m awfully sorry, sir! Really I am! Please,” the guard got down on his knees in front of MaCavity. “I beg your forgiveness!” MaCavity sneered.

“Get out you idiot! OUT!” The guard raced out the door. MaCavity smiled slightly and then turned to Demeter. “The Hidden Paw, my dear, is I. I am the Napoleon of Crime as well… you should know that though… you did do that lovely little song about me tonight.” He smirked.

“Um. I think my sis sang that part and I wasn’t really paying much attention anyway… the music just comes. Like from above or something.” MaCavity sneered again.

“From above? Well, I suppose intelligence isn’t a strong point for the Jellicles!” He laughed to himself and then looked at her again. “You, my dear, will be my wife.”


A gasp came from the crowd surrounding Demeter and the other adults. She looked up and saw that Skimbleshanks, JennyAnyDots, Mungojerrie and Tumblebrutus had joined the adults in the car and Cassandra, Exotica and Jellyorum were sitting or lying on the floor with the kids. She glanced around to see who had gasped and smiled when she saw that it had been Etcetera.

“That couldn’t have been good, Demi. What’d you say to him?” Demeter smiled slightly at Etcetera.

“Well, Cettie, I was about to tell you… but you kinda interrupted.” Etcetera blushed a little.

“I’m sorry, Demi," Etcetera murmured. Munkustrap growled softly and looked around the Yard.

“Ok! NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS PLEASE! There’s only so much time before the Ball starts and if you all interrupt, we won’t be able to finish in time.” Tugger grinned at Demeter, mimicking Munkustrap’s words with a fake cranky expression on his face. Demeter giggled slightly and then covered her mouth with her hands as Munkustrap looked at her with a cranky expression on his face. She glanced at Tugger who was again copying Munkustrap. He had the exact same expression on his face and he was trying to hide his laughter. Demeter turned slightly and whacked him, not too hard, on the head.

“Do you mind, Tug? I am trying to tell a story…” Tugger grinned again as Bombalurina kissed his head.

“Go on then babes, we don’t have all night!” Demeter smirked and lapsed back into her story…

“MaCavity had just told me that I was to be his mate…”


Demeter shrieked at MaCavity, “NO! I will NOT be your wife… your mate or anything of the sort! I won’t be a thief and I won’t be an assassin so you might as well just LET ME GO!” He pushed her against the wall. “I won’t MaCavity! I won’t!”

“My dearest Demeter, I know that you love Munkustrap… I’ve seen you look at him many times. Well, you know what? I’m his brother. I’m just as worthy of you as he is. Hell, I could even be ruler of the Jellicles if I wanted! Don’t you see? I’ve been watching you since your first Jellicle Ball. I’ve watched you grow up and become an adult. I’ve seen everything that’s happened to you at the Junkyard. I know that you live with your sister in the trashed pick-up truck outside the Yard. I know that your sister likes Tugger. I know you better than you know yourself.” MaCavity glanced at the door, making sure that there were no guards around. “Demeter, you are my one and only weakness! I love you!” Demeter gasped, and then her eyes went hard, as if to stone.

“You, MaCavity, could never love anyone! You’re too busy with those evil rats of yours! You’re too busy stealing and kidnapping and whatever else you do!” MaCavity sighed and Demeter thought that she actually heard real emotion in that sigh- true sadness.

“Demeter, I have a proposition to make with you. If you will stay with me for two weeks, take classes for robbery and spend time with me and you still want to leave, then I’ll let you. I’ll escort you myself. Is it a deal?” Demeter looked at him, suspicion in her eyes. She glanced at his outstretched paw.

“Fine. Two weeks—14 days and that’s it.” She tentatively shook his paw. “It’s a deal.”

MaCavity nodded and then walked out the door.


During the next two weeks, Demeter saw a side of MaCavity that she’d never even thought existed. He was kind to her, even though he was really mean to the rats and his cats. She ate well, was treated well, and took the strange robbery classes. She didn’t understand why she’d decided to stay, but her life at MaCavity’s Lair wasn’t really all that bad. He let her send a short message to her sister, warning her not to tell anyone where she was, merely to tell Munkustrap and the others that she was o.k. She spent a lot of time with MaCavity and began to grow to like him. He wasn’t much like Munkustrap, but the differences weren’t all for the bad. They were both leaders, both had many responsibilities and both were considered cats to be like~ by their separate groups. Finally the day of her decision came. MaCavity told her that he would ask her at the end of the day and she spent all day in her room thinking about it. She truly liked MaCavity, but it wasn’t love, it wasn’t the same way she felt for Munkustrap. She also didn’t fit here. Everyone knew that she was a Jellicle, so not many of them trusted her. In fact, no one except the teacher, who had been really hard on her, and MaCavity had talked to her since she’d arrived. She finally made her decision and waited for MaCavity to return for her answer. He walked into the room and immediately saw her reply in her eyes.

“You’re going?” His voice was tired and sad. Demeter nodded.

“I have to MaCavity. I really do! I don’t belong here! I don’t fit here… and no one likes me.” She then turned away from him, her eyes tearful.

“But my dear Demeter, I like you…” Demeter spun around. “MaCavity, I’m not for you. I’ve grown to respect you, but I can’t love you… please, please don’t make me stay!” The look on MaCavity’s face went from hopeful to pure anger.

“Fine! Leave. Get out. See if you can find your way back.”

“But MaCavity, you said you’d bring me home! You promised!”

MaCavity walked up very close to her and kissed her. He spoke very softly in her ear.

“I lied.” Demeter looked at him with disbelief and then she nodded.

“Fine. Don’t bring me home. All I ask of you is that you walk me to the door.” MaCavity nodded and walked her out of his Lair.

“If you ever bring anyone here, I swear that you will regret your decision!” Demeter nodded sadly and looked up into MaCavity’s eyes. She pulled a small collar from when she was a kitten off of her leg. She handed it to MaCavity.

“To remember… that someone knows that deep inside you have a kind heart. Remember…” Demeter raced off into the alleys in the dimming lights of the sun. MaCavity stood out in front of his Lair and did something that he’d never done before: he cried. It was only two tears, but Demeter saw them from where she watched in the alley. And she smiled, hoping that she had some impact on the cat. MaCavity clasped the collar on around his front leg and walked inside.

Demeter smiled again and raced back to the Junkyard. When she neared it, she saw a figure waiting for her in the alley. She stopped suddenly, her breath quickening and she thought about what MaCavity had said, ‘I lied.’ Maybe he lied about this too… oh Heavyside! Let me make it to the Yard! She marched confidently up to the figure and then squealed when she saw that it was Bombalurina. They hugged and licked and hugged again. Bombalurina scolded her.

“Don’t you ever do anything like that again! Even Tugger was worried about you! And poor Munk! I’m surprised he didn’t work himself into a depression!” Demeter smiled slightly, although her face was still slightly sad from what she’d seen MaCavity do, and hugged her sister again.

“Did you get my letter?”

“Yeah, that’s why I was waiting here. I knew it was the day.” Demeter smiled, hiding her sadness, and pointed towards the Yard. “Race ya?” Bombalurina grinned and jumped off, stealing a head start. “Hey! That’s not fair!” Bombalurina raced into the Yard and Munkustrap looked up immediately.

“What is it, Rina? What’s wrong?” Munkustrap looked nervously around the Yard. Suddenly Bombalurina hugged him. He stepped back confused, then he saw Demeter racing into the Yard. She yelled at Bombalurina, not noticing Munkustrap at first.

“You are such a cheater! Maybe that’s why Tugger likes you…” Demeter grinned evilly and then she saw Munkustrap. She gasped and blushed slightly.

“JELLICLES! COME OUT! Demeter’s back!” Munkustrap grinned at her and then hugged her tight.

“I’m really sorry… it’s my fault that you got kidnapped,” Munkustrap whispered as he hugged her. She shook her head and stepped back, telling him quickly what happened with her, Tugger and MaCavity. His eyes widened as she spoke and then he hugged her again. “I’m so glad that you’re alright!” She blushed again and looked up into his eyes. He squeezed her paw and then turned towards the other Jellicles. “Demeter has been returned to us!” All the Jellicles crowded around her but Munkustrap pushed them back, seeing the look of fear and sadness on her face. “Ok, I need to talk to Pouncival, Tumblebrutus and… Alonzo, it's about a tiny matter of not pouncing certain people. Meet me by the Tire.” He looked at Demeter, worry racing over his face. “Rina, take her home… get her to sleep.” Demeter smiled gratefully at Munkustrap. “I’ll come by and check on the two of you later.” Bombalurina placed her arm around Demeter’s shoulders and they walked over to the Car.

“Now then, you go to sleep and I’ll wake you when Munk comes over… ok?” Demeter nodded and fell asleep immediately. A few hours later, Munkustrap came over and checked on them. Bombalurina was already asleep on one side of Demeter but she woke slightly when Munkustrap climbed up. He slid into the car on the other side of Demeter. Bombalurina grinned to herself. Perfect. A match made in the Heavyside Layer. She coughed and sat up on one elbow. Munkustrap glanced at her, a plea to be allowed to stay in his eyes. She smiled and nodded. He whispered his thanks, laid down next to Demeter and both he and Bombalurina were asleep in minutes.


Munkustrap squeezed her shoulders softly and she smiled at him. “It’s out… finally,” she said with a sigh. All the Jellicles who’d been listening smiled at her and nodded in understanding of the ordeal she’d been through. Tugger tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around. Surprisingly enough, he hugged her.

“I’m really sorry that you went through that, babe. If I’d told Deuteronomy or Munkustrap sooner about our encounter with MaCavity before the Ball, it wouldn’t have happened,” he whispered as he hugged her.

She shook her head and said, “Don’t blame yourself Tugger… it’s not your fault that you’re flighty as a bird!” She grinned mischievously and patted his cheek, then turned backto Munkustrap who again put his arm around her. She smiled at her sister and they all climbed down off of the Car into the crowd of Jellicles. All of a sudden, Mistofolees squealed and broke into song, “It’s time! Jellicle Cats come out tonight! Jellicles come one, come all! The Jellicle Moon is shining bright! Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball.

All the cats raced to their hiding places for the annual “What’s a Jellicle Cat?” song. And the Jellicle Ball began.

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