By: Lauren

Sitting on the tire in the Junkyard one afternoon, Demeter was cleaning her fur. She was licking her tail when someone screeched behind her. "Macavity!" she screamed loudly. Then she heard laughter and turned around to see Alonzo laughing at her. "That was NOT funny Alonzo." Dem protested.

"I know but my timing was impeccable!" he taunted. Suddenly Alonzo leaped at her and they begin to wrestle. They tumbled all across the Junkyard when they paused. Alonzo had Dem pinned beneath him and she lovingly gazed up at him. He then licked her quickly on the forhead and she automatically started to purr. Alonzo then began, "Dem, I have something to tell you. You know you have always been one of my best friends, well I think of you as more than that."

"Oh Lonz please don't say that right now, you know there is Munkustrap." She then rolled out from under Alonzo and sat up. "I have feelings for him and he has feelings for me."

"But he has not chosen you to be his mate, so what about me?!" Alonzo explained. "I know but it is sort of given we are gooing to be together, and yes I have feelings for you too!"

Demeter welled up with kitty tears. "Oh Alonzo I don't know what to do! I need to talk to Bombalurina." She then ran off to find her sister Bomby. At that moment, Cassandra slinked up to Alonzo.

"Hey baby! What are you doing?" she coos.

"I was talking to Demeter."

"WHY??" Cass wailed." You are MINE!!"

"NO Cas, I don't like you like that." Alonzo protested.

"Fine, you just better watch out then!" Cassandra then stalks out. But before she does she scratched Alonzo on the nose. Demeter then came back to Alonzo. As she passed Cassandra she heard a "watch your back Dem!"

"Alonzo why would Cas tell me to watch my back and why is your nose bleeding!?" Demeter started to lick Alonzo's wound as he explained his conversation with Cassandra. "Hey Dem, thanks for cleaning me up." He smiled at her and purred.

"You are most welcome, I hate to see you hurting."

"Oh Dem I am still hurting!"

"Where? Let me help you!" "Dem it is my heart, I LOVE YOU!" Just before Demeter could respond Bombalurina came up behind him

"Hey guys! I am going to take a catnap! Want to join?" Bombalurina then went and laid in an old dryer with some pillows in it. Behind her, Pouncival snuck up and snuggled next to Bomby.

"Well I have to go find Tumblebrutus for something. See you all later!" Alonzo then left to find Tumble. Demeter padded over to Bomby and Pounc and snuggled with them.

Munkustrap gracefully moved into the Junkyard and steps over to Demeter, his love and gently caresses her and gives her a soft kiss on the nose. "Oh Alonzo." she says in her sleep and wraps her arms around Munk.

"ALONZO!" he says in surprise. Demeter then wakes to this in a daze to find herself really holding Munkustrap and not Alonzo. Overcome with fury he released Demeter then runs off but falls halfway and cries. Pouncival, now awake runs to Munk to comfort him. Demeter then starts to cry and goes to the fully awake Bomby for comfort.

"Oh what have I done." she wails to Bomy. Bombalurina holds Dem next to her and tries to comfort her. "Shh..shh..it's ok Dem." "But what am I supposed to do?!" Bomy pulls Dem up and supporst her as they walk away. "Lets go speak to the wise Old Deuteronomy. Maybe he'll know what to do."


Bombalurina and Demeter warily made their way toward the domain of Old Deuteronomy. All around them, other cats shuffled by continuing their business, barely noticing the two sisters. At the entrance Mistoffelees stood watch.

"Good day Mistoffelees!" said the two sisters as they bow their heads in respect."

Ahh..lovely to see you today!" smiled Misto. He shakes their paws and then rubs heads in friendship. "So what do you need today?" asked Mistoffelees.

"Well...we need to speak to Old Deuteronomy if you please." said Bomby. "Of course, if you just follow me we'll be right along." Misto, Bomby, and Dem walked into the dark hole. Not able to see, Bomby and Dem grab ahold of Misto's arms. Suddenly Misto's jacket bursts into a tremendous light. Bomy and Dem giggle as Misto triumphantly smiles. After walking for what seemed to be forever they arrived and sought old Deuteronomy. He was lounging in an old huge armchair.

"Father! Bombaurina and Demeter have come to speak to you. They are in need of your ageless wisdom." announced Mistoffelees.

"Yes please come forward my kittens." boomed the voice of Old Deuteronomy. Bomby and Demeter sat on a cushion and Misto turned and pointed to the cushion they sat on and it rose to Old Deut's feet. He handed them each a saucer of milk which they both gladly accepted, purring.

"Now my little ones, how may I aid you?" asked Old Deut. Demeter looked up from her milk and sighed.

"Old Deuteronomy, I am caught in a triangle of love. You see I have feelings for Munk, but I also care deeply for Alonzo. I wasn't sure what to do. Then earlier today while Pouncival, Bombalurina and I catnapped, Munkustrap came and kissed me. In my dream he was Alonzo. Suddenly I awoke to find a furious Munkustrap. I am so confused." explained Demeter.

"Is this true Bombalurina? Bombalurina!" said Old Deut. She looked up from her milk surprised and chuckled

"Yes, yes it is." Old Deuteronomy stood and walked around in deep contemplation of the though of what to do. He sighed. "Well, yes I see where you would be concerned. But my judgement is this, you and Munkustrap have not become mates because all mates are made official at the Jellicle Ball. Which means you have done no wrong. My dear you are free to do as you please. If you have any more difficulties please come see me."


As Bomby and Dem left the den they noticed all the cats staring and gawking at them. Hurriedly, they rushed back to the Junkyard. When they arrived some of the other cats still laughed and watched. Pouncival saw them return and came to see how they were doing.

"Bomby I'm going to go for a walk. I'll see you later!" said Demeter.

"Hello Bomby." purred Pouncival. Cassandra ran by snickering at Bomby.

"Why is everyone watching me?!" Bombalurina exclaimed. Chuckling, Pouncival touched her cheek and showed her the white cream on his finger. Bomby shrieked and looked into a broken mirror. She struggled to get the milk off her face.

"Here let me help." Pounc pulled Bomby close against him and lifted her face with his paws. Slowly, he licked the cream from her face as they both purred. Softly, he caressed her fur and rubbed his legs against her own. When he finished cleaning her, he looked deep into her eyes. Pouncival held her tighter and began to lightly kiss her.

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