By: Lauren

On her walk, Demeter came across Alonzo and Munkustrap about to fight.

"Munkustrap, Alonzo why are you two fighting? Please don't fight like this over me! It is wrong!" Dem said, then ran away crying.

"Way to go Munk! You now have made her cry and she won't be either of our mates!"

"Well I would not have had this problem if you had not turned your friendship with her into love!" Munk raged. Just then, they jerked their heads to the back entrance to the Junkyard to the sound of a cry for help.

"That sounded like Dem!" Alonzo cried out.

"Well lets go help her!" Munk said hurriedly as they were off and running. They found Demeter lying on the cold, wet alley street bloody and shaking like a leaf. "Oh my! Dem, what happend!?" Munk asked tenderly.

"Macavity" she whispered.

"I will KILL him" Alonzo growled.

"Alonzo go get Bombalurina!" Munk directs. "But why can't you?"

"NOW Alonzo!!" he yelled.

After Alonzo ran off towards Bombalurina, Munk began to examine her and started to lick her wounds. "Oh Dem how can he do this to you!? Where does it hurt?"

"Everywhere!" she cried.

"Don't worry you are going to be fine." replied Munkustrap.

"BOMBALURINA!!" Alonzo called, then stopped suddenly when he saw Pouncival with her. He then said rather urgently, yet polite, "Bom, Demeter has been attacked by Macavity you must come with me to her." They parted from Pouncival and went to her, not another word said. For both had fear in their eyes.


"Dem, are you alright?" Bomby urged.

"Yes I should be okay." she replied.

"Tell us exactly why it happened." Munkustrap said.

"You mean you have not told them?" Bomby questioned.

"Tell us what?" Alonzo asked.

"About my past with Macavity." Munkustrap and Alonzo gasped as Demeter shuddered at the thought of her past with Macavity.

"Tell them Dem, they should know, especially since they want to be with you." Bombalurina nudged Demeter to sit up and speak.

"Alright, you want to know about Macavity and me. Here goes." Demeter slowly began her story. "I was new to this area and wanted to find friends and a mate. I met Macavity and his henchcats not knowing they were crimanials. I then fell in love with Macavity and he "loved" me back. When I was with him I loved him but if he had had a bad break that night out stealing or whatever he did that night I hated him. He would take his anger out on me. I then became his pleasure toy and frustration "pillow". Finally I could not take it anymore and left him. The day I did he hurt me very badly and told me it was not over. I have been scarred for life now. So he came after me today while I was vulnerable. I just let him do this to me knowing he would win in my state."

"Oh Dem I should have never tried to fight Alonzo! I'm sorry." Munkustrap apologized both to Alonzo and Demeter.

"MUNKUSTRAP!! Time to come home kitty!"

"That would be my older lady pet," Munk explained. "Bye all! Demeter, I will come see you as soon as I can in the morning."

Then Munkustrap was off and going towards his home. "It is time to go home ourselves Demeter." Bomby explained. "No I can't go home, our lady pet will make me stay indoors and go to the vet!" Demeter wailed.

"She can stay with me in the Junkyard tonight." Alonzo offered.

"Thanks Alonzo! I will." Demeter purred.

"See you later Bomby!" Alonzo and Demeter padded to the Junkyard slowly, for Demeter was weary. They arrived in front of Alonzo's home; an oven stuffed with old pillows. He let Demeter go in first to pick her spot to lie. She chose the middle, so Alonzo curled up behind her and put his head on her shoulder. She began to purr as did he, drifting off into Jellicle dreams.


Bombalurina lay snuggled on a cushion infront of a dying fire. The old lady pet bustled about the house as usual. A soft tap came from the window and woke her from her slumber. She quickly stretched and hopped onto the windowsill. On the other side of the window pane Pouncival waited impatiently.

"AHH!! What's that disgusting creature doing in my yard!?" squawked the old lady pet. "Bombalurina, go chase it away!"

Bomby ran to the open door and flew into the yard. Pouncival saw her come out and walked toward her. Playfully, she jumped on him and began to claw at him. Looking out of the corner of her eye she saw the old lady pet close the curtains. Pouncival took Bomby by the paw and led her to the Junkyard. They frolicked around and searched for Demeter.

"You know what her and Alonzo are doing!" chuckled Pouncival.

"Oh Pouncival!" giggled Bomby touching his face.

"Oh I'm just kidding. They'll be along later!" Pounc sat down in the dryer and looked for his favorite toy. A cold breeze swept over the Junkyard and a dark cloud slowly grew and covered the whole sky. Bomby smiled and sat sown next to Pounc. "You know ther may be a storm today, Munkustrap will need to call all the Jellicles to the Junkyard for safety." Bom said.

As if on cue, out on the tire Munkustrap caterwauled, "Jellicle cats come out today, Jellicle cats come one come all, the Jellicle tribe needs to respond, Jellicles comt to the Junkyard!'"

One by one Jellicles assembled in front of the tire to show attendence. All the Jellicles were there save Bustopher Jones, Gus, and Old Deutereonomy, for they were at their respected homes, out of danger from the reapidly approaching storm. "Everyone please settle down and choose a spot to stay in the Junkyard until the storm passes!" Munkustrap directed.

"Bombalurina, where is Demeter?" Munk asked.

"I believe she is with Alonzo." "Oh well I suppose that is okay." Munk saif slightly irritated at the fact of Demeter alone with Alonzo.


"Good morning Alonzo!" Demeter purred and rubbed up against Alonzo and licked his ears.

"Good morning Dem!" He purred as Demeter licked his ears. Just then, Alonzo jerked his head up to hear Munkustrap's words.

"Sounds like this storm may be serious, but we can report to him in a minute, no rush."

"Oh Alonzo what if Munkustrap find me here and gets mad again!"

"Munkustrap is far to busy with this storm and making sure all the Jellicle are safe to get mad. You are safe with me Dem."

Just then, a huge crash of thunder was heard and rain pelted the ground.

"Take cover!!" shouted Munkustrap. As soon as he said that a bright bolt of lighting shot through the sky. The power went out in the Junkyard and it became very dark. At that moment someone put a paw over Demeter's mouth so she could not talk and grabbed her and they were gone. Out of the Junkyard now in a cold, wet room Demeter surveyed where she was and gasped. Macavity's joint "The Hidden Paw"!!


"Something is not right!" growled Alonzo. He began to feel around the dark oven, his eyes now adjusting to the darkness. "DEMETER!!" Alonzo stepped out into the pouring rain and scurried around the Junkyard trying to find out where Munkustrap is. Alonzo's fur was completely soaked and still no trace of Munkustrap. Alonzo then began to caterwaul.


To be continued...

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