Diary of a Refuge

Diary of a Refuge

By: Puck

Author’s Note: Okay there is a part in here where the characters actions are based on Roberto Pagnini, who is Oscar’s 1999 best actor.

Munkustrap shook his head at the idiotic and confusing plan scrawled in the notebook.

“I don’t get it Jelly, and there’s nothing we can really do.”

“Why don’t we just ask Mistoffelees?” Jellyorum said as if it was the simplest solution in the world, not to mention the most obvious.

“Obviously he hasn’t had one of his fits in front of you yet.” Munkustrap said with a sigh

“Fits?” As long as she’d known Mistoffelees, he’d been a perfect angel.

“Yes. When ever someone brings up his past, he has a tendency to go into another world. It gets pretty violent.” Munkustrap said as he stretched out his arms.

“Oh, the poor dear!” Jellyorum exclaimed.

“I’m gonna see if Jurry’s got any information, why don’t you go plan for tomorrow’s lesson?” Munkustrap said clearly dismissing her, as he left for Jurry’s tent. Jelly waited then followed, she felt, as Mistoffelees teacher, that she deserved to know about any problems he might have.


Munkustrap silently entered Jurry’s tent. He found both on the floor, casually throwing pills into glass containers. He cleared his throat and two heads with blue eyes whipped up.

“Hello Jurry, Mistoffelees.”

“Hello Munkustrap.” Jurry replied. Mistoffelees simply nodded and continued tossing the pills into their containers. “What brings you here?”

“Umm… If I could talk to you outside.” Munkustrap said quietly. Jurry nodded grimly, and knew immediately that it had something to do with his young charge.

As soon as the tent flap shut, Munkustrap pulled out the notebook and presented it to Jurry. Jurry read the page, and his jaw dropped as he read the asinine plan.

“What’s this about?” Jurry asked, confused.

“Jellyorum found this in Mistoffelees notebook today. Do you know anything about it?” Munkustrap asked, he could predict what Jurry was going to say, however.

“Sorry, not a thing, you’ll have to ask him.” Munkustrap nodded and took back the notebook and re-entered the tent alone.

“Mistoffelees?” Munkustrap said as he hunkered down beside Mistoffelees. Mistoffelees looked up at him as he placed the final pill in it’s body. Munkustrap pulled out the notebook and presented it to Mistoffelees, he pointed with one claw to the paragraph that had caused such a disturbance. Mistoffelees read it silently, then shrugged and returned to placing the pills in the bottles.

“Mistoffelees, what do you know about this? How do you? Is Skimbleshanks in danger?” Munkustrap persisted, then he noticed Mistoffelees shaking, and knew he had lost him. He sighed and picked him up and set him upon his cot.


Mistoffelees sat with a pile of other kittens. They were so crammed together there was barely enough room to do that. Silently he began to doodle on the ground. He remembered that it was called writing, and that was used to communicate words silently. Yet where he had learned it eluded him. He knew that he was in the group that was doomed to death. He wasn’t scared, it almost felt like a blessing. They’d go to a place where Macavity never existed. He wiped away his scrawling, and joined Bus, who had also been chosen to go.

“Hey.” He said softly as he approached the broad brown kitten. He turned and focussed green eyes on him.

“Hey, Mistoffelees.” He answered. “So this is it.” he said with a sigh as he looked to the door where all the kittens disappeared in groups of two, and never returned.

“Yeah, I guess it’s it. I’m not gonna miss this place.” Mistoffelees said as he stared about the dark stone walls.

“Me neither, but still it frightens me.” Bus said fearfully.

“I know, we’ll go together, and see each other in the Heavyside.” Mistoffelees said as he rubbed against Bus’s flank. They stared numbly as in pairs of twos kittens disappeared. Not a sound was heard. Mistoffelees felt that he should leave some message for the future occupants. Slowly he started engraving, “May all who enter here, find death and peace quickly.” He was almost finished when Hanklessu and Macavity appeared, their claws and paws stained with blood.

“Last two Macavity.” Hanklessu said with an evil grin as he looked at the final two. He frowned as he noticed that they weren’t afraid of him. He looked over to Macavity, and saw he was studying the ground.

“Who wrote this?” Macavity said stonily.

“I did dog breath.” Mistoffelees answered with unusual sarcasm. He was going to die anyway, he figured, so he might as well get some insults off his chest before he went. Bus gasped and stared at Mistoffelees. He’d never acted like that before.

Macavity growled at the kitten’s bravery, then snarled, “Okay what does it say?”

“Easy Pollicle kisser, It says, ‘May all who enter here, find death and peace quickly.’”

“What do you want to do with the little comedian?” Hanklessu asked, hoping Macavity would let him have a little fun.

“Keep him, kill the other.” Macavity said as he lifted Mistoffelees by the scruff and dragged him away. Mistoffelees lay in absolute shock. He’d ruined his chances of escape. And now, Bus would have to face death alone.

“No!!! Mistoffelees!!!” Bus said as he made a mad dash towards Mistoffelees. Macavity turned and slashed him across the throat, then marched on. Mistoffelees watched as the life slowly bled out of Bus’s eyes. He gave a half hearted wave to him before he turned the corner.

“Now, you Mister Fleazy, are going to be my scribe.” Macavity said as he threw Mistoffelees in a bare room with a desk, stool, paper and pencils. “Now I want you to write me the complete alphabet when I come back in an hour, or another one of your friends dies.” Macavity said as he slammed the door.

Mistoffelees stealthily climbed the tall barstool. He stared at the yellowing paper, and could see Bus’s face. Hot tears tracked down his face.

“I don’t want to Bus! I don’t wanna work for him!!! But he’s gonna kill Jessieben, Griz or Querri, and I don’t want them to die either. I’m sorry you died, and I hope your happy up there!” Mistoffelees wailed out loud. He’d made a promise, and he’d broken it. He hoped that Bus would forgive him. He then set to writing.


“…Happy up there!” Mistoffelees wailed out loud, before Munkustrap shook him, like Jurry had done. Mistoffelees awoke panting for breath.


Jurry peered around the corner as he heard a rustle. He saw Jellyorum.

“Jellyorum! What are you doing here!” He scolded. “You’re spying aren’t you!” he accused, and Jellyorum hung her head admitting defeat.

“Yes, but I’m his teacher, and I deserve to know if there is something special about one of my students.” Jellyorum mumbled. They then heard a wail. “What was that?” Jelly asked as she tried to peer through the canvas tent.

“Look, just go back home now, and I won’t mention a thing to Munkustrap.” Jurry said over his shoulder as he dashed back into his tent. Jellyorum shrugged and headed for her and her sisters shared oven and was determined to pump Skimble for information later.


Jurry dashed into the tent just as the wailing stopped. He looked to Munkustrap and pieced together what happened.

“You get anything?” He asked, no longer caring if Mistoffelees heard.

“No.” Munkustrap replied.

“What’s this about?” Mistoffelees sniffed as he looked to his guardians and friends.

“Mistoffelees, we need to know what you did for Macavity, and how you know about this plan.” Jurry said directly. He was sick weaseling around the subject.

“I…I…I was a wr...writ…er. H…he jus’ tol’ me wha’ to write, an’ I did.” Mistoffelees said, his eyes staring into the past, but he shook his head as he felt another wave coming on threatening to sweep him into the past. Jurry took the notebook from Munkustrap’s paws, and tore the sheet out with the writing that had caused the whole muddle, visibly in front of Mistoffelees. He proceeded to rip it into tiny shreds and let them fall at Mistoffelees’ feet.

“It’s gone, and in the past. Now,” Jurry said as he squatted down to get at eye level with Mistoffelees. “I want you to write out anything you might remember, memories, feelings, anything that you remember from your stay, and put in here.” Jurry instructed as he placed the notebook in Mistoffelees’ trembling hands.

“Why?” He whispered. Jurry racked his brain for an excuse, just telling him that it would help him recover might not help, and make him think they wanted him to relive it, which would make him resistant. “Because, in the future there might be a kitten just like you, that’s been through Macavity’s hole, and it might be comforting to know someone else survived it too.” Jurry made up. Mistoffelees nodded, unable to resist the passionate cause. And so here was the birth of the diary.


Mistoffelees shook from his reverie by someone calling his name. He stood and looked out the door. Jemima came running up the hill, screaming his name at the top of his lungs.

“What is it Jemima?” He said as he caught before she fell from exhaustion. He dragged her inside and sat her upon the second chair. Jemima sighed and panted for breath.

Finally she spoke, “Jelly, sent me, Vicki…” She gasped. Mistoffelees at the mention of Vicki was off like a rocket, leaving Jemima alone in the dusty house.


Mistoffelees ran in a frenzied state towards Jelly’s oven. If Vicki was there, and Jemima was sent to retrieve him, then something serious must be wrong. Frantically he beat upon her oven door, not stopping to catch his breath.

The oven door swung open, and Mistoffelees had to duck so it wouldn’t hit him in the face.

“Mistoffelees!” Jelly said with exclamation.

“Vicki, where’s Vicki?” He panted.

“Oh, dear, come on in, she inside.” Jelly said as she offered him a hand up. He nodded in thanks then pulled himself up.

“Vicki, is she okay?” He whispered, barely audible to Jelly.

“Oh, yes, but I’d better let her tell you the news.” Jelly said with a quirky smile.

“News?” Mistoffelees squeaked. He leaped to her side and began nuzzling her chin with happiness when he saw her laying on one of cushions.

“Go on tell her.” Jelly encouraged. Mistoffelees looked expectantly into her green eyes, and could only see a great joy and mischief.

“Mistoffelees.” She said with a beguiling smile.


“I’m…we’re with kittens!” Vicki said with a joyful laugh. Mistoffelees shouted for joy, then joined her in her laughter.


Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer ran amok in their house. They knocked over vases and plates with a fury that had never been seen before.

“Whooo…That was fun. I missed that.” Rumpelteazer said as she leaned against a bookshelf huffing for breath. It had been harder to keep up with Mungojerrie lately. And it wasn’t from lack of practice, it had been practically four months since she’d recovered.

“Rumpel? ‘ou okay? ‘ou seem to be gettin’ tired pretty easily.” Mungo said as he guided her to their cat basket.

“I don’t know, It’s been gettin’ ‘arder to everythin’. An’ I been ‘ungry a lot too.” Rumpel said as she sighed gratefully into the padded basket.

“Well, maybe we should be seein’ Jelly, she knows about this stuff.” Mungo said as he sat beside her.

“Well, ‘et’s go.” Rumpel said as she hoisted herself up and headed for the cat door. Mungojerrie sighed and followed her proud gait.

They walked down the twisting paths of the alley and entered the junkyard. Jelly’s oven was swarmed with cats, all trying to peer into the shaded window. Mungo heard over the chattering, whoops of joy. Slowly he and Rumpelteazer pushed forward. The door swung open, nearly hitting them, and a hysterical Mistoffelees, who’s paws were shooting blue sparks everywhere, leaped out and grabbed him tightly and hugged him and Rumpelteazer. They looked to the oven entrance, and saw a proud Victoria and Jellyorum smiling at each other and Mistoffelees, who was now giving a death hug to Munkustrap’s waist.

“Mistoffelees, calm down dearest.” Victoria called with a soft smile. Mistoffelees smiled sheepishly and stood up next to her.

“What’s going on?” Bombalurina called.

“Me and Mistoffelees, we’re expecting kittens!” Victoria shouted to the crowd. All of them let out a loud cheer.

“Now go, let the couple get things planned out. I’ve got a lot to explain to them.” Jellyorum said as she made shooing motions. The crowd groaned. “You can congratulate them later, now go!” They all quickly dispersed, except for Mungo and Rumpel, who waited expectantly at the door. “Well, you two, git!” Jellyorum scolded.

“No, no, Miz Jelly, we’s jus’ wanted to talk to yas.” Mungo interrupted.

“About what?” Jelly said impatiently. She wanted to gossip with Mistoffelees and Victoria and what they were going to call the kittens.

“Well, Rumpel’s no’ been feelin’ so well, an’ we were wonderin’ you’d know anythin’ abou’ it.” Mungo said softly, his voice laden with concern for Rumpel.

“Well, come back later, I’ve got to talk to Victoria and Mistoffelees…” Jellyorum said coolly.

“No, mom, we can wait, you’d better check out Rumpel first, just incase.” Victoria spoke up. Jelly pouted, and then nodded.

“Okay, but you Toms stay out, this is Queen stuff.” Jellyorum said, and the ushered Rumpelteazer in, and pushing Mistoffelees out, who was still on a high.

The door slammed shut, and both the Tom’s sat together on a tire. Mungo looked mournfully at the door. They hadn’t been seperated in years, and it wasn’t as if it was by choice. He remembered how they said their goodbyes…

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