The Diary of a Refuge

By: Puck

Mungojerrie creeped into the junkyard, a heavy weight on his heart. He gulped as he approached the one that would be hardest to say goodbye to. Tapping his identical partner on the shoulder, he nearly lost his nerve as he saw her beautiful face.

“Hey Mungo!” She said enthusiastically. Her face fell as she saw the mournful look on his face. “Wha’s the matter?”

“I…I…I have to go. M…mac…avity is still lookin’ for me, an’ Munkustrap don’ wan’ me to g…get ‘urt so he’s sendin’ me away to one of ‘is friends in the inner city.” Mungojerrie stuttered, he hated to leave her.

“Oh, I see. When do you leave?” Rumpelteazer said with tears in her eyes.

“Today, Munkustrap is takin’ me to Skimble’s station pretty soon.”


“Mungo!” Munkustrap called over the hill. “It’s time to go!”

“I’ll comeback, I promise!” Mungojerrie shouted over his shoulder as he joined Munkustrap at his side. He waved to her before turning to the sunset. Rumpelteazer waved back, tears blurring everything. She turned her back on him and headed back to the school. She got half way there, when she paused as she heard a faint voice.

“You okay Rumpel?” Rumpel looked back and saw Mistoffelees standing on a hill of papers.

“Yeah.” Rumpelteazer said sniffing back her tears. Mistoffelees nodded then jumped to her side, he rubbed her flank and stared into her eyes.

“Well, if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.” He said quietly, then trotted towards the classroom. Rumpelteazer studied his backside and reflected on how she had treated him when he first came, and shook her head then caught up with him.

“Thanks.” She whispered in his ear before dashing in the classroom.


Mistoffelees and Mungojerrie sat alone on the tire for about an hour.

“I hope she’ll be all right.” Mungo said with a sigh. With every minute, no…every second that passed by he became more and more worried for him.

“She’ll be okay. She’s in good paws.” Mistoffelees said as he looked up.

“I hope so.”

Just then the oven door opened, revealing three very smug queens. Mistoffelees and Mungojerrie turned to them.

“So?” Mungo asked standing.

“Lets jus’ say Mungo, tha’ Vicki an’ Misto ain’t gonna be the only ones.” Rumpleteazer said smugly, with a twisted grin on her face. Mungo’s jaw dropped, before he too let out a leap and shout of joy. He hugged all three of them at once. His shouting brought most of the cats back, they stared curiously at Mungojerrie, who was doing cartwheels.

“Yippeee!!!” Mungo shouted on the top of his lungs. He gathered his willpower and stopped his cartwheels to join Rumpelteazer. “We’re expectin’ kits!!!” He shouted. Once again everyone cheered, and a few, including Munkustrap, moaned at the prospect, but cheered anyway.


Macavity lay in his lair. His left paw was useless, and lay totally limp at his side. The lair was a depressing black, and his mood didn’t help the atmosphere. His mind beat endless patterns of the same routine. Hate and Revenge. He would have to recall all of his freed subjects. Of course there were only two. The two, Mungojerrie and Mistoffelees. Both Jellicles, his most hated enemy. There had to be a way to make them pay. To suffer with the same problems he faced. But first he would have to run it by his assistant, and the only cat that would be able to go through with it. For he was the strongest, and the most malicious of his troop.

“Yawsus!!!” He yelled. A gray tom slinked into view. He had an evil smile, and his paws were stained with blood. He’d learned torture from the best, Hanklessu. Who had, unfortunately, out lived his usefulness.

“Yes, Macavity.” He said softly.

“I’m going to have my revenge, and I want you to bring my victims to me.” Macavity said confidently.

“Just give me the names, and I shall find them.” Yawsus said with an wicked grin of pleasure.

“Mungojerrie, and…” Macavity left off. He knew Yawsus would remember his second victim. They’d grown up in the same cell together.


“Mistoffelees.” Macavity said with a smug grin, as Yawsus’s eyes became elated with the thought.

“It is done sir.” Yawsus said as he bowed and then walked out into the street.


The dark storm clouds surrounded the sky, holding the sun hostage. To Yawsus it was a perfect day. Now, all he had to do is find the traitor Mungojerrie, and his rival Mistoffelees. His attack would take tact, some thing Macavity lacked. He decided that first he should find Mistoffelees, and his Jellicle friends…


Three months had passed, and Victoria and Rumpelteazer were both blossoming beauties. Although their stomachs bulged, in the eyes of their mates, they had to be the most beautiful Queens in the world. Victoria was at least a month farther along than Rumpelteazer, and so her kittens were going to be the first. Mistoffelees doted on her, and bid her every beck and call. They had decided to use the abandoned attic as the birthplace for the kittens, to prevent the muddling of their human owners. Mungojerrie was equally devoted to Rumpelteazer, and the two couples often stayed together in a group.


Mistoffelees and Victoria lay together on the abandoned and moth eaten oriental rug in the attic. Thunder and lightning crackled outside, lighting the room. The rain beat like thousands of Jenny’s beetle scouts in full march. The weather had been getting darker and darker in the past few months.

Victoria awoke with a groan, rubbing her back. Mistoffelees was up in seconds.

“What is it Vicki?” He whispered.

“Just my back, it hurts with a fury.” She whispered back.

“Oh, I think I can take care of that.” Mistoffelees said gently. Victoria let out a little squeak of suprise as she was lifted up from the rug, without the aid of Mistoffelees. He too was above the ground without support. Victoria felt another pang, only this time it was in her stomach. She focussed concerned eyes on Mistoffelees. Mistoffelees stared at her. “Not better? What is it?” He asked nervously.

“I think it’s time.” She said quietly, before a painful ripping sensation tore through her. Mistoffelees gasped, and then headed for the exit. He had to get Jelly.

“I’ll be back, Vicki!” Mistoffelees called as he dashed down the staircase. Vicki whimpered in response, and tried to muffle cries of pain, as another contraction.

Mistoffelees nearly tumbled down the staircase. He dashed out the cat door, and stood on the curb. He was already soaking wet, there was no way that Jelly would get here in time to help. He wasn’t going to leave Victoria alone. He dashed back in and up to the attic.

There were tears streaming down Victoria’s face by the time, She trembled with pain. He purred nest to her, and gave her a comforting lick. He rubbed her flank.

“It’s okay Vicki.” He said soothingly.

“Where’s…where’s Jelly?” she asked breathily.

“She’s too far away.” Mistoffelees whispered.

“Oh, thanks for staying.”

“No problem.” Vicki then squeaked.

“Misto, I think the first one’s coming.” She said before she began to push, running on the inborn instinct of a mother. Mistoffelees nodded, and went to her lower end, preparing to receive the first of the litter.


At the end of that night, there were two kittens born. One girl and one boy. They lay in-between their exhausted mother and father. Victoria and Mistoffelees had agreed months before that they would wait until the kitten’s eyes opened before they named them. But it was also agreed that Mistoffelees would name one Benjamin. Victoria didn’t know why Mistoffelees was adamant on the name, but did not question it. Slowly a white faced kitten peeped it’s head out, her delicate black nose sniffed the air, then sank back down.

The days light finally reached full blast on the small attic, and it was only then that the oldest cats awakened. Mistoffelees stood and stretched, as did Victoria. They looked down upon the four little blessings that they had received over that stormy night. They noticed the storm had receded over the night. Mistoffelees stood proudly over his brood, as they suckled on their milk.

His little girl, she was black, with tiny white spots flecking her coat. The only pure colored part of her was her face, which was a stark white like his own. And his only son who was oddly enough, orange, he resembled Skimbleshanks greatly. Mistoffelees smiled as the orange one parted from Victoria’s waist, having his fill. Mistoffelees gently picked him up, and began to bathe him. He purred gently, and softly smoothed down the wild orange hair.

Victoria smiled up at Mistoffelees. He looked so adorable bathing his son, who looked a lot like her Uncle Skimbleshanks. Soon she began licking her only daughter, who had also finished her meal. By the end of the hour, the small family was once again in a pile.

“Misty.” Victoria whispered, careful not to disturb the kittens.

“What Vicki.” Mistoffelees whispered contentedly.

“Well, I know that we promised not to name them until their eyes opened, but…”

“Whatever you want Vicki.” Mistoffelees whispered. Secretly, he too had wanted to name them. Silently they both sat up.

“Okay, our daughter will be known as Astrocharmer, for her spots which look like stars.” Victoria started. Mistoffelees confirmed it as a good name. He then placed a paw upon his white son, with a black mask.

“And our son, shall be known as Benjamin, after friends past.” Mistoffelees answered cryptically. His son looked so much like Jessieben, it was hard not to call him that.

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