Glimmer--The Diary of a Refuge

By: Puck

Several weeks later, Astrocharmer’s and Benjamin’s eyes had opened. Both were a vibrant green. Their owners had found much to their suprise, the new additions to the family. The kittens were, however greeted with kindness, and it was decided that they could stay, despite the oldest master’s grumblings.


Mistoffelees looked out the bay window, out into the clear skies. The sun was shining brightly, and the streets were relatively quiet. He let out a small sigh of contentment as he thought of how far he had come. There was a soft thud next to him. Mistoffelees smiled as he saw Benjamin looking anxiously upon the outside world.

“Papa, can we go outside today?” He asked, his eyes still stuck to the window. Mistoffelees gave a soft chuckle, as he softly tussled his son’s ears.

“I don’t know, Ben. Let’s go ask your mother.” Mistoffelees said as he did a small leap off the seat, and then padded to the library, where Victoria had insisted on teaching Astrocharmer at least a little piano. Astrocharmer, however, seemed to have other ideas, and was play a particularly sour version of Fur Elise. Victoria simply glared at her daughter, the devoted Tom Queen. She sighed, it was useless. She smiled as Mistoffelees and Benjamin came in.

“Mama, can we go outside today?” Benjamin asked anxiously, hoping from paw to paw. Astrocharmer perked up at the mention of ‘outside’, and quickly joined in.

“Yes Mama! Please Mama!” Astrocharmer begged. She longed for the feel of grass between her toes.

“I don’t know. Mistoffelees, they are still awfully young.” Victoria said protectively.

“Come on, they need to get outside some time. And any ways they can play with a whole bunch of the kittens there, and we can have some personal time, without the brats.” Mistoffelees said jokingly as he stared at Astrocharmer. Astrocharmer simply stuck out her tongue. Mistoffelees laughed, and then batted her ears. “Don’t give me any of that innocence young lady. I heard ‘your’ version of Fur Elise. And I’ve also heard you play it correctly.” Mistoffelees taunted. Astrocharmer sniffed. Benjamin pointed at her, and began to laugh loudly. Astrocharmer pounced on him, and soon a game of tag had begun. Mistoffelees joined Victoria on the piano stool as he watched the two terrors streak around the room. “Come on, we can leave them with Jemima, Etcetera and Electra. They’ll play with them. Then we can go talk to Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, and see what they’ve been up to.”

“Look what we’ve given birth to. I swear they’re worse than Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer.” Victoria said as she heard a plate crash, and the maid shout about, “those horrible kits!”. “Maybe they’re just sick of being cooped up. Alright I give in. Let’s go.” Victoria said as she jumped down and headed towards the door, Mistoffelees in hot pursuit. The kittens followed out of curiosity. Both Mistoffelees and Victoria stopped dead in front of the door.

“Come on, let’s get your collars on.” Mistoffelees said as he pulled out a pink and blue leather collars. He had his red one on, and Victoria her pink rhinestone one. Both kittens rolled their lips in disgust.

“Awww…Dad! Do we have to?” Astrocharmer whined.

“Yes, otherwise you’ll be picked up by the pound.” Victoria added.

“I won’t wear it! I hate that collar.” Astrocharmer pouted. Mistoffelees rolled his eyes, then levitated the collar over to her, then carefully buckled it around her neck securely. Astrocharmer made no attempt to move, knowing it was a fruitless endeavor, but instead glared at her father.

“You know, sometimes I really hate those magical abilities of yours.” She mumbled as Benjamin put on his dark blue collar, without their father’s aide.

“Well, come on, you’ve got a big day ahead of you.” Victoria said as she trotted out of the cat door. The kittens followed, and Mistoffelees made the back. To the bystanders it was quite an adorable sight.


Yawsus grinned evilly as he saw his nemesis with his family. It had taken him several months to find him, and then there was the stakeouts, waiting for his mate and kits to go out. He knew Mistoffelees and as well as all Jellicles weakness was family. He had also found Mungojerrie and his pregnant mate Rumpelteazer. He would take her soon also. But now he had to follow, and wait for the perfect time. He had taken off his brass knuckles to make his stalking silent.


As soon as the small family entered the junkyard, they were swarmed by the Jellicles. Jenny cooed and pinched the kittens cheeks, while Jelly scolded the parents for not bringing them sooner. Etcetera, Electra, and Jemima tried not to look interested in playing with the kittens. Jelly turned to her two daughters and her niece, seeing the longing in their eyes to have a kitten romp. They were, however too ‘cool’ to be seen playing. Smiling, she said:

“Jemima, Electra, Etcetera, why don’t you take…” Jelly paused as she realized she didn’t know the kittens names.

“Benjamin and Astrocharmer.” Victoria and Mistoffelees filled in, in unison.

“Right, why don’t you three take Astrocharmer and Benjamin and play? I’m sure Mistoffelees and Victoria would like a break.” Jemima, Electra, and Etcetera groaned loudly, but showed the kittens off to their play area. They had however, not gone far, when a game of tag started, presumably by Electra.

Bombalurina, Demeter, Jellyorum, Jennyanydots, Cassandra, and Exotica quickly rounded on the two young parents and chattered excitedly about the kittens. Mistoffelees and Victoria, politely listened, unsure how to respond to all the, “how cutes,” and “They are sooo sweets”. Finally after a time span of about fifteen minutes, there was a pause, and Mistoffelees and Victoria were finally allowed to speak.

“So, how’s Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, did they have their kittens yet?” Mistoffelees inquired, wondering how his best friend was doing.

Jellyorum grimaced, but quickly smiled, “Oh, they’re fine, it’s just that Rumpelteazer’s kittens have made up their minds that they are gonna stick in her a little while longer. It seems I made a miscalculation and those kits won’t becoming out for another month at least. They moved the junkyard recently. Mungojerrie was in some paranoia about Macavity, and wanted her and the kittens with the tribe for protection. I don’t know how he got it into his head that, that demon cat was still alive. You got him right good, and he did fall in that pit.” Jellyorum said.

Mistoffelees gave an involuntary shudder, fearing in his heart that Mungo was right. “You never know, there was that time that one of his followers blew up his hideout, leaving nothing but cinders, and Macavity showed up without a scratch. I just don’t know.” Mistoffelees said drifting away into memory, as he was prone to do, but he shook himself to return himself to the present. “Where are they?”

“Oh, they live near the old pickup, by your bachelor fort I think.” Bombalurina offered. Mistoffelees smiled and leaped off, eager to see his friend. Victoria waved him off, then dived into see what gossip she’d been missing in the weeks she’d been gone.


Yawsus slowly followed the five kittens from the shadows. The kittens he would get first, they would be easier. The pregnant queen, Rumpelteazer, however, would be harder. A queen had inside the rage of several of the human’s running metal monsters when she was pregnant, and it was said by many of his cohorts that it’s better to jump into the jaws of a rabid Pollicle than face a Queen with kittens.


Mistoffelees politely rapped at the door. There was some shuffling going on inside, before a peep, formerly a letter slot opened, to reveal a pair of gold eyes.

“Who is it?” A cockney voice whispered.

“Come on Mungo. It’s me Misto.” Mistoffelees said as he looked into the peep. It almost slammed down on his nose, if he hadn’t pulled away quickly. Slowly the door opened to reveal Mungojerrie.

“Hello Misto…” Mungo said, not looking at Mistoffelees, but around him. Mistoffelees tapped him on the arm.

“Okay, cut the act Mungo, why are you really here?” Mistoffelees said with the sternest expression.

“What are yas talkin’ about Misto?” Mungojerrie said as he stared at his best friend. Mistoffelees rolled his eyes.

“Geez. I bunked with you for two years! I think I know you quite well. Your not frightened about Macavity, otherwise you would have put up a warning device.”

“’Ow do you know I ‘aven’t?” Mungojerrie said elusively.

“Because, I would have set them off.” Mistoffelees said with a pout. “Now what’s really going on?” Mungojerrie sighed, and ushered him on in, closing, and locking the door behind him. Mistoffelees eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness. Rumpelteazer sat in the corner, from the looks of it, knitting.

“Alright. Macavity isn’t one of my MAIN concerns, but he’s up there. We go’ kicked ou’. Given da boot.” Mungojerrie said with a sigh. Mistoffelees gasped slightly.

“Why’d they boot you? They find out about your nighttime activities, or did they just not want you anymore?” Mistoffelees asked. He saw Rumpelteazer flinch at the word ‘activities’. He couldn’t, however, see the tears that started to flow.

“Thay…thay…didn’t wan’ the kits. Now me kits are gonna grow up on da streets!” Rumpelteazer wailed. Mungojerrie and Mistoffelees were both quickly by her side. Mistoffelees was used to these kinda outbursts, except it came from Vicki.

“Heaviside, I’m so sorry.” Mistoffelees whispered. As he gave a look of apology to Mungojerrie, who nodded, and proceded to rock Rumpelteazer.

“Thay said tha’ thay didn’ wan’ an’other o’ther kits, an’ tha man was gonna drown ‘im, bu’ we escaped as soon as we ‘eard about tit.” Rumpelteazer snuffled, then pushed away the two protective toms and took up her knitting. Mungojerrie pulled Mistoffelees off to a corner opposite of Rumpel, making sure that she couldn’t hear them, before Mungo whispered whispered in Misto’s ear.

“She was like that the way over. I made up somethin’ to protect ‘er. I don’ think she could take the pity. She’s too proud. As soon as I go’ this place set up, she started knittin’, an’ she refuses to leave. I guess she’s nestin’, an’ I been stealin’ yarn for ‘er to keep ‘er ‘appy.” Mistoffelees nodded.

“Don’t worry, you’ll make it out. You’ll survive, and so will those kittens. Rumpel’s just goin’ through a phase, Vicki had them too, for similar reasons. Just keep your chin up, and she’ll calm down. Come on, it’s not healthy for her to hide in here. Vicki and our kittens are here. It’ll remind what Rumpel about what good things she’s coming.” Mungojerrie nodded eagerly.

“Rumpel, sweetie.” Mungojerrie charmed. “Why don’ we go outside?” Rumpel shook her head stubbornly, not looking up from her knitting. “Come on, Misto an’ Vicki’s kits are ‘ere.” Rumpel looked up at the mention of kits.

“’ou ‘ad yours?” She asked, with curiosity. Mistoffelees nodded and smiled.

“Come on, Rumpel. You’ll love Astrocharmer and Benjamin.” Mistoffelees coaxed. Slowly Rumpelteazer placed her knitting down on her bed, and waddled over to the two toms with enticing looks on their faces.


Jemima giggled as she swatted Astrocharmer’s rear.

“You’re it!” She proclaimed. Astrocharmer grumbled, and started counting.


Yawsus grinned maliciously as he saw the kittens engaged in their game of hide and seek. Things couldn’t have been simpler. He followed the orange tom kitten, called Benjamin, probably after Jessiben. Yawsus chuckled evilly, before pouncing on the kitten, and knocking him soundly on the head, causing him to black out. Yawsus slipped him in a burlap, and went out for Astrocharmer.


“Twenty-five. Twenty-six…” Astrocharmer counted, trying not to peek. Suddenly her hair on her back began to tingle, and she had the odd sensation that someone was behind. “Benj, you dork! You can’t win like that.” Astrocharmer said as she whipped around, expecting to see her twin brother. What she saw was a plain gray face, with steely gold eyes. His breath reeked of death, and his teeth were chipped. Astrocharmer sucked in a deep breath to scream, like her father had taught her, but the gray tom forced a coarse paw over her mouth, and wound her towards his chest, pinning her with one arm. Fighting on instinct alone she thrashed about. The tom chuckled lowly, sending chills up her spine. She froze in fear. She felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck before everything went black.


Yawsus threw the other kitten in his bag, and waltzed out of the junkyard, headed for Macavity’s. Stupid fools didn’t even know how to protect their own kittens. Their loss. He entered, and threw the kits in an abandoned cell block. He wanted to finish his job, and make sure that those kittens were wide awake when they met Macavity. He slowly ambled over to the weapons locker. He didn’t want to knock out Rumpelteazer. She’d be to heavy to carry. She’d have to go with him willing. He looked through the variety of knives. He pulled out a long jeweled one, and smiled as he fingered the blade tip. He grabbed a small belt and placed the dagger in the loop and headed back to the junkyard.


Jemima peeked out of her hiding place simultaneously as Electra and Etcetera did. Astrocharmer and Benjamin were nowhere to be seen.

“Astrocharmer?” Electra called out.

“Benjamin?” Etcetera continued. There was an eerie silence that blanketed the area. The kittens shuddered.

“Maybe they wandered away…” Jemima suggested. But there was a sense of ‘wrongness’ that was practically blasting from every corner. “Let’s go tell Mistoffelees and Victoria.” All three nodded in agreement, and headed full speed to the proper.


Rumpelteazer slowly entered the proper. She smiled, as Vicki ran up to her and embraced her in a large hug.

“So, how’s it going?” Victoria said as she gently poked Rumpelteazer’s growing berth.

“I’s goin’ good.” Rumpelteazer said with smile, which warmed Mungojerrie’s heart. “So where’s ya kits?” Rumpelteazer said anxiously, looking about. Mistoffelees winked to Mungojerrie.

“Oh, you mean Benjamin and Astrocharmer. They’re playing with Electra, Jemima, and Etcetera.” Victoria said, just as the trio entered. What they hadn’t noticed was the slim gray tom that entered from behind them, and who was slowly approaching Rumpelteazer.

“Misto! Vicki! Astro…Benj…gone…” Jemima panted. Mistoffelees and Victoria stared at each other in shock, as the other’s let out gasps.

“They’re probably just wandering…” Vicki said, feeling with a mother’s instinct that it was dead wrong. She the noticed that Mistoffelees wasn’t there, and neither was Rumpelteazer.

“Stop! Come back here!!” She heard the distant shout. It sounded like Mistoffelees. She rushed over, Mungojerrie right behind her, along with various other members of the tribe.


Mistoffelees looked out the corner of his eye and saw a gray tom, and something flash near Rumpelteazer’s throat. But when he looked closer the flash and the tom were gone. He then saw her near the edge of the junkpile, headed out of the gate. The gray tom right behind her. He snarled and got up, and followed. He didn’t want to cause who ever it was to panic by call the tribe over, they might slip up. But they’d gone so far, he couldn’t get to them. He called out for assistance.


Yawsus grinned as he led the heavily pregnant Rumpelteazer out into the streets, the Jellicles completely unaware of her disappearance. The trap was set, now only to lure the game. The foolish Mistoffelees thought he could halt him with mere words.


Rumpelteazer gulped nervously as she saw where she was heading. Macavity’s hideout. She shuddered and continued walking, praying someone would save her kittens. She heard Mistoffelees distant shout, but it was too far away. The animal that had captured her led her into the darkened pits of the basement. She heard the distant cries of kittens and Queens, and she shuddered. She was presented before the torn and worn wicker throne. Hench rats surrounded her on all sides, and their teeth gleamed dangerously in the low light. Then the most hideous of them all appeared. Macavity swaggered in, albeit with a limp, but still he swaggered proudly. She saw a sickening grin come from her kidnapper, before he disappeared somewhere. She glared sharp objects Macavity. He gave her a suave grin.

“So we meet again Rumpelteazer. And it looks as if you and Mungojerrie finally having your own little brood.” He gestured to her inflated girth.

“ Misto got ‘ou righ’ goo’ didn’ ‘e? Look like you ain’t been goin’ out much.” Rumpelteazer said spitefully. Macavity’s tone made the most wonderful thing that had happened to her, besides Mungojerrie himself, seem as sleazy as a vamp at Tauntanham court. Macavity jerked his head away, and snarled at the firey queen.

“Watch your tongue. Or you might just have a rather unfortunate ‘accident’.” Rumpelteazer backed down. Macavity yawned.

“I grow tired of her, take her away with the other two captives.” Two rats came and escorted her roughly to another room. They threw her into a darkened cell, and she landed roughly on a burlap bag. She had not expected the bag to yelp. She dashed off it in a rush.

“Who dere?” She whispered. There was struggling in the bag.

“Who are you?” Came a small voice.

“I’m Rumpelteazer, part o dey ‘ellicle tribe. ‘ho are you?” She repeated. She heard a whispered conference inside, none of which she could understand.

“Do you know who our daddy is?” said a different voice. There was a whispered scold, which sounded like, “you idiot!”, then the different voice spoke again. “Our daddy is Mr. Mistoffelees.” Rumpelteazer gasped.

“Dat means you’re Astrocharmer and Benjamin! Oh dear, you parents are lookin’ for ‘ou!” She said, her mothering instincts taking over her personality. She dumped out the two kittens from the bag. One was black with white flecks, the other orange. “’es, I knows you moder and fatder very ‘ell.” She said. “’ow di’ ‘ou two ge’ dow’ ‘ere?” She asked.

“We were playing hide and seek with Jemima, Electra, and Etcetera, when somebody hit me on the back of the head, and it went black. I awoke here.” Said Astrocharmer. She sniffed as she looked around the dark place. “I want to go home. I don’t like this place. Those rats aren’t nice, and neither is that gray cat.” She sniffed again, and so did Benjamin.

“Me too.” He said softly. “This place is scary, I wanna be back with momma on the master’s sofa.” He whined. Rumpelteazer pitied them.

“Come ‘ere, I’ll protect yas.” She said as she gathered them up in her lap. The kittens obidently came, and they huddled around each other, and fell asleep, as Rumpelteazer stared at the door, wondering what the plan was, and how they were connected to it.


Mistoffelees looked to Mungojerrie, and they shared a common thought of where she was headed. Macavity’s.

“I though’ ‘e was dea’.” Mungojerrie said.

“It might be one of his agents, trying to finish what he started.” Both shuddered. “And I’m willing to bet that’s where Astrocharmer and Benjamin are too.” Victoria looked at them.

“Who? Who are you talking about? Who’s got Rumpelteazer and the kits?” She asked desperately, secretly dreading the answer.

“Macavity, or one of his agents.” Mistoffelees deadpanned. His mind was overcome with thoughts of his childhood. He shook them off. They were hostages. Macavity wouldn’t hurt them, and neither would an agent, if they were smart. But the question was, what did they want?

“’ome on, let’s get Munkustrap, ‘e can assemble a ‘orce an’ git dem back.” Mistoffelees nodded.


Yawsus re-entered the junkyard. Now to lure in the prize. He saw Mistoffelees, his mate, and Mungojerrie near the enterance. It was so perfect, he couldn’t have set it up any better himself. He cleared his throat and all three looked up.

“I don’t think that will do you any good. Macavity has them and he says if you don’t *yawn* come back.” He said pointing to Mungojerrie and Mistoffelees, who shuddered. Victoria gasped. “He’ll kill all three.” He said boredly. Mistoffelees and Mungojerrie growled.

“And what if we attack you and turn you into a hostage?” Mistoffelees growled. He thought he recognized the sleazy gray tom in front of him but he couldn’t place him.

“What…you think I would tell you, Mistoffelees, where your kits and your best friend’s precious mate is? You haven’t got the guts to interrogate me. I’ve known you too long you couldn’t hurt a fly, and you proved that in Macavity’s Lair. Always were so caring.” He looked to Victoria’s shocked expression and laughed. “I see the little missus doesn’t know about your youth, does she?” He grinned as he studied. “Too bad you won’t be able tell her. Macavity orders that you return to his service or they die, slowly.” Mistoffelees shuddered and looked to Mungojerrie and saw the determination in his eye. Gulping he kissed Victoria before looking to the gray tom.

“We’ll go.” He said coldly, trying to ignore Victoria’s tears. He had sworn when he was a kit that he would never EVER by his immortal cat soul that if he ever had to work for Macavity again, he’d kill himself. But now he was older, and he had a different idea.

Yawsus smiled. “Just called me Yawsus.” Mistoffelees’ eyes widened at the name. Yawsus, the snitch that had killed Jessieben. He growled low in his throat, causing Yawsus to laugh cruelly. “I see you remember me. Well I’ve become big Misto, I’m Macavity’s right hand, I’ve taken over for Hanklessu.” Mistoffelees shuddered at the name, but looked up fiercely at him. “Well come, let’s go.” He said then walked off, Misto and Mungo in close behind.


Victoria stared as her mate walked off down the street, going to get their kittens, but probably never coming back. She began to cry. She felt so helpless. She couldn’t call over the tribe because then they’d attack putting Rumpel, Astro, and Ben in danger, along with Misto and Mungo. And she didn’t understand what this Yawsus said about Misto. He’d lived with Macavity? Sure, she’d heard the rumours, but she never took them seriously. She just didn’t understand. So she sat, waiting for her kits and hopefully her mate to return to her in no time. Or for her to awake from the nightmare she was having.


Mungojerrie padded downtrodden on the sidewalk. Who knew what Macavity might make them do. Probably kill, interrogate, and torture kittens. He shuddered. That was one thing he couldn’t stand. He didn’t like hurting anyone, especially innocent kittens, or innocent anybody. And he was angry that he’d gotten involved with Macavity so willingly. He wanted to severely hurt Macavity, but he didn’t think he could pull it off. He looked to Mistoffelees, expecting to see fear. He found none, instead an odd fire burning in his eyes. A fire of hate. Immediately he knew what he was planning. He wanted to talk Misto out of it, but he knew from childhood that Misto was not the one to be easily dissuaded from anything he felt with his heart.


Mistoffelees walked, calculating a plan. It would work, if he was lucky. And he had that magical back up. They entered the shady building, which had stood for years. Old memories came flowing back, but he held them at bay. He had a job to do, and vengeance to reek. He sleeked down his hair, despite how much it protested and glared at Macavity blankly as they were placed in front of the throne. He saw three rats when he entered, and another four in the throne room. Six rats and Macavity, he might be able to handle that. He thought up a blinding spell, it would be perfect he could cast it on all the rats, and there would be no stopping him from beating the bloody hell out of Macavity except Yawsus.

Macavity grinned at his former captives and stood. “Yawsus, let Rumpelteazer and Misto’s brats free. I’ll keep my word on this one.” He said with a sickening grin. Yawsus nodded, and disappeared into the shadows. He walked over to them and studied them. He placed a paw on Mistoffelees jaw and yanked him face to face to him. “It’s glad to have you back. I’ll have your hide for what you’ve done to me, you realize that.” Mistoffelees said nothing, and simply stared at him with an absent expression. Macavity laughed, then turned to Mungojerrie. “And you, my dear dear Mungojerrie. I don’t know what I’ll do to you yet, but expect it to be painful. Both emotionally and physically. Who knows…I might kill Mistoffelees right in front of you.” Mungojerrie gulped at that. Mistoffelees shifted and muttered the blinding spell on all the rats, leaving out the final word. “Mistoffelees can tell you I can do some pretty cold things. After all, I did kill all of your friends, didn’t I?” He said, guffawing. Mistoffelees growled and arched his back.

“Presto!” He hissed. The rats began to shout about the lights. Mistoffelees hissed at Macavity before jumping on him. Taking him by suprise. He swiped deep into his flesh. He would have his vengeance. For every night spent in fear, hunger, and the cold. For every friend that he lost. And for every second his kittens had stayed in his lair. His blood boiled and he let out a series of screams of fury. Mungojerrie stared awestruck at the whole gruesome scene. He never could have guessed the rage that lay in Mistoffelees, which was only being let loose now. Macavity fell helplessly to the ground. He had managed to get a few good swipes at Mistoffelees, but he wasn’t deterred. Mistoffelees grabbed for the throat, and sunk his claws in deep into the jugular vein. Macavity let out a strangled gurgle, but was drowned out by the shrieks of two kittens.

“Daddy! Daddy! What are you doing to that strange cat!” Astrocharmer and Benjamin shrieked. Mistoffelees looked up from his victim, bathed from head to toe in his blood. He looked angry and frightened, causing Astro and Ben to worry. They were not prepared for the gruesomeness of the scene that lay before them and they gasped. Rumpelteazer covered their eyes, lest they see anymore, she too was unprepared, she had not known Mistoffelees held such power to hurt. He always seemed so peaceful. Yawsus stared stunned at his blood covered enemy and his master’s dying body. Mistoffelees came down off the now dead body, and glared at Yawsus, before pushing the dumbstruck Mungo, the frightened kittens and wild eyed Rumpel out of the door. Yawsus did nothing. He did not know what to do. But he was in power now, Macavity finally dead and gone, and he knew he must repay Mistoffelees for what he had done.


Astrocharmer raced up to her dad, who stank of foreign blood. She curled her lip in distaste, but tolerated it and made no comment. She had heard that comment that the other cat had said, before her father had ripped him to shreds. Still she was curious why he did it. Surely he wanted them back and safe, but daddy wouldn’t just kill someone for that. The strange cat never said anything threatening towards them. Then there was that strange glow in his eyes, as if many souls filled with hate were in him. All in all, it frightened her. She said nothing to him, from the looks of it he wouldn’t have answered. Soon they were all back in the junkyard again. Her mom scooped them up and hugged them tightly. She tried to grab her dad, but he pushed away, not even looking to her, and walking off to a strange trunk. Victoria was slightly dismayed, but she saw the blood and began to wonder what happened. She looked to Mungojerrie.

“What happened? And why is Mistoffelees covered in blood?” She asked. Mungojerrie cleared his throat and then began to address the whole tribe.

“We are fine, and so are the kits. We were forced to go to Macavity’s lair, who had kidnapped Misto’s kits and Rumpelteazer. Macavity apparently survived. But he’s dead now, Mistoffelees killed him himself. I was there.” Mungojerrie said, still slightly in shock. Everything had moved so quickly, he didn’t know what to think. During this time Astrocharmer was able to get out of her mother’s grasp and followed her dad’s scent. She found him in the sea chest. Opening the makeshift door, she looked inside and saw her father furiously writing on the desk in some sort of book.


Mistoffelees numbly entered his retreat and opened his diary. Grabbing his pencil he began to write:

My fears are at an end. Macavity’s dead. I’ve killed him for sure this time. I cannot say I did not take any pleasure in such a gruesome activity. All my rage and the rage of my friends most surely was being vented through my body. I do not regret what I have done. They will probably worship me like a hero, for he has terrorized this whole tribe and whole city with his gruesome crimes. I don’t want it, I did what had to be done. Something that should have been done a long time ago. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, although not consciously. I do not know what came over me, but part of me was gone and simply watched through the whole thing as Macavity’s life bled out of his eyes. I suppose it was spurred by him capturing my dearest Astrocharmer and Benjamin, whom is named after Jessiben, a friend who did not survive Macavity’s lair. But still I fear that I might have created a larger problem. Yawsus, the one who in my belief helped slay Jessiben, was his henchman. Yawsus will now probably be in control of Macavity’s operation. And Yawsus’ first target shall be me and my family. I fear for them.

Astrocharmer leaped in her dad’s lap and began to read what he had written. Mistoffelees snapped out of his trance quickly and saw the kitten nosily reading his writing. Quickly, he snapped it shut and stood, causing her to fall to the floor. He glared at her roughly. These were his private thoughts and feelings. And it contained certain things she didn’t know. He calmed himself from saying anything to mean, for she was just a kitten.

Astrocharmer looked apprehensively at her stormy and still bloody father before speaking. “Daddy?” She said softly. “Who’s Jessiben?” to be continued...

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