Misto Meets D'mitrus

Misto Meets D'mitrus

By: MistyKitty

Misto's black head turned quickly and he hair on his back stood on end. Hist mind was racing, what could it be? A new strange odor had drifted to his nose,... It had the odor of ... of a ... a POLLICLE!! Misto looked frantically around. Then, he heard a wimper and his blue eyes fell on a large box.

He knew he should just leave but his curiousity (yeah we know the saying) got the better of him. He cautiously approached the, as he now noticed, slightly shaking box and peered in. A pol no bigger then he jumped up shocked. No sooner had it done this then it ran and huddled in the corner of the alley, shaking. A pol scared of a cat? Misto was amazed. Misto started to leave but glanced back at the wimpering pup. Overcome with pity Misto sauntered to him. "Uh... what's your name? Pup?" The Pol looked up but didn't make a sound. "Can't ya talk?"

The Pol looked down and muttered, "Yeah, but aren't you a Jellicle?"

"Yeah, Mistoffelees, So?"

"My mama said Jellicles kill pups, and that they killed my dad when he got lost in thier part of town." He was terrified.

"Well..." Misto mumbled, "That could be true, but I don't kill people."


"huh" Misto looked up from his paws. "D'mitrus it's my name."

"Oh" Misto for the first time looked at the pup and took him in. He was about Misto's size, brown with a white patch around his left eye. His tail tip and front paws were also white.

"Is your mom around?" Misto asked just now realizing the possible danger of an angry mother.

"No..." The pup looked down as his eyes glazed over, "My mama's dead, hit by... a .... by a car." He fell down to the growd howling and wimpering.

"I'm sorry" Mistto said taking a trembling step forward. He then bent down and began licking D'mitrus's paws to comfort him. The puppy's crying lessened and Misto layed next to him. "Don't worry Demmy, I won't let anything happen to you, just sleep." So Misto stood guard most of the night.

"Where have you been all night!?!" Munkustrap looked ticked! "I slept in the alley last night, why?" Misto said nonchaulantly as he shook a fly off of his ear. "

Because! There is a Pol about and so it's dangerous!!"

Misto looked nervously at the tabby then regained his calm and said, "There ain't no Pol over there."

"All the same Rummy, Alonzo and I are gonna check it out." "Suit yourself." Misto watched them leave then darted to where he had left Demmy.

"D'mitrus, Demmy!?!?!?" he searched frantically where he had left him but he wasn't there just a little bit of blood. Oh no! He ran frantically following the scent of his friend. "No!" there laid D'mitrus in a pool of blood have dead of the exhaustion. Misto ran to him,... He needs a vet misto thought. He propped the bloodied pup up to feet and let him lean against him. Together they staggered towards downtown. He slipped the pup to the vets step and rang the doorbell darting for the bushes. The door swung open and a tall man looked from side to side then down at the poor puppy. "Oh my, we had better get you inside, you look like you were in a cat fight!" he scooped the pol up and took him inside.

"And just what do you think you're doing!?!?" Misto turned to see the glaring eyes of the Rum Tum Tugger.


"Why'd ya take it to the vet Mr. Mistoffelees!?!"

Misto was speechless.

"Well!?!" Munku was now very mad. Misto looked up suddenly,

"You guys almost killed him!" Misto glared at Munku. "That's the point!" "He didn't do anything!" "He's a Pol" "He's a puppy" "He'll grow." "Maybe he could be on our side?"

"NEVER! No Pol will ever join the Jellicles!" Munku wasn't about to even consider it.

Then, the vets door swung open. The Jellicles ran for cover. Out came the puppy on a leash with a little boy. "Mom, can I really keep him?"

The boy was ecstatic. "I said yes, honey" "Yeah!!!!" The boy jumped up and down, hugged his mom, and finally petted Demmmy. Misto peeked out. "D'mitrus, what's going on?" he whispered softly. "He's gonna adopt me!" Demmy was beaming. "I'm glad" Misto smiled, he really was. "I hope I'll see you again." Then noticing the cats he added,"Will you be OK?" Misto glanced back.

"Yeah, but I'm in for a long lecture. Nothing new." Misto smiled. The boy suddenly spun around picked up Demmy and ran for the car. As it drove away D'mitrus waved g-bye. Misto waved 'till Demmy was out of sight. Then he turned and looked at his friends. They slowly headed back to the Junkyard.

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