Dance With Her!

Dance With Her!

By: BlueBell

NOTE: This is a sequal to my other fanfic, Mistoffelees' Secret Love. It's a poem/song! :)

Victoria sat alone on the tire staring at the Jellicles before her dancing, laughing and having a great time. Not far off, from in the pipe, Mistoffelees sat watching her instead. His eyes mesmorized by her beauty and grace. He noticed Munkustrap dancing with Demeter, Alonzo dancing with the slim and beautiful Cassandra and Mungojerry and Rumpleteazer laughing and enjoying themselves as they swung each other around with twists and turns. Just then Misto was startled by the Rum Tum Tugger's sudden appearence as he came face to face with him upside down over the outside of the pipe looking down at the black jellicle inside. "Wusup? Why ain't you dancing?"

Mistoffelees shrugged, "Not in the mood I guess." and his eyes fell back on the pure white jellicle on the tire. Tugger followed his gaze and grinned when he saw who he was staring at and quickly taunted him by saying, "Ahh! I think someone's gone ga-ga over a slim white feline."

Misto frowned, "What are you talking about?"

Tugger leaped off the top of the pipe and pulled Misto out by his upper arm as he said with his eyes on Victoria, "I'm talking about the sleek white babe over there. I mean c'mon Misto, you're tongue is practically hanging out and your eyes are glued!"

"They are not!" Misto argued. Just then the fast music faded into a slow melody and Tugger wrapped one strong arm around Misto's shoulder, bringing his attention back to Vicki, Tugger began to sing slowly in a deep voice,

"There you see her,
sitting there all alone.
She hasn't much to say but there's something about her.
And you don't know why
but you're just dying to try
go ahead and dance with her!"

Mistoffelees' eyes widoned at Tugger's request, "Me,dance with her?"

Tugger released his companion's shoulder and replied, "Yes! You want her don't you?" He then broke back in his song as he crossed his arms over his chest with his head cocked, staring at her again with Misto,

Look at her
you want her, you know you do
and it's possible she wants you too!
It doesn't take that much, don't think of what if and such
just go and dance with her!"

Misto shook his head, "No I can't-" but Tugger quickly interrupted him,

"My oh my! Looks like the tom's too shy!
Ain't it a shame, you're gonna miss it with her!"

Just then all the Jellicles changed their style of fast dancing to romantic and soft as they grew close together and danced under the moonlight. Tugger smiled as he whispered to Mistoffelees, "Now's your moment!

You best do it soon, no time will be better!
She's sittin there alone but she won't be for long
you'd better dance with her!"

Suddenly Mistoffelees' confidence began to grow. Tugger was right. He had to act now. He straightened his shoulders and stood there for a while still a little hesistant. Tugger continued to encourage him as he saw he was finally breaking through.

Don't be scared,
you got the mood prepared
go on and dance with her!
Don't stop now
don't try to hide it
I know you want to dance with her!

Misto let out a strong breath of air then slowly walked over to Victoria who continued to sit on the tire. He looked up at her from the ground and with a sparkle in his eye, he offered out his paw and asked in a low, shy voice, "Might I have this dance?"

Victoria looked at him, shocked at first, then her expresion melted into a beautiful, radiant smile as she stood and took his paw. He slowly and carfully helped her down from the tire elegantly and Misto, still with her paw in his, brought her around and placed his other nervous paw on her waist. Then slowly they began to sway side to side, looking into each other's eyes. Tugger grinned in satisfaction as he leaned back on the oven and continued to sing as he watched the two,

Just go and step along and listen to the song
the song says dance with her

Just then Victoria stood closer and rested her head on his shoulder. Mistoffelees was speechless as his heart pounded rapidly. His eyes glanced over at Tugger who nodded and sang,

Dance as the music plays you want to be there night and day

My God, look man, you're finally dancing with her!!!!"

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