The Junkyard Ghost

The Junkyard Ghost

By: Petra

Hello, to introduce myself, I am Enigma, the junkyard cat. Despite most kitties' thoughts, I am rather young.(for a ghost at least) I am known by every Jellicle as the junkyard ghost, but I am real. Jellicles meet me to talk about their problems and if they need someone to answer a question. I can't answer all of them, I have to admit that, but I try to help them anyway. I have the possibility to communicate with every Jellicle if they like me by appearing in their minds.

It where some meetings which stressed the older cats mostly who were concerned about the Jellicle Ball. Especially Munkustrap, Tugger, Skimble,Misto, Jenny and Jellylorum knew that. They where part of the organizing group and it was not easy for them to realize their plans and to ensure the Jellicles safety. So had every of these Jellicles something to do with the Ball:

Munkustrap, as everybody knew, was the chief leader. He arranged meetingsand pondered about new ideas. His head was sometimes bursting and sometimesit was not difficult to upset the cat. He had to have strong nerves, and even then, the tension was near it's breaking point. If there hadn't been Jennyanydots, he would sometimes have turned away from every conversation to assemble himself because he was upset.

Jenny was the calmest one. She took the part for the order. Sometimes,when everything seemed to come out of control she was able to order it again.Together with Jellylorum she took everything going on. Jenny thought a lotabout the dances and the turns and taught them to the other cats.

Jellylorum was more for the practical part and served as Jenny's right-hand man..errr cat. She ordered the cats who made the masks for special dances like "the Pekes and the Pollicles" or who cleaned the junkyard, for exapmple. Jellylorum kept everything under control. She had the time table and told every actor and cat when and where it was necessary to do this or that.

To have some stronger help, Skimbleshanks was always around the two queens. He was the one who helped with the planning and kept reality to the ideas for the Ball. He knew, what was possible to realize and how much time theyhad for this dance or for that song. He made the time-table.

Tugger was, certainly, for making the whole event not too sinister or too serious. He had this nonchalant way which was needed for the Ball to be funny. The Rum Tum Tugger could clear out every 'false note' with his funny and wild ways.

The magician, oh, I needn't tell that, certainly, but to be formal: The special effects. He gave the Ball the last touch of show-effect which was needed and made it a great spectacle.

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