Enigma, The Junkyard Ghost

Enigma, The Junkyard Ghost

By: Petra

I slept for the whole day and I dreamed about the animal. It was walking up and down in front of me and screaming the names of six cats. Jellylorum! Jennyanydots! Skimblehanks! Rum Tum Tugger! Mistoffelees! Munkustrap! The creature repeated it forward and backward. It was a sandbrown wildcat or Senegalcat or another middle-large creature from the cat-family with yellow eyes. It walked up and down in front of me and then suddenly stopped his yelling. It called my name. "Enigma! Enigma! Enigma! They are your friends! They are your children! They are mine! Heavyside is mine!"

I awoke with a great shock and was completely confused. For a moment I did not know what had happened but after putting my memories together the happenings, the dream recovered my mind. What did that dream mean? The large brown cat looked familiar. Neither good nor evil, just familiar. I knew it, once, I knew it! I was sure I did knew who it was.

"Beezle!" I yelped. "Beezle! He's back!" I shook my had. I turned around and tried to understand what it meant for me that Beezle had catnapped my friends. My face became hot when I realized that it was my fault that Beezle had catnapped my friends.

Beezle and I had been born the same time. My mother and his mother had lived miles away from each other but they had given birth to me and Beezle the same second. He was born in Africa. From the day I could think I felt that there was someone more than only me. I could speak to Beezle, although I did not know him. I talked to him and I only could hear his voice and he could hear mine. It became something normal for me to talk with him.

When it was time to leave our parents we both still kept contact. We made a journey, each of us, crossed the waters and walked through cities. One day we felt that we were near to each other and so we began searching for one another. The feelings became stronger and suddenly we stand in front of each other. I met my mind brother and he his mind sister. From this time on we did everything together. After a quarter of a year I felt something new inside me. I felt that someone was calling me and he felt too. We found the junkyard and for the first time I saw a Jellicle enter heavyside. I was surprised seeing this and Beezle was too. He wanted to see Heavyside himself and I wanted to meet these Jellicles and see the spectacle again. Our minds changed. Beezle became evil he wanted to possess Heavyside Layer for every prize and asked me to help him. He wanted to discover the junkyard and make the Jellicles flee. He envied them more than I imagined. I refused doing it and contacted the Jellicles. They realized that I was not a normal cat and because I was always in the yard and I was wise they made my the junkyard ghost.

The Jellicles did not know that Beezle was straying around, how could they? He kept quiet and talked to me sometimes about his plans. I always forbid him to do anything against the tribe but the idea of entering the Heavyside Layer possessed him. When he attacked Demeter one day I felt forced to beat him and to carry him away. I placed him on a ship, hoping he would not find the way to the yard again. I sometimes felt his voice talking to me but I refused listening to it and than he gave up calling me. I refused having any relationship to him and forgot all the time I had spend with him and his voice. I forgot my past and that is the worst thing a cat could do. Now this had lead me into trouble and he was back.

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