Enigma, The Junkyard Ghost

Enigma, the Junkyard Ghost

By: Petra

Why had Beezle catnapped my friends? He just wanted Heavyside, why did he catnap six Jellicles? I am sure he wanted to prevent that the next Ball took place. If there were no leaders it would be much more easier to force the Jellicles to give him the permission to enter Heavyside Layer. What could I do now? I had no idea where he was hiding and when he would come back. At first I decided to tell the others what I knew. I could not keep it a secret anymore although it would make things more difficult for me. If they knew what happened the Jellicles would do everything to find Beezle but I knew that I was the only one who could cope with his evil forces.

"Jellicle cats come out tonight
Jellicle cats come one come all
Enigma calls you for this night
Jellicles follow my Jellicle call"

And after my spirit hat sung it to their minds they appeared. Everybody appeared except six important cats and the Jellicles knew that I had to say something important. They knew that I, Enigma, would never call them all without having a terrible good reason for it. Knowing it they were upset andchatted and meowed a lot.

"Quiet, please! I have to say something about the six cats missing. You know that I speak of Jellylorum, Jennyanydots, Skimbleshanks, Rum Tum Tugger, Mistoffelees and Munkustrap. I know who has catnapped them, it was a cat called Beezle. Beezle was born the same second I was and so we had the facility to talk and to mindcall each other. After I knew his aim was to possess Heavyside Layer I betrayed him and send him away. Now he is back. He is angryand wants to disturb the tribe and possess the Layer."

The Jellicles looked at me and their eyes showed me that they were pondering what to do and that they did not exactly understand what my words meantfor them.

"Although now you know who he is I have to beg you not to search for himand our friends. He has more might than you are able to fight against. I will go and find him. I will fight against Beezle and I hope that I will come back with a victory and six friends. It hurts me to fight him but I know there is no choice for me. If he dies something inside me will die, too and I know that I will be a different person than. To safe yourself find a new leader for the time Munkustrap is away. Your tribe must look like it is alright without those six important cats because if it does seem alright Beezle willhesitate to start a fight with you."

After telling this I disappeared to my secret hideout. Electra followed me but she did not find because I did not want her to find me. I can disappear like the ghost I am supposed to be. The Jellicles did everything I told them although it was tough for them. Alonzo volunteered for the leader position for the time Munkus was absent and he knew that it was dangerous. Victoria taught the other cats more Jellicle dances so that they could have a Ball without the important cats if it was necessary. I myself tried to find Beezle's home and the cats. I send out my spirit to call for six missedcats.

I was in a deep trance when my spirit found Beezle. I called him and hoped he would reply. I told him that he should come and fight with me and release my friends. He should let his egoistic anger beat me and not anybody else. He did not reply and so I stopped the call, certain that he had understood me. I completed my trance and remained laying there with closed eyes. Than I noticed that someone was with me in my secret hideout. I opened my eyes andraised my head.

"Beezle!" I whispered shocked when I saw the giant creature with large yellow eyes.

"Yes, here I am. I am sorry that you do not like to help me with my plans. If you want you can have a look at your friends." said his eyes. He did not need to use his voice to talk to me. A look in his eyes told me his words.

"How did you become so evil? What is about the giant cat I knew and liked? Where is this cat? Beezle, look at yourself and notice who you are! Lead me to my friends now. Before you show them to me, tell me how you were able to catch them and to disappear without me finding them," my eyes replied instead of my voice and Beezle left my hideout giving a sign to me to followhim.

"Like you I possess the power to call people's mind. That is exactly what I did when I saw one of the cats I had chosen to catnap. I knew that these cats were important for the Ball and that you have a strong connection to them. I made my eyes call them, friendly and artificial. I put the thought into their minds that I was the cat they had loved long time ago. The two queens were easy to catnap this way and when I had them, I conjured them.

The orange tomcat which strays around at the railway I made believe that he had to follow me to an important train which had an accident. He was also conjured.

The leopard-cat was the most difficult to catch. I made him believe that I was a new cat in town and that I adored him but he noticed that it was artificial and began fighting me. I was stronger and carried him away when he was conjured. The leopard-cat could flee after three days because his will to escape was very strong. I caught his spirit again here in the yard and conjured it. Unfortunately, he had already talked to you.

The magical one was very easy to catch. I lead an imagined picture of myself in front of the black and white and gave it a bright shine. Only he could see this imagined picture. I said I had to tell him a magical secret. He followed me and than I conjured him so he could not think of you, Enigma and Munkustrap who were also in the yard.

The last one was difficult to catch because someone always guarded him. I know it was your work that Munkustrap was always guarded. I had to risk to be discovered when I conjured him while another cat was with him. When she turned in a dance and did not look to the gray cat I conjured it and it followed me." Beezle was smiling evil when he told me about his success.

"Why didn't I find them. Okay, their minds were conjured but what about their bodies?" I wondered.

"Oh that was easy. You know that I haven't got a special scent if I do not like to. You haven't got also and that is why they call you a ghost. They cannot sense you if you haven't got your personal scent. When I carried the leopard away on my back there was only my scent left - which does not exist. And when I carried the queens away I just hid somewhere in the yard and covered their body with mine. So their personal scent was not able to reach you. When you searched somewhere else I escaped to another direction with the cats and because I am bigger than you are I was faster than any other cat."

It hurt me so much. He had been my friend and I had had a wonderful time with him but now he was a follower of Satan. I had to fight against my brother and I did not even know how. He was stronger than me and he was able to use a lot of his strange facilities which covered both of us.

We came to an old house and he lead me into. In a small cage I could see my friends, sleeping. They were covered with wounds, their fur was dirty and they looked completely awful and exhausted. They slept but it was a danger kind of sleep. A small wind of their dreams reached me and these dreams were strange. The dreams had no sense and they just were there to stop them from thinking and to stop them from having usual dreams. It was Beezle's work. He had his might over them. And I knew even more than that. He just did that to let me suffer and to weaken my facilities. So it was my fault that they looked so terrible and that they suffered.

I swallowed and said: "Let's start the fight, Beezle. One of us will gain a victory but whoever dies the other will not live without having died inside."

Beezle nodded and stepped back a bit facing me. We growled and hissed. Beezle jumped and I ran forward so he could not hit me and landed behind me. Inthe cage at our side, six cats awoke.

I had to use other ways to fight against Beezle. I could not cope with his strong and giant body. I tried to conjure him and for a while he swayed backwards. He shook his had and throw my conjured might away. Before I could react he jumped and landed on my back. I screamed feeling a pain in my back and threw him down. Blood ran over me. He started the next attack and began to jump again. I turned around to my back and stretched my claws in the air. He saw it and screamed in shock before his belly landed on my claws. His body was to heavy for me and so he landed on me. His body pressed me to the floor and I could not breathe anymore. My claws still hit his stomach. He jumped away from me because the pain I had caused in his paunch was too painful for him to remain sitting and kill me. I called his mind and made him remember the time we had had together and how happy we had been, hoping he would stop the fight now. He looked painful for a moment and than closed his memories for me. I suddenly felt not able to move and that was Beezle's conjuring. I saw him coming closer and growl and I knew he wanted to kill me. I was not able to move my body but my mind worked very well. I used my last powers to stop him from conjuring me and to reconjure him and he remained sitting. After I had used my powers my body worked again and now he sat there, not able to move. I took the chance and hit my teeth into his throat. He howled in pain and but I kept my grip. He moved around and beat me to the ground but my teeth remained at his throat. His movements became weak and than he laidd own. I fell in trance, still biting his throat.

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