Enigma, The Junkyard Ghost

Enigma, The Junkyard Ghost

By: Petra

The following night was the night of the Jellicle Ball and although six cats could not help to complete it because they were not there when the last few rehearsals took place, the younger cats had prepared it very well. I had practiced the whole day to learn the dances and songs. It was not too difficult because I knew them already. I had watched the Jellicles during their rehearsals. I danced with Victoria and had a lot of fun and I forgot Beezle.

Just before dawn, Munkustrap declared that it was time to chose the cat for Heavyside Layer and Old Deuteronomy rose up. When he looked at me I shook my head. I did not need to enter Heavyside, I was strong, healthy and I was a happy Jellicle. Deuteronomy understood and chose another cat. It was an old brownish cat that was near on dying and that had lived with Electra the last year after she had found him on the yard. When he entered the Heavyside Layer I heard Beezle's voice:

"Thank you, Enigma. I am still on earth but I will do my very best to have a second chance to live. I did wrong, and I know."

So Beezle was dead, but he was inside my heart and would maybe find a way to clear out what he had done. Before Old Deuteronomy left, I disappeared to my hideout to feel the satisfied feeling that covered me. Enigma, the junkyard ghost was now the Jellicle junkyard ghost. I was happy with it, greeted Beezle and listened to the end of the Ball.

Back Jack!