Far Beyond Belief

Far Beyond Belief

By: Rosemay

Chapter One-- The Meeting

Today was a special day for the GEBC[Graham Emmanuel Baptist church] youth group. They are going across the USA for six months. Pastor Jay Schilling starts asking for the names of the young and eager youth. “Is Jeff Tiefenthaler here?”

A tall young teenage boy steps up, “Yeah Mr. Cool is here.”

Kenton his best friend pushes him, “Oh yeah now who’s Mr. Cool?”

Jeff pushes him back as Steve Bonzer stops them ”Now stop that now remember we are going to be a Godly example for unbelievers and also to have fun, now pay attention.”

Jay said his thanks and continues, soon all 38 teenagers where there, Jay asks if anyone wanted to start the prayer and the kids elected John Orten to say the prayer.

“And God help us get though this trip as we remember you in all of our actions and on what we said amen. O.k. I said it, let’s get going before I have to do it again.”He joked as he moved to the bus that is taking them to the airport. Once all the kids and leaders were on the bus the bus driver give them final intrusions they were on their way

On the cross country trip Katie Pearson was talking to her best friend Katherine Brown{Or Miss Katherine Brown as she to be called} about the trip and how she is excited about her being with her. "Man this is so cool, I mean we are going across the USA and our first stop is my grandparents house! It’s been so long since I have seen them I wonder how my grandma is doing and ohhh I can’t wait can you?”

Her friend answered. ”Yes I can wait.”

“But all the thing that we are going to do, like going to movies, fairs and most importantly when we go to New York we are going to see CATS!!! Ohh man I just can’t wait! I just can’t wait.”

As their conversion went on like that for a while. Wendy Perry one of the leaders listen on their conversion and butted in smiling. "Ohh hush up now, you are making me all excited about it, thanks a bunch." she says, shaking her head as she sits down next to her friend Julia Sorenson. "Will those kids be quiet for one second?" she sighed. "I remember when Katie would sit in a corner all by herself with no one to talk to, but now look at her yakking away, well at last she has a friend to talk to, what do you think Julia?"

"Well I think it’s great..."

And that’s how it was like on the bus for about three hours to the airport. Finally, when they got to the airport the youth leaders got the teenagers in order after five minutes and unloaded the bus before walking into the airport."

"Jay check the time."

“There’s 2 hours to walk around but stay in sight remember only two hours until the airplane comes.”The kids split into groups of there own and talk away.


Katie and Katherine walk to the gift shop looking and accidentally bump into a young small teenage boy and drop both of their stuff and money. Katie, Katherine and the boy bent down to pick the stuff they dropped and then looked at each other. The boy that they bumped into was a small, very young looking, has a beautiful tan, with black hair, and strangely bright black eyes as he looked at them and smiles.

"Sorry it’s my fault, I should have watched where I was going. My name is Hector Jaime Mercado what’s your names?" He reached out his hand. Seeing their hesitation, he smiles. "Hey don’t worry it’s not like I am gonna rape you or something." With his hand still stretched out, Katie grabs his hand and shakes it. "My name is Katie Pearson and over there is my best friend Katherine Brown." Hector just stared and blink his black eyes and smiles.

"So umm.. where are you ladies going?"

This time Katherine answered his question. “We are going to Denver, Colorado for two weeks and I forgot where else. Where are you going?”

"Someplace.” Hector answered."

"But where is this someplace?" Katie butted in.

Hector just laughs at Katie.

"What was it something I said?" Katie asked with a confused look on her face.

"Oh nothing it was something really funny I remembered and the answer to your question is, I don’t know, I just wander around with no sense of direction whatsoever.." He looked at the clock. "Well I hope we met each other again someday." he replies, looking at Katie and Katherine. His eyes glowed as he walked away leaving both girls looking baffled then Katherine looks at the time and put her hand to her face.

”We have got to go or we’ll miss the plane”

The two friends raced to the rest of the youth group as Jay was calling out the names ”Denise...well better late then never, huh girls”

Katie and Katherine run up to the group huffing and puffing as Katie spoke for the both of them. "Yeah better late then never. Both of us are here so you can mark us off." they gasped. Jay just smiles

"Well o.k." Check his list and sees that everyone is there. "O.k. everybody’s here, so let’s go and start our six month adventure." Everyone soon got aboard the plane as the plane waitress took the tickets and boarded the plane.

To be continue maybe...

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