Whose Fault Was It?

Whose Fault Was It?

By: Misto

Mungojerrie sat alone near the Old Ford, playing marbles. His favorite marble, a black one with white stars, rolled into the shadows. "NOOOOO!!!!" Mungo screamed and franticly looked for his marble. It was very special to him. He won it from the former marble Champion, taking the title. He didn't notice his best friend, Mistoffelees, looking down at him. He was smiling. He knew that this had to be one of the ONLY times he would ever be taller then his friend. With flick of his wrist, the marble appeared between his fingers. He dropped it on Mungo's head. Mungo jumped up, and upon seeing who the trickster was said.


"'Ey Mungo!" the magic cat sad, "Feeling lonely?"

"A little bit." Mungo admitted.

The two sat down and played marbles, until the game bored them. Mungo proudly pulled out a radio, and two sets of headphones.

"What are those?" Mr. M asked.

Mungo proudly replied: "I noticed someone back home in the mansion using 'em. I swiped 'em, and tried them out. They're really cool! They play a lot of pretty noise!" With that, he handed Mistoffelees a pair of ear phones, and they turned the volume up.

Just then, Munkustrap slinked onto the scene. "I'm going to do it!"

"uh-huh...." Misto said, listening to the radio and playing marbles, neither one could pay attention.... "She's gone too far. I saw her flirting with Tugger again..." he sighed "I doubt she even cares about me at all. I'm the future leader of this tribe right? I need a leader's responsibility! If I want to be a good leader, I need a good wife who I can trust...." he went on..... "Leader right.....yep..." Mistoffelees mumbled as Mungo flicked another one of his out. "So goodbye you two. Forever. I love her too much to give her up, and I want to be a good leader. I'm going where I'm needed."

"Bye Munk." Mistoffelees murmered, turning the volume up. Mungo flicked his tail goodbye. As Munku was slowly walking past the trash cans, a bunch of dog's jumped him. The pair heard none of this.

"Say, I have a card set." Misto said turning down the volume. "Want to play poker?"

"Is it a trick deck?" Mungo asked.

"No" Answered Mistoffeeles

"Sure then!" Just then Bombalurina walked by crying.

"What's wrong, Bomb?" Mungo asked.

"OH!" she cried "I can't find my MUNKU! Have you seen him at all today?"

"Uh............" "WAIT! Yes this morning!" Mistoffelees remembered. "I think he said something about leadership....yeah...."

"Oh yes!" Mungo said "He said he was going to take over leadership of the tribe!" Both cats grinned and nodded. "Oh! My sweet Munkustrap....he's so brave! Well at least I know he's OK, and hasn't run away from me or something!" She shipped off. Alonzo peeked around the corner. He had been listening the whole time.

"Did you say 'take over leadership', Jerrie?"

"YEP!" the cat answered. "That was it!" "Do you know what that means?" Alonzo's eyes grew "He's going to try to kill Old Deuteronamy for the leadership!"

"Oh NO!" Mistoffelees said "I have to talk to Victoria! I have to warn her...."

"Relax, Powderpuff." Mungo said calmly. "Munkey woudn't have the guts to murder an old guy!"

"Hey! You're right!" Mistoffelees nodded "BUT..." Alonzo continued "He DOES have the nerve! He'd HIRE someone!" All the cats gasped. Alonzo shivered. "If I see another knife again, I'll be shakin' in my boots! I think I'll go see Jemima!" Alonzo walked to Jemima's house. She wasn't at her people's place....He tried her cardboard box she had made into a home. There she was! She was toying with a small swiss army knife she found. She was stabbing it at something.

"DIE YOU TURKEY!!" she said. Alonzo froze in terror. "It can't be my sweet Jemima.....she's who Munku must have hired!" He ran off back to the junkyard. "Phew!" Jemima said, whiping the blood off the knife. "I hope 'Lonzy likes this sparrow I caught us for dinner!"

Alonzo neared an old TV set, where he found Victoria napping. "Wake up!" the stray said, shaking her. Victoria yawned.

"Huh?.....What?.....Magic....that you?" Then opening her eyes and seeing Alonzo, swiped him across the face. "What do you want?" she whined.

"Listen to me!" Alonzo then told her of all his incounters, ending with 'seeing Jemima murder Old D with a knife'. Victoria listened.

"Oh no........she said.......I need my Misto! Where is he! He has to hide me! She shivered.

"Well!" Alonzo said "I MUST go spread the news!" he ran off to tell the rest of the Jellicles.

Victoria was left alone. Untill, her dear friend Demeter walked by with a worried look on her face. "THERE you are Vic!" she said "I've been looking all over for you! I need to tell you something important!"

"Me too." Victoria said. "You first." "Well, I was helping Bomb find Munkustrap, and I....I....I found a large lock of his hair...and his blood!"

"WHERE!?" Victoria asked "Just south of the Old Ford. I'm afraid to tell Bomb!"

"DON'T! I.........Jemima did it."


"You heard me!" She told her what Alonzo told her.. ".....and she must have gotten either guilty or blood thirsty, and MURDERED Munk!"

"It all makes sense!" Demeter said, hitting her forehead.

The two friends stuck close together after that all day. Meanwhile, the alive and well Old Deuteronamy, was at his favorite French restraunt. He fell in a bag of flour, and ran back into the alley. He was heading to his tire, when Jellylorum spotted him. She had gotten the news. She screamed: "IT'S HIS GHOST!!! HE'S COME BACK TO PUNISH!!!!!" She ran off screaming.

Old Deuteronamy blinked. "How strange....well I better seek out my little buddy Mistoffelees to do something about this flour..." At the sound of his name, Mistoffelees appeared. "There you are!" "May I ask what happened to you, sir?"

"I fell in a bag of flour. Could you do something about it?"

"Of coarse! PRESTO!" Flour flew everywhere, and then disappeared.

"Thank you my son." The old cat said, and walked to his tire. Mistoffelees smiled, and snuck off to where he knew Victoria was. He shadow walked to where he could see her, and with a smile on his face, dreamily watched her every move.

She was talking with Demeter, and then Plato, a cat he very much dis-liked, came out from behind a toaster oven. "Vicky?" he said, looking Victoria up and down "Don't call me that," she snarled.

"Why must you play hard to get?" he sighed.

"Well listen, I'm sure you heard the news?" She nodded "Well you can stay with me, if you feel safer...."

"I'd feel much safer with my Mistoffelees." she, hissed. "Get lost."

"I tried." He said, and walked away.

Victoria sighed. "Where is that black furball anyway? MISTOFFELEES!!" ~PRESTO~ he appeared in front of her. "Mistoffelees...." she cooed "I've been looking for you." Mistoffelees said with a half smile. They kissed.

"Well kitten," Mistoffelees said short of breath, "How goes it?"

Victoria's eyes filled with tears. She told her love the whole story, ".....and Demeter found Munk's body....Jemima MURDERED HIM!" She cried on Mistoffelees' shoulder.

Misto's eyes were getting wetter too, and he finally said "I have to protect you. Come on. We're going to find Mungo, and all three of us, will visit another dimension untill the fur stops flying."

Mungo peeked from behind a corner "Someone say me name?" he said in his English accent...

"Yes Mungo" Victoria said. "We're going to another dimension."

Mungo nodded. He wasn't quite sure what dimension meant. "Well." he said "Let's go then." ~PRESTO~ The three cats appeared in another time and place. In nother part of the junkyard, all the Jellicles except Victoria, Mistoffelees, Mungojerrie, Jemima, and Munkustrap gathered in hiding places from Jemima.

Demeter snuck her way to Bombalurina, who had heard all the news.....except for one part. "Bomb..." Demeter started "There is something we've been keeping from you."

"WHAT?" The red cat said Demeter told her about what she found. "Oh no....." Bomb said "My sweet Munky!.....killed by a kitten..." she cried.

"Everybody!" Cassandra hissed. "Shut up! I hear someone coming!"

Then silence. Sure enough Jemima walked on the scene. All the cats were petrified with fear. Jemima looked everywhere for another kitten like Victoria or Rumpelteazer to play with, but found that evreyone seemed to be avoiding her. She sadly walked off, to another place.

Meanwhile, about half a mile from the junk yard, Munkustrap sat on an old boot. He rubbed his nose. "I better start getting real with myself" he said. "Mungo's right. I'm not street wise. I'm a regular street idiot! Besides, I can get Demeter to fix my cuts and scratches. With that Mungo of hers, I bet she knows all the first aid there is. Bomb is probably missing me anyway"

He was about to turn back, when Jemima came running to him. He was the only cat who seemed to pay any attenion to her. The two cats walked hand and hand back to the junk yard. All the Jellicles were curled up in their hiding places. When once again Cassandra hissed "Shut up, someone's coming!"

Two sets of foot prints neared the jellicles, and then Munkustrap walked foward. "MUNKY!" Bomb said running into his arms, "You're SAFE!" Following Munkustrap was Jemima. All the cats were still afraid of her. Hearing the commotion, Old Deuteronemy went to where the Jellicles were.

"IT'S OLD DEUTERONAMY! AND HES OK!" Rumpelteazer mewed.

"Look out!" Jellylorum said "He's a GHOST!" "No, I'm no ghost" 'Solo man' said All the cats looked at Alonzo who shrugged.,p> "That means....." Demeter said "No one was killed..." "And THAT MEANS...." Tantomile said "YOUR Mungo started a FRANTICNESS in our tribe! He should be punished!"

"Now wait a minute!" Alonzo said MISTOFFELEES was the one who said was going to take over!"

"YOU wait a minute!" Coricopt snarled "You told us MUNGO said that".

"Well uh...."

"It doesn't matter!" Exotica purred. "Mungo is probably with Mistoffelees now. Victoria too." "We must SUMMON him!"

Tumblebrutus laughed. "MISTOFFELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!" Demeter screamed out into the empty junkyard. In the other dimension, Mungo was playing Victoria a pinball game, and Mistoffelees was reading "Stuart Little" (A book about a yummy mouse) All of a sudden, Mistoffelees heard his name. It peirced into his head as a cammand to return. "C'mon all." He said "I think all is better".

"Wait a minute...." Mungo said. He shot one more pinball in hyperspace. "BEAT YA!" he laughed at Victoria. In a flash of light, they returned to the junkyard, in a circle of the rest of the cats.

Jellylorum pulled Victoria into the circle, so only Mistoffelees and Mungojerrie remained in the center. She turned out to be the 'spokes cat'. "WHY did you start this rumor, kittens?"

"Rumor?" Mungo repeated...he didn't know what that meant either. "We started NOTHING!" Mistoffelees stammered. He tried to use a 'jedi mind trick' that he saw once when his owner was watching STAR WARS.

"Nothing.....happened...." Bomb finally screamed out "Mungo! Misto! I'm going to KILL you!" Munkustrap kissed Bomb to calm her down. Tugger kissed Ecetera. Alonzo kissed Jemima. Mungo poked Demeter, grinned, and kissed her, and finally, Mistoffelees grabbed Victoria's paw, and they ran for their lives. Alonzo and Jemima went to Jemima's box where they ate the sparrow together.


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