Cats... Paws of Furry!

Alright! Some new information for all you excited and wonderful writers. If you want to be a part of this exciting new "Round Robin" group. Here is the address to sign up. And here are the rules...

1) You must have writing experience. I don't want anyone who has never wrote before or has never been in an RPG. We want these stories to be fun to read!

2) Everyone has to at least come up with 2 character fighters. (From Cats) and give me their position. Weither they are a fighter, and character in the stands, of the referee, ect...

3) Just a head of time anouncement. I'm going to be the announcer. Played by Munkustrap and Demeter.

I encourage all who like to write to send in there submissions if they would like to be part of this experience. Oh... And the biggest promise in the world that I will be keeping up with this!

To Hold You Over...--We still have two older fights for you to enjoy! Let's hope that the fights will return with a vengence!

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Bombalurina ~VS~ Etcetera!
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Rum Tum Tugger ~VS~ Mistoffelees!

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