By: DemeterKitty

Well, I had Munkustrap," Demeter thought. *But then that witch of a Ferraine grabbed him by the collar. I've never seen him so smitten! Demeter's heart sank. *I might as well leave. I have nobody now. She grabbed a blanket, some fish, and a small, dried up rose that Munku had given her. Tears ran down her face and she whispered "I love you" and left the junkyard.

Later that night, in his bed, Munkustrap wondered where Demeter was. She's usually here before me. Thinking she was with Bombalurina, he fell asleep. As he was sleeping, Ferraine crept into his bed beside him. Demeter, hoping to say a last goodbye, saw the two and fled away sobbing.

The next morning, Munkustrap woke to see Ferraine beside him, her dark eyes looking up at him.

"Ferraine! Get out of here!" He yelped.

"Why Munky, I thought you loved me," she purred, her deep voicewrapping around him like a blanket.

"Ferraine, go now! I've got to find Demeter! I love Demeter!"

Demeter woke up cold. She looked around, seeing a stone sidewalk, a bench, and some old trees. She looked for Munku, but then she remembered him and Ferraine. She moved to a safer place and fell asleep, dreaming of Munku....

"Demeter, I love Demeter," Munkustrap said to himself.


Demeter...Demeter. I'm so mixed up. I love Demeter, yes!" He wandered around the city, looking for her. He found her sleeping under a tree.

"Demeter, is that you?" He asked.

"You don't love me! Go back to Ferraine!" She said bitterly.

Munku was hurt. He wrapped her in his arms and she cried into his chest. "I love you." He said gently. "You only. Forever." He kissed her deeply.

"Forever." The two Jellicles walked back to the junkyard, hand in hand, heart to heart. Forever.

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