Grenadine to the Rescue

Grenadine to the Rescue

By: Grizz

It had been three months since Grenadine had revealed her kittens to the tribe. She still lived with the old lady, as did her two kittens. Grenadine still loved her mate, Pouncival, as much as she had when she first met him.

One day, Gren was sunning herself on a window seat, when Bomby ran to her. "Demeter has been cat-napped by Macavity!"

Gren almost fell off in surprise-and shock. "He did what?"

"Let's go. Keep the kittens here. Munk and Alonzo are coming too."

The two red queens stalked off, flanked by the just arrived Alonzo and Munkustrap.


In Macavity's lair, Demeter was huddled in a tight ball, with only a torn thin blanket and two pillows. She shook and shook, hoping someone would save her.

"So, Demeter, have you decided yet? Be my mate, or be here forever?" Macavity asked her.

"Neither! I hate you Macavity!" She hissed. "You've ruined my life!"

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes! I hate you!" She spat at him. He quickly jumped back and called one of his henchmen.

"Rawatawney! Come here! Demeter shall suffer!"

"Not so fast, Macavity!" Munkustrap hissed, entering the door.

"Well, Munkustrap, my friend. What brings you here?"

"Hand over Demeter and live!" He said.

"SHE IS MINE!" He screeched. Alonzo and Munk fought Macavity, while Bom grabbed Demeter. Grenadine fought bravely with the Rat Henchmen, clawing, biting, and scratching, until Munk signaled that it was safe again. Grenadine's stomach lurched, and she fell over from the sharp pain. The next thing she knew, she was being carried off by Munkustrap and Alonzo.


When she woke up, the sweet smell of tea made her smile. She was on a mattress in a small room, where five cats surrounded her.

"Where am I?" She asked Jennyanydots.

"In my chamber, love." Jenny put another cool cloth on her head.

"Why did I pass out?"

"Well, you were exhausted..."


"You are going to have kittens!" Grenadine glanced over at her two kittens, who were jumping for joy with Sillabub, Etcetera, Bomby, and Demeter.

"Me?" She squeaked. "Does Pouncival know?"

"No,go tell him now."


Grenadine went to tell Pouncival. He was overjoyed. The cats could not wait until her kittens were born.


Five Months Later....

Grenadine was going into labor. She was in great pain, Pouncival and the kittens were excited, and everyone else was nervous.

Demeter came out to tell everyone the good news. "Gren had three kits. They are all females."

"Oh, just what we need, more girls!" Rum Tum Tugger laughed.

"One is brown patched, and the other two are red. Pouncival just went in to see them."

"What are their names?"

"The brown one is named Gemma, the red ones Guinivere, and Gingham. They are really cute and Gren is really proud!"


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