Grizabella's Story

Grizabella's Story

By: Griz

I remember waking up next to my brothers and sisters in a soft red chair. I could smell my mother's powdery scent although I couldn't see.

"This," my mother said, pointing to one of my brothers, "isJonathon."

"This young lady here is Grizabella," my father said, picking me up."

"The others will be Mrryh, Sweetina, and Memomia." We cuddled back to mother and fell asleep.

I remember growing up into a really playful kitten. I liked to play with Gus, the young Theater cat, and I was always the Glamour Cat. The Jellicles started to call me Grizabella, the Glamour Cat, but I didn't feel loved. My parents died, and that caused me deep sorrow. As my family wandered away, I lost touch with them. I grew prettier and felt sadder everyday.

I left the tribe. I knew nobody would ever let me back, but I wanted to see the outside world so much.

The world was not what I expected. I had no home, and spent nights with dirty, ugly, toms who I didn't even know. I remembered happiness and love. I wished I'd never left the tribe. I entered the junkyard, only getting scratches and hateful sneers. I desperately wanted to be accepted back, but no luck. I left.

I came back to see them doing the yearly dance. I tried to remember my dances and tried to be accepted. They still ignored my plea. I stalked off into the night.

I knew I could try one more time. I did. To my great surprise I was accepted and chosen to go to the Heaviside Layer! You can imagine my delight as I entered our Jellicle Heaven. I was happy again.


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