Magical & Mystical

Magical & Mystical

By: Birana

Author's Notes: I, personally, am a fan of the Mistoffelees/Victoria andCassandra/Alonzo relationships, but ever since I first saw CATS I've been wondering about this one. Oh, and the poem thing at the end is to the tune of Memory, incase you couldn't tell. Enjoy!

I sit on the old car as everyone sings about the handsome black-and-white cat. My heart beats a little faster as he whirls past me, pulling outa red blanket. His eyes seem to search the crowd, as if asking for anassistant. My heart flutters. Pick me! I think at him. His eyes meet mine for an instant, then he looks away. A thought flashes into my mind. He danced with Victoria. He is hers now. Not mine. I have no right to him. Don't pick me.

His eyes meet mine again, and there is a flicker of disappointment in them. My heart soars. Maybe he doesn't care for Victoria after all. Pick me! His eyes smile, and he swirls the blanket around. I run past himto join my friends, and I pretend as hard as I can that I have absolutely no feelings for him. We have already made a pact with thoughts and eyes.

I start to wash myself, showing my indifference. Suddenly, he stops showing off with the blanket and points directly at me. I feign astonishment,and act as if I don't want to be the chosen one. "Go on, Cassandra," my friends urge.

"Cassie and Misto, sitting in a tree," giggles Etcetera. As they push me under the blanket I hear Bombalurina mutter, "Vicki's gonna be ma-ad!" But I pay no attention. The underside of the blanket seems to shimmer, and I feel myself wink out.

I am suspended in time and space. Old Deuteronomy drifts past me, and I wave to him. Mistoffelees is so clever to know how to bring him back fromthe clutches of Macavity.

The world snaps back into proper shapes. I am at the gate of the Junkyard, and I can hear cries of joy from within. I peek inside. Mistoffelees has jumped on Old Deuteronomy, and is acting like a kitten. I smile. He is so adorable when he does that. His eyes meet mine, and for a second I can hear his thoughts. Come dance with me!

I smile again. Of course. I dance into the Junkyard, and he grasps my paws. There is something familiar about the dance he is doing... Oh Heavyside. I know what it is. He is dancing the ritual proposal dance. Oh Heavyside, he is asking me to be his mate!

"Yes," I whisper. His eyes light up, and his grin, if it is possible,grows even wider. I feel my own face mirroring his as he presents me to Old Deuteronomy. Everyone else thinks he is just making it known that I was his assistant, but it is really part of the ceremony.

Old Deuteronomy smiles gently at us. "Of course, children. You are officially mates."

My mate, my mate! and I bow to our great leader. Barely a word has been exchanged between us tonight. There is almost no need for words, as long as we have our eyes and thoughts.

"Oh! Well, I never! Was there ever a cat so clever as Magical Mr. Mistoffelees?" Everyone is singing the praises of my beloved. How true they are! My Magical Mr. Mistoffelees really is one of the cleverest catsever.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the magical, marvelous, Mr.Mistoffelees!" says Rum Tum Tugger, and Mistoffelees dissolves into sparkles.

The young kitten Jemima begins to sing. "Daylight, see the dew on the sunflower, and a rose that is fading, roses whither away..."

I feel a paw on my shoulder. I turn around to see Mistoffelees's big blue eyes staring at me. "My grandmother used to sing that," he says. His voice sounds as if he is concealing something.

I nuzzle his neck. "It's a beautiful song," I say.

"She was a beautiful cat," he sighs. "All sparkly and elegant... I miss her."

There is a collective hiss as Grizzabella the Glamour Cat enters. Mistoffelees gasps, bites his lip, and turns away. I wonder at his behavior.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Listen," he replies.

I listen, and sure enough, Grizzabella begins to sing. "Memory, turnyour face to the moonlight, let your memory lead you, open up, enter in..."

I let out a gasp of my own. Her song is the same as Jemima's. I look closer at the ragged old queen, catching a glimpse of sparkling black fur. I turn to Mistoffelees. "Is she...?" He nods. "Oh Heavyside."

Mistoffelees turns to face his grandmother. The look in his eyes is heartbreaking. "Grammabella..." he whispers as she collapses to the ground.

"Sunlight through the trees in summer, endless masquerading,"

Grizzabella looks up, as if her strength has been renewed by Jemima'svoice. "Like a flower as the dawn is breaking," "The memory is fading!" Grizzabella forces herself to her feet and throws out her arms. "Touch me! It's so easy to leave me all alone with the memory of my days in the sun. If you touch me, you'll understand what happiness is, look, a new day has begun."

As if in a trance, Victoria removes herself from the crowd. Aftersome hesitation, she slips her graceful white paw into Grizzabella's tattered one. Grizzabella smiles at this small show of acceptance which no one else was brave enough to make.

Mistoffelees's eyes threaten to overflow as Victoria guides Grizzabella to him. "Welcome home, Grammabella."

Grizzabella's eyes widen. "Mistoffelees? My little Misto-kitten?" She hugs him tightly. "I've missed you so much!" she whispers.

When they finally break away, Mistoffelees introduces me. "Grammabella, meet my mate, Cassandra."

I give her a friendly nuzzle. "I'm honored to meet the grandmother o fmy beloved," I say.

She returns the nuzzle. "I'm honored to meet the beloved of my grandson." She looks fondly at Mistoffelees. "I always know my little Misto-kitten wouldpick someone nice."

Mistoffelees's face turns pink as Victoria leads Grizzabella on. "Grammabella!"

Grizzabella winks at him over her shoulder. In that little gesture I can see the glamour cat she once was.

All the Jellicles accept Grizzabella as the choice for the Heavyside Layer, and Old Deuteronomy leads her to the magical tire. "Up, up, up, past the Jellicle moon, up, up, up, up, to the Heavyside Layer," we sing.

The arm of the Everlasting Cat comes out of the heavens. Grizzabella's face is the incarnation of happiness as she steps into the glittering paw. "The mystical divinity of unashamed felinity, round the cathedral rang' Vivat!' Life to the Everlasting Cat!" Mistoffelees's voice is choked withtears of joy and farewell as we catch our last glimpse of his grandmothershining with the glory of the Heavyside. I feel a strange bond with the GlamourCat, as if part of her has been reborn in me.

"Cassandra," Mistoffelees whispers in awe, "look at yourself." I look and gasp. My fur is shimmering, as if thousands of tiny diamonds were sprinkled into it. "Grizzabella?" I ask.

Mistoffelees nods. "It's her parting gift."

We stare at each other for a long moment, until everyone besides us is gone.

Slowly, majestically, the sun begins to rise. The wind swishes gently around us, singing a song that we are not sure we actually hear. "Daylight,I'm at home in the heavens, I feel like an angel, I can fly like a dove. Misto- kitten and Cassie you have such a great love, I'll be with you from above."

From the depths of our hears and answering song springs up. "Grammabella, thank you so for coming home to our Ball. We love you and each other too, and our love will never fall! Stay there, at you home in the heavens, fly with all of your old friends, until it's your time to return. As the days and weeks and months and even years turn, in our hearts the love will burn."

The wind moves in a whispery purr. "Thank you, Mistoffelees and Cassandra. Thank you and good-bye..." Grizzabella's voice trails off as the wind swirls towards the Heavyside Layer. Mistoffelees and I are once again alone.

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