By: DemeterKitty

Victoria sat up on the Ford, watching the Jellicle Moon rise. The moonlight made her fur shine and her blue eyes look like stars. Mistoffelees watched her, sitting so prettily. Mistoffelees wished he could be her mate, but he knew that she would never like him. She had so many potential mates it was very hard to even see her. Tonight she was all alone, not even her friends were with her. Put a rose in her hands, Misto thought, and she would be an angel. Not watching where he was going, he stepped on a twig and it snapped.

“Mistoffelees? Is that you?!” Victoria sat up and looked around. “You scared me!”

“Sorry, Vicki. I just accidentally stepped on a twig.” Misto stuttered.

“Oh. Wanna come look at the moon with me?” Mistoffelees jumped at the chance. He hopped up on the Ford with her and was intoxicated with her scent. He saw Jemima, Etcetera, and Electra listening to Beatles music beside the tire. Demeter was curled up with Munku, and Bom and Tugger were chatting.

The light music of “Norwegian Wood” drifted in the air while Misto stared at Victoria. He knew she would never choose him for anything, not even the smallest dance.

“Victoria, I need to tell you something.” He said.

“VICKI, TIME TO EAT!” Etcetera yelled.

“Sorry Misto, catchya later!”

I knew this would happen. Just as soon as I was about to tell her I love her, she had to leave. He thought.

“Misto! Did you want to say something to me?” Victoria was back. “Um, yes. Uh, Victoria Delilah Jellicle, will you be....”

“VICTORIA!!!” Jemima said.

“Sorry again. Gotta go!”

Mistoffelees was crushed. He’d never get to speak to her alone. Just then she was back. “What did you want now?” She smiled at him.

“Well, Victoria, do you want to be my mate???”

“Well, Plato says that he wants to be my mate too. How about you two have a contest to see who can be the most romantic???”

“Great! I mean, I wish I was the only one, but great!”

Days passed, then the day of the contest arrived. Plato was already ready with flowers, candles, and music. Mistoffelees had nothing. He blushed but was silently crushed again. Victoria would choose Plato, it was just like her to pick the best one. Unable to remain, he ran off.

Victoria wasn’t sure why Misto was so sad. Then she knew. He loved her very much and couldn’t find anything perfect for her. She told Plato she never really liked him and went to see Misto. But he was cuddling with Electra. Victoria was hurt and ran off. Mistofelees regretted taking Electra. Victoria liked him too. She had dumped romantic Plato for him! He went to find her.

She was with Jemima, her best friend. “Uh, Jem, can you leave for a minute??” He asked her.

“Sure Misto. I’ll leave you two alone.” She ran off.

“Victoria,” he said, bending on one knee and taking her paw, “I love you. Will you be my mate?”

Victoria didn’t think for a minute. “Yes.” She said.

To be continued.....

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