Saving The Junkyard

Saving The Junkyard

By: Griz

Demeter raced into the junkyard, breathless. "Guess what I heard!" She said.

"What, Dem?" Munkustrap asked his love.

"They are going to tear down the junkyard!"

"Lets go tell the other cats!"

Soon the cats had gathered around Munkustrap. "They are going to tear down the junkyard!" Gasps were heard everywhere.

"We're not gonna let em!" Andromeda, Persophone, and Cassiopia, the newest Jellicles, yelled.

"Here's the plan: we hide in the shadows, and when the people come, we jump out! They won't want to tear it down if we're all here."

"Good idea!"

Two weeks later....

The humans came with their bulldozers. Just as they started tearing it apart, Munkustrap whispered "Now!" and all the cats raced out.

"Cats! We can't tear this down! They live here! And look, some have kittens!" One man said.

So the Jellicles saved the junkyard!


Author's Notes: I wrote this when I was really bored, so it's not that good.

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