Jellicle Vows

Jellicle Vows

By: Griz

Munkustrap's face glowed as he looked at his bride, Demeter. Listening to Old Deuteronomy, he wondered what would happen to them in the future. Being future leader, he got a formal wedding, not the usual Jellicle Dance. This was a very important event in the tribe.

Demeter glanced over at Bombalurina, who was looking at her sister with wet eyes. Dem knew her sister was very proud. She just wish Bom would settle down. Little did the couple know that a pair of frightening green eyes was watching them through the shadows.....


Macavity was pacing around his lair, clenching his fists and punching anything in sight. "Why did you let the wedding go so peacefully?? You ruined my whole plans! Get that Jellicle slime and bring it to me NOW!!!"

"Yes, your Highness." The rats bowed and scurried off.


After the wedding (and refreshments Bustopher and Cynthia had brought) Munkustrap carried Demeter to their new home. It was an old shed, painted white, with a big recliner and two food bowls in one corner. There was a bag of cat food and some cream on a shelf. There was a long rug on the floor, and some blankets in the corner.

"Shall we go in?" Munkustrap swept Demeter off her feet and whisked her inside. She looked up at him and licked his nose.


A few weeks had passed, and there was no sign of Macavity anywhere. He had just disappeared, no explanation, nothing. The Jellicles were relieved, but the rats knew the big ginger cat would return soon....


At the junkyard, Demeter was chatting with Jenny and Jelly. They were talking about Demeter's coming litter of kittens.

"I'm worried about Macavity! He'll surely take the kits!" Demeter said.

"Don't worry, dear," Jenny replied. "The males will protect you and the litter."

Demeter walked over to Munkustrap, who was chatting with the toms. She whispered something in his ear. Jenny and Jelly laughed when they saw his face.

"Really?" He asked. "Kittens?"

"Yes!" Demeter grinned proudly. She knew they would have a beautiful litter.


Two months had passed. Still no Macavity.....


Demeter had started having her kittens. She was in the shed with Bom, Jenny, and Jelly. She would scream in pain, and the cats would hear the purrs of Bom, Jenny, and Jelly.

"There are two kittens!" Bom said, coming out of the shed. "Two females!" Munkustrap fainted.

"I named one Persophone and the other is Coppelia," Demeter said, showing the cats a black and gray female and a brown female too.

While all this was going on, the cats were not aware of Macavity's plan, which wasn't at all scary.....

To be continued....

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